Hubby fixes my temporary marriage to Arab guy! [Sex story]

Hubby fixes my temporary marriage to Arab guy! [Sex story]

Hi friends, I am Shailaja, 30 years old. I got married at the age of 28 and my husband’s name is Vishal.

My husband works as a driver in Dubai for a Sheikh. I came to know of this fact only after I went to Dubai with him. Before marriage, I and my family were told that he works in an MNC.

After our marriage and the reception, my husband went back to Dubai as he was not having sufficient leave. As soon as we completed all the rituals, he left for Dubai and sent me back to my home, promising that he will soon make arrangements to take me to Dubai.

I was very much frustrated because I couldn’t have my physical needs met and he soon left for Dubai.

On our first night also as I was having my periods, I could not get fucked but I satisfied all his needs. I sucked him, kissed him all over his body, and even made him cum 2 times in the night and was ready whenever he needed his satisfaction. After my periods were completed, he just fucked me once and after that, he left for Dubai.

After 1.5 years and after many fights, finally, he said he will take me to Dubai. He told me that I should do whatever he says when I was in Dubai as we will be staying alone. I accepted everything he said and was excited that I would be going to Dubai to join him.

After I reached there, for many days I didn’t get to know that he working as a driver. One weekend we went out for shopping and to roam in the city, then when we returned, I came to know that he works as a driver in a company.

I was very disappointed and asked him why did he lie to us? He said that he had told everything to his parents and my parents, but since he had not demanded any dowry, they all had decided to hide it from me.

And then the day came when he was going to tell me the big truth that he has hidden from me and all of us. One evening he came home with his boss. I was shocked as he was a young boy of age 19-20 years.

I was in the kitchen when he called me. He said, “Meet my boss, Sumair.” I greeted the Arab guy and told him to be seated. Then I asked him if he would have any tea or juice or anything else? He said, “No. I am fine.”

The Arab boss then asked me to sit down with them. I said, “I don’t know anything about your work. What will I do sitting there?” He replied, “Don’t worry lady, everything is about you only today.”

Then I thought something is wrong in this. My husband interrupted him and said, “No issues, sir. I’ll inform her everything tonight.”

Then his Arab boss said, “Do it soon. I cannot wait for a long time as it has been more than a month” and he left the home.

On that night my husband told me that there was an agreement in the office between his boss and him. When my husband was returning home for marriage, if he needed to marry and bring me to Dubai, then there were certain conditions:

1) All the expenses will be taken care of by his boss.

2) If my hubby brings his wife to Dubai his boss will marry her for 1 day.

3) Officially I would be his boss’s wife in Dubai and I will be getting paid for it.

4) Whenever his boss has a party, I will be the boss’s wife and not his (driver’s) wife.

5) I will live with my hubby, but officially I am the boss’s wife.

6) On the day we get married, he can do anything to me or ask me to do anything and no one will have the right to stop it.

7) All the expenses for my marriage to his boss will be taken care of by his boss and I will be paid for my services.

I was shocked to hear all this and even more shocked that my husband had accepted everything and signed the agreement.

The next day, I will have to marry my husband’s boss who was 10-12 years younger than me. I thought that it was of no use arguing or refusing as I was in Dubai then and at the mercy of my husband’s Arab’s boss. Also, I will get to enjoy my second wedding and so I agreed.

My hubby told me to be ready in the morning at 5.30, as I need to get prepared for all the rituals. The next morning when I woke up at 5.30, 2 ladies in my room had come to dress me and make me ready for the marriage.

At first, they asked me if I had any hairs on my private parts? I said, “Yes,” then they asked my hubby to wait outside in the hall. I said, “It’s ok, you can carry on.”

Next, they asked me to undress and become naked. After my college days, this was the first time I am getting nude in front of 1 guy and 2 girls. They said, “Ma’am please undress soon because it might take a time to make you ready and clean your private hairs and all.”

Then both the girls shaved all the hairs from my body and all my private parts and then took me to the bathroom. Then they both also got nude. I was already nude.

They applied oil all over the body and massaged me. They fingered my pussy and ass as well while giving me the massage. I was getting horny by their actions as there were 4 fingers in my pussy, 2 fingers by one girl, and 2 by the other.

Their fingers were fighting inside my pussy and due to so much action, I started sucking their nipples and biting then with my teeth and giving loud moans. Then finally they gave me a nice bath.

For the first time in my life, someone else was bathing me. Then they dressed me up like a bride for marriage. There were some guests and family members present.

