HR manager girl Garima seduced and fucked! – Erotic stories

HR manager girl Garima seduced and fucked! – Erotic stories

It was the 25th of Feb when I joined my new company. The handsome pay with a good profile attracted me and that’s how I landed in that MNC.

Coming to our HR manager, her name is Garima. She was 28 years old with a decent figure and a good accent. I always fall for people with good accent, maybe the image of them moaning when I pound them hard makes me attracted to them. She was carrying melons of 34 with her, brown nipples, and a perfect body on the whole.

Coming to the story, from day one, I kept on meeting my HR manager just to maintain a rapport. After a month, there was this office party and I got to spend some quality time with her.

I reached the venue at 7 pm, met my HR manager gir (being in the same age group and becoming good friends wasn’t such a big task). Both of us started drinking and Garima was sozzled after having a few drinks. She pulled me to the dance floor and held me tight as support. I didn’t have any bad intentions in the beginning. Sharing a cigarette, we started dancing.

After half an hour, as it was the company’s policy that every female should be taken care of until they reach their home, I obviously took care of my drunk HR manager girl.

I took the responsibility to drop Garima home. On the way, the alcohol made its way into our destiny. An hour’s journey had made a beautiful beginning and paved the way for us sharing the bed.

Garima asked me about my relationship status, and then about my virginity, and then hit upon porn. Talking about it, we reached her place. We were involved in that juicy topic as we sat in the car for more than an hour.

The next day, my HR manager girl naturally forgot about most of the things she spoke, like all people who are drunk do. I tried to keep things discreet and sent her some links related to blowjobs to her from my fake email ID. To my surprise, I got a positive response from Garima.

Slowly, we started sexting over email. I then gathered some courage and made my way to her cabin revealing the truth. To my surprise, Garima didn’t react either in a negative manner or in a positive way. That evening, she asked me if I was free and we set out to ride on the expressway. She kept asking me about my fantasies.

On the way, my HR manager girl put her hand over my pants and could feel my boner. Garima knew most of my fantasies through the email chats that we had earlier. She ordered me to not stop driving and unbuckled my pants. My 6 inches hero was all ready for action and surrendered to her touch.

Garima kept on teasing me. I then asked her about making out and she readily agreed. I immediately booked an Oyo and we were ready to enter the room in no time.

As soon as we entered the room, she nailed me to the wall, again unbuckled my pants, and started sucking me. Garima was using all the cuss words I always wanted to hear in her accent. My HR manager babe had turned into a crazy and horny bitch!

I then pushed her onto the bed, bent over her, and started kissing her on the neck as she held my hair and started pulling it. I ordered her to be my slave for the day. I then took her shirt and pants off. I slowly slid my hand behind her and undid her bra.

Garima’s pale-skinned body, with 34 sized melons and brown nipples, excited me no end, taking me to cloud nine. I slowly moved down and smelt the horny HR manager girl’s panty. I could see a watery patch on it and started licking it. She was so aroused by that.

I then tied her hands using her shirt. Garima’s armpits were wide open with a little hair. I loved her smell and sniffed her armpits and then moved to her pussy. Slowly, I removed her panty and played with her pussy for some time.

I wanted to arouse her more. So I covered her face with a towel and then took out a pen and slowly moved it all around her body. I made circles over her boobs, armpits, her feet, and inner thighs. Then I slowly slid the pen into Garima’s pink pussy. She didn’t expect that and let a loud moan.

I then moved the pen slowly in and out. I removed the refill and slit the pen so that the not so sharp ends would arouse her even more. I could see that my office HR manager babe had released her juices. I licked it all without even leaving a drop.

Then it was her turn to give vent to her fantasies. I ordered her to show me her skills to be appointed as my bitch. Garima held my penis in her hand, and slowly started caressing it. She held my balls tightly and squeezed them.

Garima then took the pen I used to fuck her pussy with and tried inserting it into my penis-opening. It was paining a lot. She noticed that and started to lubricate it by licking it. With her tongue hanging out, she first licked the head and then all over.

Garima then inserted the pen into my ass. It was a different feeling altogether. She then sucked me until I came. Next, the HR manager chick came over to me and we hugged each other tight getting ready for the action. All of a sudden, I could see that she was falling asleep!

I told her to sleep for a while with her legs wide open. Then I went into the washroom and came back. Seeing her like that, I couldn’t resist and inserted my penis into her all of a sudden. She suddenly lifted her back and let a loud moan. I then fucked the horny HR manager girl until she came.

I couldn’t cum soon. So we got ready for another round. I then fucked my human resources beauty in a doggy position. She wanted me to cum in her mouth as she wanted to taste me. So I came in her mouth. She played with my cum in her mouth and gulped it down.

After an hour, we were in action again and she was on top. She fucked me so well that I couldn’t even stop while I was about to cum. I pushed her aside and came over her boobs. She rubbed my cum all over her boobs and let it dry.

We then went into the bathroom for another session. After doing it again, it was around 2 am in the morning. So we slept hugging each other naked. The next day, we were back to work after taking a half day’s leave.

From then on, we had a sign. Whenever my HR manager girl felt horny, she used to drop her wet panty in my drawer indicating to me to revert back to her soon! We then had many sessions in the car which I’ll describe in my upcoming stories.

Thank you for devoting your time to my story. Any females interested in action or sex chat, etc., please feel free to drop a mail at [email protected]

I would respect your privacy in keeping everything discreet. Tons of love.


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