I Enjoyed Midnight Sex With My Girlfriend On My Birthday

I Enjoyed Midnight Sex With My Girlfriend On My Birthday

Hey, this is Rahul again with a new story of midnight sex. I hope you like all my stories here. I recommend new readers to read my earlier stories for better understanding.

Our best friends group (Me, Rohan, Khushi, Ayesha, Mitali, Ishita) was enjoying a really nice time together in our college and were very happy. It had started to turn into the best friends with benefits type of group.

I had fucked Rohan’s girlfriend, Ayesha. We all had started having mutual attraction towards each other. So let’s get the ball rolling and start the story. So boys and girls, be ready with your dicks and pussy’s because you gonna cum after reading it.

Characters –
Me (Rahul) – Nice built guy with handsome looking face and a 7’ inch tool. (for details check previous stories).

Khushi – My Girlfriend, aged 21. A true sex bomb with a devilish smile and a 34D-26-34 body with Flesh at the right places. White toned skin with brown hair. She had long, thick and milky thighs. Her boobs were huge and firm with a perfect shape.

It was my birthday the next day, and my friends had planned to surprise me at midnight. So all the girls had gathered at Khushi’s flat and had decided to come to my flat together.

Ayesha – Khushi, you have made a nice plan to surprise Rahul on his birthday.
Khushi – Yaa. After all, he is the world to me.
Mitali – You look super hot and sexy today Ki. (Ki was her nickname)

Ayesha – She should be, Mitz (Mitali’s nickname). After all, it’s her boyfriend’s birthday. She has to keep him happy, and you never know what might happen after he sees her.

Mitali – Oh, yaa, many things can happen. Am I right, Ki?
Khushi(blushing) – Oh, come on, we will come back after he cuts the cake.
Ayesha – No bae, no, we have everything in place to let you there at night.

Khushi – But Rohan?
Ayesha – I have talked to him already. He will be coming with Mitali and me and have some fun, probably.

Khushi – Oh, I forgot that I was talking with the horniest girl I know. What about you, Mitz?

Mitali – I am really tired today, so I would sleep after coming home. I would sleep in the other room while they have fun at our flat. Ishita’s ill, and they shouldn’t be disturbing her.

Then they came to my flat, and I was surprised by seeing them.
Khushi (kissing me ) – Happy Birthday, Love.
Me – Thank you. What a great surprise!

Then Ayesha intentionally hugged me tightly, letting her boobs pressed and wished me. She suddenly touched my crotch and whispered to me, “I would have liked to have this in me again, but today it’s Khushi’s turn to ride it.”

Me – You have turned me on and made my cock hard. I can’t wait now to be enjoying with khushi.

Then Mitali hugged me and wished me. Then I cut the cake, and we enjoyed it for about an hour.

Ayesha – Come on, Rohan and Mitz. We should not be here for long and should leave the birthday boy with his girlfriend so that she can give him his gift.
Me – But where are you going?

Mitali – At Ki’ s and mine flat, both of them want to have some fun. I want to sleep because quite tired today.

Khushi – Then, Mitz, stay here only. You can sleep in the room, and we would be here in the hall.
Mitali – Ok, that’s also fine.

Then Ayesha and Rohan left, and Mitali had gone to sleep.

Me – Ki, you are looking too hot today. That slutty Ayesha grabbed my crotch and turned me on as soon as you all came. I had got mad by that touch and just wanted to rip your clothes apart right there at that very moment.

Let me describe you Ki’s appearance. She had worn a red crop top exposing her navel. Her boobs and nipples protruding out clearly visible and had worn shots that made her milky white thighs visible. Seeing her like that, anyone would get a hard-on.

Khushi – Thanks for your appreciation, my love. I also couldn’t wait. I also want your hands over these boobs and your thick and fat cock in my thirsty pussy.

Then we started kissing each other passionately. My hands were on her neck, and I pushed her towards the wall. We were sucking each other’s lips like animals. I was pressing her boobs over her top. Meanwhile, she was unbuttoning my shirt.

After she unbuttoned me, I pushed her on the bed. I started to lick and kiss her navel and slowly getting towards her upper body while teasing her with kisses. She was moving like hell with the pleasure she was getting.

I quickly got rid of her top, and her boobs sprang out as she hadn’t worn a bra. I was sucking her boobs and pressing them. Now I started again kissing her on the neck, which made her go mad, and she started scratching my back.

Me- Enjoying it, babe?
Khushi – Enjoying? You are killing me, Rahul. Now just stand up. I want to stroke and blow your hard dick and play with your balls.

Me- Oh, yaa sure bae, I am desperately waiting for your blowjob. It’s been a long time since I got that because of your project.

Now I stood up, she kneeled down and quickly unzipped my pants and took out my already erect cock. I started to kiss its tip and giving it slow strokes.

Me – Oh, yeah, bae, take that in your mouth and suck it like a candy.
She took my dick in her mouth and started to blow it like a pro. She was taking it completely till her throat.