The family included my hubby, his boss, his 7 wives of 7 different workers (like my hubby), the girls who had bathed me, and fingered me. His boss was wearing just shorts and a T-shirt.

I thought that he will change his attire, but he didn’t. Then the Arab guy asked my husband, “Can we start?” My hubby said, “Yes boss.”

The rituals of marriage were totally different. It was like a sex game. I was told to remove my mangalsutra (that was put around my neck by my husband) before sitting on the marriage pandal.

I did as I was told. Then we waited for the person who would come and at the correct time (like muharrat) and he would guide us about the rituals.

First, we both sat on the sofa in the hall, while all others were sitting on the floor as well as my hubby. Then my second hubby came and sat by my side on a chair.

I was looking like I was going to marry my son! He was so much younger than me. Then the person doing the rituals told me to kiss the young boy by my side.

I hesitantly kissed my husband’s boss for the first time. I was feeling a little shy as this was the first time I was kissing in public and all the people were watching.

As soon as I kissed him, he caught my face and lip locked my lips. He forced his tongue in my mouth and all his saliva was pouring into my mouth.

My husband’s Arab boss was now quite excited and started pressing my boobs over my blouse. When I was being dressed, the girls had told me that I was not allowed to wear a bra or panties.

The shape of my boobs was clearly visible. He started pressing them very hard, as only a small piece of cloth was covering them. Then we broke the kiss and the man started telling me that now I was his bitch and slut.

He told me, “You are my 8th bitch and I can fuck or do anything to you, till you go back to your country. You will be my keep and my prostitute. I can do anything with your body and there will not be any objection.

Then he showed me the agreement and I had to sign it together with my real hubby. In the next ritual, honey was poured on his cock and I had to lick it and clean it.

Then he took my mangalsutra and wrapped it around his cock. This was to show that I am now married to his cock. After doing that, I had to suck his cock and make him cum, with his cock on my forehead.

Then the cum will be directly on my forehead in the parting of my hair and this will signify that he has put sindoor on my head, but instead of powder, it will be the cum liquid.

I did as I was guided and the cum was all over my forehead and was flowing on my nose and face. Then he asked the girls to come and clean it by licking it with their tongues.

After they had cleaned it, everyone gave gifts. My new hubby (temporary) gave me a golden chain with a locket that had the alphabet S.

He also gifted me 2 rings and 1 pin which he asked to keep aside which I did. Then everyone else gave me their gifts. Some gave lingerie and some gave adult play tools like dildo, vibrators, and all.

Then suddenly he asked all of them to leave, except my hubby. As per his instruction, everyone left the home. Now only we 3 were in the house. Then he told my hubby that he cannot have sex with me from now.

I was his possession now and he has all rights over me. He told my hubby that he can look for some sluts to fuck, till we get go back to our country.

Then he came to me and said, “Do you have any last wish to ask your hubby?” I said, “Yes, I want to suck his cock for the last time and make him cum without fucking me.”

Then I sucked my real hubby and he cummed on my face. He then cleaned it with a tissue. My new hubby said, “Take the 2nd gift box I gave you and let’s go.”

I took the box and went to his car. I sat with him in back seat and the driver started the vehicle. He unhooked my blouse and started to suck my boobs as he opened all the windows of the car.

I was in heaven now and we reached some place that I thought was his home. But he took me to a piercing shop and we both went inside. I was shocked to see the images. The shop was full of piercing images for nipples, pussy, cocks.

Then I understood what the 2nd gift box was. There was already an English girl there, getting her left nipple pierced. The guy who was doing the work was very much enjoying.

He was kissing her in front of her boyfriend. I saw that he was pulling her nipples with his teeth to make the nipples hard so that his piercing work can be done easily.

Then the time came when he called me to come on the seat in front of him. I went and sat there and my hubby gave the box to the man and explained to him what was to be done.

The man told him that it would take an hour to finish the work. So my new hubby said that he will leave me there and come again after an hour.

As soon as he left, the boy asked me to remove my blouse. I did as he asked. He said, “Do you watch porn?” I said, “Sometimes.” He played some porn on his laptop and started his work.

My husband’s Arab boss first started to press my boobs very hard. Since I was watching porn, I was getting very excited and so my nipples became erect. He started sucking my nipples and told me that he wants to make them hard and firm as that will help his work.

In next story, I will tell you how he pierced my pussy. I will also tell you how my husband’s boss fucked me before my hubby arrived and what we did in the party and how my hubby fucked me.

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