I Saw My Cheating Wife Being Fucked By Her Boss And Her MD

I Saw My Cheating Wife Being Fucked By Her Boss And Her MD

Hi readers, my name is Kumar from Chennai. This is the second part of my story about my cheating wife. My wife Manju gained weight now, and her stats are 36-30-36.

After the incident, I kept a secret camera in my hall, master bedroom, and guest bedroom and downloaded the app on my mobile. Days passed, but there was no sign of change in behavior with my wife. Our sex life was happy, and she satisfied me as usual to the core.

However, my devil mind was always thinking about the sex episode of that night between Manju and Venkat. Then I decided to act by saying that I have an official trip to Bangalore for 2 days. I will be leaving on Friday night and return on Monday morning.

I was excited to see what is going to happen. Because after the incident, it was nearly 2 months. I had not seen the sexual episode of cheating my wife again.

Finally, I left my house on Friday evening and went to a hotel where I had booked a room already in Chennai. I freshened up and ordered a couple of beer and snacks from the room. Around 8 pm, I started drinking beer and eagerly seeing each moment of my wife through the hidden camera.

My wife removed her nightdress and went naked into the bathroom. I should say it is a different feel to see your own wife naked through a hidden camera. After a shower, she came out naked with water droplets on her body made me mad by sitting in the hotel room with the beer.

I got aroused and started masturbating. I know Venkat is coming to my house to stay for a couple of nights. I observed one thing she removed her hair from her armpit and between her legs.

She sat in front of the dressing table, started to do makeup, and wore a red sleeveless blouse. Her blouse is barely covering her boobs, as she was not wearing her bra. As she gained weight, her boobs were not resting properly inside the blouse, half of her ripen mangoes visible outside with huge cleavage.

Then she wore her petticoat without panties and her see-through sexy red saree. Brown areola of her nipple is clearly visible over the saree. Dark red lipstick and her make up made me mad to see her through the hidden camera.

Around 9 pm, my wife went towards the main door. I hope she heard the doorbell. The camera does not cover the main doorframe. Hence, I was eagerly waiting to see Venkat’s reaction to seeing Manju. There was a twist to my imagination.

I can see two people in the hall, one was Venkat her boss and the second person was the MD of the company where my wife works. I forgot to mention that after sleeping with Venkat, she got a promotion as an Asst. Manager of Business Development.

To get further growth, Manju invited her MD. All three were talking and started to drink whiskey and wine, which Venkat got. Venkat sat on the single sofa. Manju and the MD sat on a large sofa together. The MD’s eye was on my wife. Gradually, he kept his hand on Manju’s shoulder.

The conversation is going on. Manju bent down to get something from the center table. Her saree slipped down, her huge cleavage was very much visible to her MD. Her brown areola was visible through her blouse. Her MD’s eye was stuck between her huge cleavage and sexy hip and belly button.

Venkat also enjoying the scene sitting opposite to them. Then she pulled her saree and wrapped it back as it happened unintentionally. Almost all three were high with the alcohol, and lights were dimmed. I believe music started playing, and the MD invited Manju to dance.

They both were dancing very closely. The MD was using the opportunity of my wife being high on alcohol. He started to caress her hip and back gently. Gradually he started to kiss her on cheeks and went to lips. It was a very long and deep kiss.

Manju co-operated well, and both started to suck each other like a hungry animal. The MD was nearly 6.2ft, and a well-built man. He should be late 40’s. Venkat was watching silently by enjoying his drink. He removed the saree of Manju, and she was standing in blouse and petticoat.

She was really looking like a slut at that time. Then both went to my bedroom by leaving the door open. He undressed Manju completely. She was standing naked by covering her boobs and pussy with her hand in a shy manner. This scene made me cum on my bed.

Then he became naked in front of her. His cock should be easily 8-inch and bigger than Venkat’s and mine. He hugged her and started pressing her boobs and kissing on her lips. After 5-6 minutes, he made Manju kneel on the floor for a blowjob.

Manu was heavily boozed with wine. She started to blow her MD’s cock very passionately. She is an expert in blowjob, and he was enjoying to the core. I can see his facial expression. It went for about 10 minutes. Venkat was standing semi-naked and started masturbating near to the bedroom door.

The MD took Manju on the bed and started to eat the well ripen mangoes and playing the right one with his hand. He chewed the nipples and biting her boobs hard. She was screaming with pain, and his hand was traveling all over her body. Then he came down between her legs and started licking her pussy.

She should have got her first orgasm with his licking and after good 10 minutes. He inserted his huge dick into Manju pussy. On the first go, it did not go inside. But with his continuous push, whole 8-inch dick disappeared into Manju’s pussy.

Both were in missionary position, and he was fucking Manju to the core. She was screaming in both pain and pleasure. After 10 minutes, they exchanged the position of cowgirl. She started to ride from the top. Her 36d boobs were jumping like anything.

It was a coincidence that Venkat and I both released cum together by seeing the scene. She was tired and fallen on the bed. But the MD made her in the doggy style and started to bang her from behind. This aroused me again. He was ramming her like an animal with speed by holding her hair.

Manju could not cope up with his speed, and his dick was penetrating deeper in this position. She was screaming in pain and pleasure together. Nearly after 10 minutes, he splashed his huge load of cum on her boobs and face. Manju was tired and looking like a pornstar with cum all over the body.

Both slept for a while due to tiredness on the bed. It was around 11 pm, I realized the sexual episode of my wife and her the MD went for an hour together. They went to take a shower and changed into their sorts and sleeveless. After a while, they came back to the hall to continue drinking.

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