I Enjoyed Hot Sex With Professor In Her House On A Weekend

I Enjoyed Hot Sex With Professor In Her House On A Weekend

After my first encounter with Professor Maria, I got a chance of having sex with professor. I was invited to her house on the weekend. She was living with her mother. We didn’t get a chance to get intimate. Moreover, Maria was quite conservative about meeting outside, like in a hotel or any other place.

But this weekend was in our favor. Her mother was leaving for her native for some personal work. She will be back only on Monday, Maria suggested to me that I come to her home around 11 pm as her mother’s train was at 9 pm. And also to be discreet since neighbors are nearby as she was living in a flat.

So the BIG DAY arrived, and I was quite nervous. I took a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with me since I will be leaving only in the early hours of Monday. So I reached her home at around 11.10 pm, and Maria welcomed me inside. I was quite astonished to see her as she was only in her black bra and black panties.

My nervousness increased. Seeing my condition, she asked to relax and sit. The hall was lightly lit, the atmosphere was quite romantic, the house was clean, and the smell was pleasant. Maria came back from the kitchen with a glass of juice and asked me to drink.

She was very caring and asked me whether I had my dinner. I told her I had my dinner and am satisfied. At this moment, she was sitting right opposite me. I couldn’t control seeing her soft boobs and her nipples, stiff and protruding as if it may tear the bra and come out.

Maria noticed it and said, “Don’t worry, this is only for you (her boobs). We have 2 solid days to fuck like rabbits and do all kinds of unimaginable and nasty things.” I finished my juice in the meanwhile and Maria made herself comfortable on her sofa.

Since I was sitting opposite to her, I now could see her pussy outline in her panties. All this, she was doing it deliberately. She then suddenly noticed the bag which I brought with me and asked what’s in that. I casually replied that’s an extra pair of trousers and a tee.

She – (laughing loudly) Who said that you will be wearing a dress for the next two days.

I was quite confused and kept staring at her. She came and sat beside me very closely, and planted a soft kiss on my cheeks and then said, “Don’t worry, darling, I will take good care of you. You’re my baby, and I know how to take care of my baby.”

In this meantime, she started licking my earlobes and made me turn my face and started licking my face. Her hands were softly caressing my dick and thigh. I was wearing a track and tee, and my dick was in full form, pointing like a rocket and about to make a big hole in my pant.

She slowly removed my t-shirt and told me to stand and face her. Then she removed my pants, and I was in my underwear. She was sitting, and she cupped my butt with her two hands and brought me closer to her face. She slowly put her tongue inside my belly button. She started licking circularly.

Her left-hand middle finger was caressing my butthole over my underwear. Her right hand was caressing my balls. I thought to my self this is what they mean by heaven. She then started giving a blowjob over my underwear. In the middle, she slightly was biting my tool, which in turn gave friction in my tool.

It cannot be explained in words. My breathing was fast, and my tool at its peak ready to blow off at any moment. Till this moment, she didn’t remove my underwear.

She – Baby, you smell erotic.

She started sniffing my undies and rolling her tongue up and down over my penis.

Me – Ma’am! I think I’m about to come.

Suddenly she got up and hugged me. Her one hand slightly pressing my balls, which in turn relaxed the tension, and my tool started to shrink.

She – (hugging me caressing my back and butt with her hands) Baby! Please call me Maria. How do you feel, baby?

Me – Don’t have words to describe, Maria.

She – Don’t worry, just enjoy, baby. Your dick, baby! (grabbing my tool) feels so good with its stiffness and thickness.

Slowly she removed my underwear. Now I was naked, the nerves shooting up inside my penis crying to relieve asap. Maria hugged me tightly this time and started rotating her hips in a way my penis was poking her pussy over her panty,

Me – Maria, please can I press your boobs. (she only allowed me to hug, caress her back and her butt)

She – Baby, please control yourself. We have two days ahead of us today. It’s my day, and I fully want to feel, smell, bite, lick, and enjoy every part of you. It’s one of my fetishes.

All this time we were kissing and licking. She increased the pace by tightly holding my butt and making me poke her harder in her pussy over her panty.

She finally said – I want to fuck you, darling! I will not leave until I licked kissed each and every corner, every part of your body. I will drink all the juices coming out of your body – your sweat, your piss. Finally, I will drain your cock and drink all your milk in such a way that you should not masturbate for at least 10 days after these two days.

Me – Ok, I get it.

My breathing slightly heavier because of the tension. The heat and the friction created in our bodies and her talk, which gave me immense joy. Making you feel wanted by someone so badly who is twice your age!

Seriously, guys, this was far better than ejaculating. It’s kind of allowing yourself to multi-faceted pleasure which life has blessed you with.

Me – Maria, since I haven’t masturbated for the last 8 days, I’m feeling a bit of pain in my penis. I just want to relieve it soon, or it may burst.