Khushi – Are you liking it, baby? How’s it compared to Ayesha?
Me – Oh, yeah, baby, I am 100% liking it. Ayesha is nice at blowing, but you are the best. I am cumming, Khushi, I am cumming.

Then I came, and she completely swallowed it, and not a drop leaked out.
Me – Now it’s my turn bae to suck that wet pussy of yours.
Khushi – Yeah, baby, it’s dying to be licked and sucked.

Then I removed her shorts and her panty. I spread her legs and started to lick her pussy to which she was giving loud moans. Then after some time, she cummed on my face.

Khushi – Now, baby, don’t make me wait. I want to get that long cock inside me and scratching my pussy walls. Today is your birthday, so I want to ride you first.

Then I lay on the bed, and she guided my hard and long dick inside her pussy. My dick easily went inside her as her cunt was completely wet. She started to ride me and took me on a trip to heaven. Her face was toward me. She increased her pace after some time and started jumping over my dick very quickly.

Me – Oh, yes, bae fuck me harder.
Khushi – Please grab my tits baby, they also long to be pressed and squeezed.

Then she bent forward, and we started kissing while she was riding me. I grabbed her massive melons and started pressing them and suck her nipples.

Khushi – I am cumming, Rahul, I am cumming.
Me – Oh, yeah, baby, fuck me.

Then she released her juices and then increased her speed, and soon after, I cummed inside her.

Me – I love you, bae, and your pussy is the perfect match for my dick.
Khushi – Love you too Rahul, I and my pussy sorely missed you and your long cock.

We laid on the bed facing each other and kissing. She was stroking my dick, and I said to her, “Bae, now it’s time for our favorite style.”

Khushi – OMG, today again, my ass cheeks seem destined to get red with your hard spanks.
Me – Yaa Ki, you would be the victim of my lust today. It has grown because of the time it’s been since I have fucked you.

She positioned herself in the doggy style. I first spanked her and then inserted my cock inside her pussy in one go. I started giving her slow thrusts.

Khushi – Oh, yeah, Raul, fuck me harder, you bastard, fuck me faster.

I increased my speed and was giving her forceful thrusts and was spanking her ass.

Me – Who’s your daddy, you bitch?
Khushi – You’re my daddy, Rahul.

Me (spanking her hard ) – I didn’t hear, say it louder. Who’s your daddy, you fucking bitch?
Khushi – You are my daddy, Rahul. OMG, it’s amazing. Fuck me harder, please Rahul, fuck me faster.

Me – Ah, I m cumming, I am going to cum soon.
Khushi- Don’t you dare come outside, fill up my pussy with your hot juices.

Then we cummed simultaneously. Her pussy was leaking like a barrage with hot juices flowing out. We collapsed on the bed, and we slept with me hugging her from behind and grabbing her boobs while sleeping.

In the morning:
Khushi- Good Morning, love. I hope I gifted you the best thing you can have.
Me – Yaa definitely, what more can I ask for if I get to have sex with my hot and beautiful girlfriend.

Khushi – So how was your time with Ayesha last week?
Me – It was excellent. I had masturbated so long, seeing her provocative body in her pics before finally having her on the bed. I enjoyed playing with her big boobs. She is a really horny girl. Rohan got what he wanted.

Khushi – Yaa, her boobs are bigger than mine and yaa she is very horny, I don’t stand anywhere near her in being horny.

Me – Don’t be so innocent, bae. I know what had happened between you and Rohan when you visited your school to attend the annual function last week. So how was it?

Khushi – It was fun having a chance. He lasts slightly more than you, but his dick though being long, doesn’t reach my deep roots as your cock does. He unleashed his lust over me with some intense and rough fucking.

Now she had started stroking my cock and started to suck my cock. Suddenly Mitali came to the hall and saw us while Khushi was sucking my cock.

Mitali – Oops, I should have come after some time, I think. But OMG, you guys are still not finished. But Ki you seem to take some really big things these days
Khushi stopped sucking my dick and covered us with a blanket.

Khushi – Which big things?
Mitali (naughtily) – That big thing you had in your mouth before I came here.
Khushi- You are a naughty girl, Mitz.

Suddenly after seeing Mitali, my dick had again got hard and had made a tent, which they both saw.

Mitali (teasing Khushi)- OMG, Ki, it looks like your guy is turned on seeing me. Rahul, you are so naughty getting a hard-on seeing your best friend in front of your girlfriend. I should leave now, so Ki can deal with it.

Me – You are saying as if you don’t know the real thing.
Mitali – I know I know, was just having some teaser. Ki, you take over now. I am leaving. Bye.

Then she left.

Khushi – Your naughtiness doesn’t seem to end. Even with me holding your dick, you had eyes on Mitz. You all boys are dogs and just go crazy seeing hot chicks, and god also gave 4 of us girls, nice bodies.

Me – You answered it yourself, and now don’t waste time and blow my dick.

She blew my dick for 10-15 minutes, and we had a nice session in the bathroom.

So, guys, this was it for this story of midnight sex. I hope you liked it and sorry because it’s a long one. Please comment below if you like it. And tell me if you are interested in knowing about the sex between Khushi and Rohan.


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