How Nandini Enjoyed Her Special Gift On Valentine’s Day

How Nandini Enjoyed Her Special Gift On Valentine’s Day

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In Nish’s words from now:

Nandini was relaxing on the massage table while I prepared the bathtub. The resort staff had kept an adequate stock of rose petals. I put them into the bathtub along with lavender-scented bath oil. I lit a couple of candles around the sides of the bathtub.

I turned off the bathroom lights to give the perfect essence for the occasion. I went to the massage table, offered Nandini a glass of wine, and poured myself one. I said, “Nandini, ready for more?” helped her to get down the massage table. We sipped the wine, carried the glass with us to the bathroom.

She stopped me, got rid of my clothes before we entered the bathroom. While I become naked, Nandini murmured, “I thought I was enjoying alone, but he is enjoying too. Looks like somebody needs to take care of him as well.”

We went inside, and Nandini sighed and said, “This is a surprise and blissful. I do not want the night and day to end if I am being treated like this.” We emptied wine in our glasses and kept them at the other end of the bathroom.

I guided her under the shower. I adjusted water temperature to make it lukewarm, and water sprayed over us. Her body shuddered for a moment. I slowly caressed my hands over her body, ran my lips over her neck and on the shoulders, bit her ear lobes, making her moan.

Her shuddering continued while I gently moved my fingers all over her body. She was on fire. Her nipples were stiff. I looked into her eyes, got my mouth to her breasts, and sucked one at a time, while my hand squeezed the other breast. “Oh god,” she screamed while I was sucking her.

While I continued sucking her breasts, my finger was touching her clit. She was wet, not because of dripping water, but was pre-cum. I stopped sucking her breasts. But now we were kissing intensively, and my hands were on her butts, and her hands were around my neck.

I took the detachable shower in my hand, got down on my knees. I opened the covering of clit with my fingers. At the same time, I positioned the shower directly over her clit. The water hit Nandini’s clit, she shivered just like shock waves being sent through her entire body.

“Oh fuck, this is so fucking lovely, Nish,” she murmured. Couple of minutes later, I got my tongue on her clitoris. I licked for sometime simultaneously, my fingers were fucking her pussy. “Suck me more, Nish, don’t stop” Nandini said in a low tone and continued, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, I am gonna cum keep sucking, Nish.”

In the next couple of minutes, her pleasure liquid was out. Nandini leaned against the glass and was panting. Once I got up, she took a step forward, and we hugged each other tightly. I turned on the shower again, grabbed shower gel, slathered onto our bodies, and rinsed.

I could feel she wanted to lay on the bed. When I asked about it, she said no. We dried ourselves and came out of the shower cubicle clean. We came out of the bathroom naked, came to the living room, sipping red wine. I was sitting on the chair, and she was on my lap.

My cock was hard, Nandini was running her fingers over it, but was not making any further move. “This is by far the best Valentine’s Eve celebrations I have ever had. Thanks to Suhas, who made this happen. I am not sure what he is up to now,” Nandini said, looking into my eyes.

“The night is not over yet. We have the entire night for ourselves,” I replied.

Nandini and I then took the bottle of wine along with the glasses to the bathroom to get into the bathtub. In the bathtub, we were facing each other by sitting at two ends of it. The aromatic candles, the talk about how the massage and bath went, and wine triggered us to come closer.

My legs were near her pussy. I could see her gasping for breath. Our eyes said, “Let’s get into action again.” We came closer and were smooching each other passionately while holding each other in our arms.

Nandini made me stand while she squatted. She took my hard dick inside her mouth. She was sucking me like a pro. Her hand cupped my testicles. “Suck me deep,” I said. After a long time, I was getting an erotic blowjob. She looked into my eyes.

While she took my dick out of her mouth and took my testicles inside her mouth. “Ah, I love that. Suck me,” I hummed. Nandini got up, pressed her hands to the wall, spread her legs by indicating to fuck her. I positioned my cock at her pussy, rubbed her pussy lips with my cock, sliding it inside.

“Fuck me, Nish. Fuck my pussy with your dick. Tear my pussy, Nish, babe,” Nandini screamed. Her breaths were heavy, hands held firmly on the wall. I pushed my cock back and forth. With each thrust, her moans became louder. A hot lady was lying naked from such a long time, how long to hold.

I could not hold any longer.

“I cannot hold any longer, Nandini. I am gonna cum,” I grunted.

“Cum on my face. I want your cum on my face,” she said instantly.

I took my cock out, she turned over, positioned her face near my cock. I wanked my cock bit further, and I shot my cum on her face. Nandini lip-smacked the cum drops on her lips by looking into my eyes and smiled. We cleaned each other again. This time we hit the bed. Both of us were tired and exhausted.

Around 6.30ish, we were up, wished each other good morning, cuddled, and kissed. Nandini saw my morning boner, got up, went down, and said, “I have always imagined hubby getting early morning boner. But he never allowed that to happen.”

She stroked my boner, and the treatment continued by taking my boner in her mouth to suck it. She took my cock completely inside until it touched her deep throat. Sometime later, she positioned her pussy right on my face to say, “Suck my pussy now. “

I began kissing her pussy lips, occasionally biting them lightly to make her scream louder. I then put my tongue inside her pussy to lick it further. Nandini was squeezing her breasts and uttered, “Oh yes, put it inside, Nish. Tongue fuck me, this is so bloody erotic.”

I continued further until she said, “This is my first early morning cum, Nish.” This time, I lip-smacked her cum, which was on my lips. I made Nandini lay on the bed, kept her legs on my shoulder, positioned my cock to guide inside her pussy.

“Oh my god, it feels so good, Nish. I have never been fucked like this,” Nandini said. Sounds of ‘phaat…phaat… phaat’ reverberated in the room. “Fuck me more, please, Nish,” she begged, as we held our breath.

Nandini then got on top of me in reverse cowgirl position, the humping continued for some more time. I was close to shooting my hot liquid again. I grunted, “I am gonna cum, Nandini.”

“Cum inside me, Nish,” Nandini gasped. I shot my hot cum inside her the moment she said this. We were back on the bed, cuddling each other again.

“How do you feel?” I asked Nandini

“I feel so elegant like I am completely a new woman now,” she whispered.

Together, we cleaned under the shower and went to have breakfast. After that, we checked out of the resort.

I dropped her back home. Before she got down, we gave a peck with hope and promise we would meet again soon.

Suhas sharing final narration:

“How was your Valentine’s Night?” I asked my wife, Nandini.

“It was so wonderful, I have no words to say. I had never thought I would have enjoyed that much, that too with another guy. Thanks, Suhas, for this lovely gift,” Nandini replied and continued further by teasing him, “How was your Valentine’s night?”

“Whiskey and handjobs. Nothing much happened,” I said.

She later told me all the events which happened. Was I upset? Hell yeah, I was jealous more than upset. But most importantly, I was happy I could give Nandini a completely different gift this Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes, to keep our relationships strong, we need to give our wives the required credit. Some may be open, some wives need inspiration from others. A few others may need that support from the husband to try something new to spice up things in our routine life.

Dear males – do give your female partners credit to experience something they crave for.

Dear females – do ensure you get to live your ‘ME’ time.

We are all busy living for others. It is good to get to live our ME moments as well. Nish can be reached

Hope all my dear readers enjoyed reading my experience, which I got to share after a long, long time. I will try to post a few more experiences of mine as and when I get time. I am not going to share any details at any cost. Privacy and trust are the most important values for me.

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