I Enjoyed Sex With My Best Friend’s Sister During Lockdown

I Enjoyed Sex With My Best Friend’s Sister During Lockdown

Hi Guys, I am Debasish, a software engineer by profession, working with Wipro for over five years now. Six feet two inches, muscular and a handsome guy leading his life in the city of pubs Bangalore.

I am here with my first tale about my best friend’s sister. I am going to describe an erotic encounter that happened between a long-haired, beautiful, curvy married lady and me during this lockdown. Without any further ado, let me reveal this to you that she is my best friend’s sister.

Manisha is a bit dusky, with her big assets and a near-perfect round ass giving her a gorgeous look. Even though she is the mother of two if you can say that after scanning her once, the beer is on me.

Manisha is three years elder to me. By being my friend’s sister, we were really close since I was a kid. But never did I have any kind of lust for her, and always respected her like my elder sister. But until that one day in 2011 when she asked me to help her comb her long thick hair.

I started admiring her beauty a little more. She had knee-length hair, thick and always open, and it just looked perfect on her. While doing her hair, which I must say was a heavenly experience, she asked me to stop combing and run my hand deep in her hair to make it lighter.

I was not sure if she had anything in mind, but I started enjoying that by then. She loved the way I used to do this. It became a daily part of our lives until she got married in 2014. It was a sad end to a story. But luck made us reunite once again.

It was during this Coronavirus-induced lockdown in our home city Bhubaneswar when I was out to buy some home essentials. It was a crazy reunion, but she seemed really busy. She looked really hot and like a bomb in all those years as any married lady would.

Her assets were ever-growing, giving her a model look. We started talking on WhatsApp for the next couple of weeks. We would discuss each other’s life and career in general. But I was lost in her thoughts of how lucky her husband is for having to enjoy such a busty milf.

In between the deep conversation, I suddenly asked if we can ever meet for a drink. She instantly replied, “Sure.”

We were chatting about life, her kids, my career, and reminiscing about earlier days. But then her husband suddenly called her up. She moved aside to talk to him.

But from what I could hear, they had an argument about something. Manisha hung up the call asking him not to call her again. Although I overheard that conversation a bit, I acted like I did not know anything at all.

But her mood surely told the story by itself. Slyly when I asked her what the fuss was about, she broke down in tears. I put my arms around her shoulder to console her and asked what happened.

“I am on the verge of a divorce,” came the reply. “There is no affection between us anymore. I have seen him getting real close to his secretary. He is threatening kids and me to the extent that I have been forced to stay quiet.” Manisha was in tears while saying this but made no effort in taking my hand off her shoulder.

While her story definitely made me a bit sad, I already had a boner with one hand slowly touching one of her breasts. “Will you mind revealing the details to me? You have kids, but what about the other aspects?”

I asked before she went on to add, “I am not fully satisfied with him, Debasish, I miss our crazy time on the bed. We had some of the best moments around the world, but now things are pretty dire. I am hot, but our marriage life is at a crossroads.”

Seeing her opening up a bit, I asked, “Why don’t you try someone else too. If he has an infidelity problem, it must not stop you, in my opinion. You are hot, sexy, and stay in Bangalore, a city that can be just perfect for extramarital affairs.”

She was caught off-guard by the question and loosened herself from my hand. But I already had made up my mind to suck every juice from her body during the lockdown. I was waiting for my chance to fuck the shit out of her. However, I acted gently and let her free up a bit.

She was silent for a few moments with a few drops of tears rolling down her cheeks, but I hugged her tight, asking if I can be her partner. She tried to push me away. But I started kissing her passionately until she gave up and reciprocated to my kissing.

It was in a different world we were in, and our lips had the ultimate fun. She slowly turned wild to be dominant on me while kissing, and I let her have fun. We kissed for almost 20 minutes. I was playing with her long knee-length thick hair in one hand and with her huge breast in another at the same time.

After we parted from our lip service, Manisha had grabbed my dick and pushed me to the bed to rub her breast. I saw a spark in her eyes and face as if she had found a lost jewel. She took my pants off completely and asked me to follow her orders. I was like Okay.

Both of us had forgotten our history, and it was a different high altogether. I instantly made her nude in front of me. But she excused herself to get a banana and rubbed it on my dick and started sucking that like a pro.

It was a wholesome sexprience I was having with my best friend’s sister giving me the ultimate love. She deep throated my entire cock along with my balls as I kept on playing with her beautiful hair. She took the whole cum to her mouth while making me go crazy.

Her bulgy boobs were tilting up and down. I then moved to that part. Manisha was not ready to leave my cock. She was still playing with it like she didn’t have a cock for a long time. I, however, was in no mood to waste any time. Before exploring her vagina, and I took the panty off her body.

It was a clean-shaved pussy – something that would give any straight boy an erection for life. What a bloody beauty my sexy Manisha was! I was just thanking my stars for having her with me.

Wasting no time, I thwarted my erect cock into her pussy. Manisha moaned loudly in joy. She had a lot of experiences with her model husband. But the mental satisfaction, coupled with my huge dick made her happy to no end. She shouted, “C’mon, Debasish, Push it, push it harder, C’mon Baby, C’mon.”

My intensity increased with every word Manisha used. But I ensured her boobs and hairs were not left alone. I sucked her nipple simultaneously, leaving her gasping for breath as we continued for 15 minutes of intense fuck. When I was about to cum, I told her, and she asked me to take it out.

She brought her face near my dick and took it in her mouth once again to suck all the single juice available there. I went down on her to lick her juice, with Manisha making beautiful sounds every time. We were on cloud nine and embraced each other while falling on the bed.

I stayed with her the entire night to have many rounds of fucks, and the next 20 days became the ultimate sexprience of our lives. Manisha was so happy that she started to glow a lot more, with her beauty growing 100 times than it already was!


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