I Got To Fuck The Hot Lady Whom I Met At The Shopping Mall

I Got To Fuck The Hot Lady Whom I Met At The Shopping Mall

Hello Friends, this is yet another experience of mine. You can read my other past experiences here. A brief about me, I am a good-looking, 6 feet tall lean guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country.

It’s a recent experience. The entire city has been under lockdown, and activities were slowly unlocking. I live with a bunch of my friends in a posh locality in the city. At the start of the lockdown, all my roomies had left for their hometown.

But, now, with unlocking being done, my roomies were about to come back to the city. So on Friday, I decided to restock the house with all the essentials as the entire bunch of guys would be together again.

So, on Friday, post-lunch, I headed for the shopping mall. The mall was a 10 minutes walk, and hence I decided to walk. I started with my usual shopping and was filling up my trolley with the essentials. Roaming around on the second floor, I saw a lady.

She was wearing black jeans with a black and white striped t-shirt and around 3 inches of heels with long hair. She was reading the packaging of an item while I was staring at her maintained body.  I was lost in the thoughts of my lust for her. I had forgotten where I was standing.

Another lady crossed me and asked me to excuse myself to lift some items. That was the time she turned around. Damn, she looked equally cute as well. She had a smiling face which added to her beauty. I hurriedly picked up some items to not make it an awkward situation for myself.

All the while I was shopping, I had eyes on her. I think she understood that I am staring at her. (She confessed to having caught my stares a couple of times later on). After all, girls and ladies have the superpower to understand when someone is staring at them – a God’s gift.

But despite the fear of being caught, I could not get my eyes to move on from her. Slowly and steadily, I moved on from her. I came and stood in the billing queue. This was the point when luck favored me. There were long queues at all the billing counters, and she came and stood behind me.

She didn’t have many items, while I had a trolley full of goods. She was standing close to me. I was stealing glances at her perfectly shaped boobs, which were nice and firm. I could make out her bra outline or sometimes her curved ass when she would turn around.

I was about to start my billing at the counter. But I decided to show some courtesy and score some points with her. I turned around and said, “I don’t mind if you bill before me. You have a few items in your kitty, whereas mine will take some time.”

She smiled at the offer, “No. It’s perfectly fine. I am not in a hurry.” I replied, “Are you sure?” and she nodded her head in affirmative. Damn, I missed my chance to ogle at her lovely toned ass. I finished my billing, which was a time-consuming process.

I saw towards the billing counter to have one last look at the dream lady, smiled a bit, and exited from the mall. I was on the sides of the road and trying to find a rickshaw to reach home. I stood at the sides for around 5-10 minutes, trying to get a rickshaw when a car came and stopped in front of me.

The windows of the car rolled down, and I heard a lady trying to catch my attention. She said, ‘Hey, Hey,’ 3-4 times before I realized she was calling me. I bent down to the window, and it was the same lady from the shopping mall.

Me: Hey. Tell me.

Lady: It’s gonna be difficult to catch hold of a rick here. Hop in, and I’ll drop you at your house.

Me: Oh, no, no. It’s completely fine. Would not like to trouble you, lady.

Lady: It’s not at all a trouble. Hop in. It’s an order, unlike the way you requested at the billing counter.

I was on cloud 9. I swiftly put all my bags in the back seat of her car and hopped onto the front seat with her. Once inside the car, she asked me for directions. We started with a small chit chat to introduce ourselves and then the lockdown situation.

Her name was Neha, and she was staying at a short distance from the mall in my direction itself. Within 5 minutes of the drive, we reached my society gate and entered. I guided her to our flat parking. I wanted to ask her to come upstairs and spend some time with me. So I had to act quickly.

Me: It would be great if you could help me with my bags as well till the top. Also would like to return the favor with some nice coffee if you don’t mind.

Neha: That would really not be necessary. I just helped when I saw you struggling.

Me: This time, I insist. You cannot turn me down just like that.

After a bit of hesitation, she said yes. She came out of the car, and we started moving towards the lift.

Neha: You did shop like you’re gonna stay alone for a couple of more months.

Me: Oh, no. My roomies will return on Monday. Then this stock won’t last till the month-end itself. Bhukkad, you see.

Neha: Gotcha. Bachelor life. It’s always like this.

Quickly, we entered my flat. Even though we are bachelors, we like to keep our flat spik and span. All my roomies have girlfriends, and they visit our flat anytime. That’s the reason to keep the flat in proper shape.