She – (licking my cheeks and rolling her tongue over my eyes) Oh, my poor baby, you haven’t cum for so long? That’s bad for me! Don’t worry, baby, I will make you relieve soon. Just promise me that you shoot loads and loads of cum, I need to drink, taste, eat, and lick those fresh milk from your cock till you drain the last drop of milk in me. Will you promise me, darling, uh?

With that, she slowly came down, licking my neck, biting, suckling my nipples, and finally taking my tool in her mouth. Staring first with slow kisses over the mushroom layer of my penis.

Then licking my balls and a bit deep down my ass crack. Then started giving me an amazing yet gentle blowjob with a slurping sound, enjoying each and every bit of my penis with pleasure.

Me – Maria, are you wet? (breathing getting intensified)

She – Yeah, darling, my panties are dripping with my vaginal juice. Do you want it, baby?

Me – Hell yeah!

She stopped her blowjob, removed her panty, and came closer to my face.

She – (panty in my nose) Smell it, baby, how is it?

The aroma of her juices was intoxicating. I grabbed it in my mouth and started tasting the juice by licking it. It was too erotic. She then sat on my face where my tongue could easily reach her pussy. She then got back to her blowjob.

After a few moments, I was ready. My tool was getting stiffer, my balls tightening- veins in my tool expanded, ready spew at any moment with full force. My hands were on her head, I forgot my penis was almost down her throat.

Maria, without any inconvenience, was at full form blowing, determined not to waste a single drop of my cum.

Me – Maria, I’m almost there!

She – (Tightening her hold in my butt took her mouth from my tool) Baby! Come please, drench me with your wet juice, load my mouth with your milk. I will not spare even a single drop – come on baby please I’m waiting please unload it! I spewed it like a cobra all over my face.

And at last, I shot a whole load of cum, continuously spraying in her mouth and all over her face for nearly 30 seconds. It felt like an out of body experience, which made me feel like fainting. It took nearly another 20 seconds for me to come back to normal.

Tired and sweating profusely, I slowly looked down over Maria. Her face covered with my cum. Some were leaking near her lips, which she smacked with her tongue in one go! She just covered her face with my cum like face cream.

I was very tired and couldn’t stand anymore. Maria got up hugged and kissed me. She then led me to the bedroom and made me lie on my back. She removed her bra, her boobs, big, in a solid round shape like a tight apple. Her nipples protruding, just came down jiggling and bouncing.

She came over me and softly kissed my forehead and cheeks. For some reason, she was gently staring at me.  She then fell beside me, and I turned towards her. We were so close that our breathing became one, and our lips were touching and caressing each other’s face.

Me – Thank you, Maria. You took me to another world of passion and sex, I would like to repay you in whatever manner you wish. I am ready to be your sex slave and do whatever you wish.

She smiled and kissed me. My tool, soft and slump, was touching her thighs. My hand was on her ass, caressing softly and gently.

Then she said, “No worries, dear. Just promise you will always be there for me as a friend, a lover even after your marriage. After your wife comes, you may not need me physically. I will not disturb you unless you are interested. But always remember I will always be ready for you.

I started to feel emotional and kissed her passionately on her lips, rolling my tongue inside her mouth. Noticing that I was a bit sad, she told me not to worry and let’s make these two days more memorable and long-lasting.

She – Darling, do you want to take rest? Shall I make something for you to eat?

Me – No, sweety, I think I’m good. I just want to suck your boobs.

She – Oh, baby! My poor baby, I made you starve.

I slightly moved my face towards her left boob and started sucking like a baby sucks the mother. Maria was caressing my hair and encouraged me to bite her nipples hard. I obliged and continued happily. After sucking for 5 minutes, I came back to the normal position and sighed a relief!

She – Satisfied darling, or do you want to suck my other boob? Just tell me, sweety, it’s yours.

Me – I just want to hug you tightly and sleep. In the morning, I want to drill all your holes to your heart’s content.

She – Sweet baby! Your such a good boy! Sure from tomorrow morning and the day after tomorrow, I will make sure all my holes are drilled and torn by your thick meat. But before that, if you don’t mind, shall we go to sleep after half an hour.

Me – Yeah, sure no probs, but why? Do you have anything to do?

She – Ah, no sweety, just wait a second.

She went out and came back, holding a very small cup in her hand.

Me – What’s that for?

She – It’s just honey. Every night I take 5 to 6 spoons of honey before going to bed. But today is special because my baby is with me. I’m going to pour this honey in my baby’s butthole and finish it by licking clean. Will you help me, darling?

Me – (Excited) Of course, why not? I would love to get my ass licked by you.

She – See, that’s my baby! Come on, darling, just come to the doggy position and expand your buttcrack as wide as you can.

I did as she told me. For a minute, she just smelled and licked my butt hole clean and poured a few drops of honey.  With Maria deeply licking my butthole and rectum, there started another episode for the night.


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