Neha was astonished by the cleanliness and surprisingly said, “This is the cleanest a flat can be and cannot believe it’s shared by bachelors.” I smiled at her and replied, “Roomies with girlfriends. So that has helped us stay clean.” She replied, “Impressive.”

We kept all the bags in the kitchen. I opened our fridge and showed her the collection of booze. “If you like, you can have something chilled.” She smiled and replied, “It is quite hot, and something chilled would be great.” I left the kitchen and walked towards my room.

I said, “Make yourself comfortable. I will be back in 5 minutes.” I was sweating a lot due to all the shopping. So I quickly rushed inside the washroom, took a quick shower, and changed to a fresh pair of clothes with some nice perfume as well. I came out to check out what Neha is up to.

I saw 2 glasses filled with the wine along with the bottle on the table, but Neha was nowhere to be seen. I was about to call her when I saw her standing in the balcony. She was standing a foot away from the railing and had bent down, resting her arms on the railing while enjoying the view.

What an ass show that was to check her out. I grabbed the wine glasses and was slowly walking towards the balcony while enjoying her curvy ass show. Neha turned and saw me checking her out from the corner of her eyes. She shouted at me, “You can check me out later. But I would like to have a drink first.”

I handed over the glass to her, had a cheer, and started sipping the wine. We both were chit-chatting while I was stealing glances of her hot toned body with lust. She observed me ogling her. She would playfully slap me on my arm in between and ask me to stop looking at her like that.

I knew I had the green signal but wanted her to initiate some action at this point in time. I asked her to join me for a movie. We both moved to the couch in the hall. She sat next to me while we were deciding on which movie to be played. We decided on a horror movie and started to watch it on the TV.

At the beginning of the movie, she was all good. But then once the horror scenes started to play, she started to cling to my arm, moved in closer to me. I could feel her boobs being pressed against my elbow, and fuck, they were softballs.

After a while, at a particular horror scene, she covered her face with her hand. She bent onto my shoulders so that she would not be able to watch the scene. I slowly bent down to look at her reaction. I stared at her eyes for a second, and then I lost control.

I placed my lips onto hers for a good 10 seconds only to realize what have I done. I moved back from her lips. But then she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to kiss me passionately. We both were engrossed in our kiss for almost 10 minutes.

We were exploring each other’s mouth, along with a tongue fight. After 10 minutes, I broke the kiss to breathe. Neha was looking at me like a wild tigress filled with lust. I lifted her in my arms, took her to my room, and threw her on my bed. While she was lying on the bed, I decided to put on a show for her.

Slowly I started to unbutton my shirt buttons one by one and reveal the flesh that is going to devour her beauty. Neha went crazy. She was watching with her big eyes and whistling at times, and making sounds like, “Oh, oh. That’s a hot show.”

Once the shirt was off my body, I pulled Neha up from the bed and started to smooch her passionately. She jumped and wrapped her legs around my body and was kissing me hard, being suspended on my body. I pushed her to the wall and started to eat her lips like a crazy dog.

Slowly I moved from her lips to her neck, giving her bite marks in between on both sides of her neck. I pulled her t-shirt and opened up a bit of a gateway to heaven. Then I started to love her flesh from the top. I started to lick from her neck to her upper part of her boobs.

I would wriggle my tongue in between in her cleavage, and this was driving her mad. She would cling my hair tighter into her hands all the while. She was moaning slowly due to my act but was not able to control herself. After 15 minutes of being suspended on the wall, she pushed me and got onto her feet.

I was standing near the bed. She came and jumped onto me and made both of us fall onto the bed while we were again kissing each other. Once on the bed, I pushed her on the side and climbed onto her. Once I was upon her, I tore open her top with some efforts only to reveal the treasure she was hiding.

Her perfectly shaped melons were tight and firm. I was going bonkers looking at those melons and could not believe what I am about to eat as dessert. I bent down and started to first lick them from one nipple to the other. All the while, I was pressing those firm balls.

Neha was not able to control her moans with each lick of mine. Her hands were roaming around crazily in my head and making me eat her more and more. I was sucking her left nipple nice and hard. I was pulling her other nipple to the core by the fingers.

I slowly glided my other hand into Neha’s trouser and rubbed it over her panty to feel how wet she is. Quickly I unbuttoned her trousers, moved from her boobs, and sat straight. I was looking into her eyes and caught hold of the corners of her trouser.

I pulled it away from her legs only to reveal her honey pot all wet. Quickly I removed her panty as well and bent down to tongue fuck her like no other day. I started to lick her from her pussy till her ass hole to make her entire crack go wet. She was moaning in loud noises with each lick.

Slowly I slid my middle finger into her pussy while I was tongue fucking her. I would slide my tongue as deep as I could into her. She was not able to resist my tongue. I realized her twitching. I inserted my second finger inside her pussy, trying to finger fuck her deeper inside.

Within a couple of minutes, Neha stiffened her body and arched herself only to release a flood of her cum onto my mouth. I drank her freshly oozed cum and licked her clean with my tongue. Post licking her clean, I came up, and Neha winked at me with a satisfied smile on her face.

She quickly came on top of me and slid down to remove my trousers along with my undies to reveal my rock solid cock. It sprang up to salute her wildness upon being freed from the cage. She wrapped her warm hands around my cock and started to stroke it slowly.

Then in a swift move, she pushed my cock inside her mouth and was trying to suck my entire cock in one go. It resulted in her gagging herself with a nice deep throat. That was the ‘Oh La La’ moment for me.

She released my cock with strains of her saliva and my pre-cum. It was a sight to see. She then pulled me at the edge of the bed. She made me lie half on the bed and half on the ground. She started with a handjob and then slowly sliding my cock inside her mouth to give me a nice hot blowjob.

The way she was blowing me off, she was a pro at it. It did reflect her experience and liking towards blowing cocks. Within no time, I released all my cum into her mouth. She did blow for a good couple of seconds more. She drained me out completely and filled her entire mouth with my cum.

Neha got up from her knees and came up to me. She started to kiss me passionately. Her hands again started to roam around my cock to make it rock solid. Within no time of her touch, I went rock solid again, and my cock started to poke her in her ass cheeks.

She giggled a bit and asked me, “Where is the condom?” I stretched my arm to the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a condom. I pulled it onto my cock. All this while Neha was still sitting onto me and did not let me move even a bit.

Once my cock was ready wearing the condom, she guided my cock into her pussy. She pushed herself onto my cock to let it slide deepest inside her. She moaned when my cock was at the deepest point inside her and slowly started to ride me like a bull.

She was thumping her ass onto me and banging her pussy with my cock till the deepest point possible for her to take me in. It looked like Neha was too damn aroused, and within no time, she was riding my cock like a bull. She opened her flood gates again and came all over my cock and thighs.

She moaned at the top of her voice and was panting for air when she had her orgasm. She rested her head onto my shoulder for a minute and then got up from me. Again she pulled me at the edge of the bed only to make me sit in the sitting position.

She then brought her ass near my face. I dug my tongue into her ass and started licking her ass hole and sliding my tongue inside her hole. I would spank her ass in between nice and hard, which were making her moan like hell. After a while of being content from her sweet ass hole, I pulled her closer to myself.

I pushed her onto my cock and slid inside her again while being in the sitting position. She slowly gathered her pace and started to jump onto my cock and was getting thumped by it. I was pressing her melons to my content while she was riding my cock like a crazy bitch.

I was supporting her with each thump, and she was moaning like hell while sliding it deeper and deeper. After a couple of minutes of riding her tight pussy I whispered, “I am about to cum lady.” Listening to this, she increased her pace and started to ride me like a wild animal.

I was about to cum, and her body shivered, to signal me that she would cum too. Within a second, I came and was oozing my cum in the condom. A few strokes later, she shivered and had her orgasm too. We both were oozing out together. We both lay down onto the bed.

Slowly Neha removed my cock from her pussy and threw away the condom. She had a satisfied grin on her face and looked as if she had her share of fun after a long time. We both were looking at each other and talking with eyes about the wonderful time we just spent together.

Me: What are your plans for the evening?

Neha: My husband is out of town for emergency work and will return next week. What do you think I would be up to in his absence?

Me: Well, in that case, it is going to be a good night for both of us together.

Neha stayed at my flat for the entire weekend without a single piece of cloth on her body. We had a crazy weekend where we fucked in every corner of the house. We were hungry for each other’s bodies like wild animals.

I know it is a long experience, but I hope that you liked it. I would like to hear your feedback on [email protected] Also, let me know what part of the experience did you enjoy reading the most. Till then, ciao!

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