Indian couple’s exploration for foursome continues – Sex story

Indian couple’s exploration for foursome continues – Sex story

Hi guys, I am back with the second part of my story. Please do read the first part.

Previous Part: Journey Of Sexual Exploration – Part 1

The role-plays have become a daily routine now and I don’t remember the last time I and my wife had sex without imagining someone else. But now the role-plays had become from another man to another couple.

We know a couple who are similar to our ages. Mohit and Barkha. Barkha and my wife are friends since earlier and after marriage, we met the couple many times. We share nice good times with them as friends.

Me: Today Mohit and Barkha are coming over for dinner.
Wife: OK.

Me: What will you wear?
Wife: Any suggestions?

Me: Wear your maroon and green suit without a dupatta.

Wife: That is party-wear and it has a very deep cleavage from the front. If I don’t wear a dupatta, then my cleavage will be totally exposed.

Me: You look nice in that, and Barkha also wears deep neck-line dresses.
Wife: Ok.

Me: Wear a green bra and panty.
Wife: Ok.

Later that evening.

Me: They are here. What is Barkha wearing?
Wife: A sexy suit like we know she does.

Me: Is hers with a deeper cleavage deeper than yours?
Wife: Yes.

Me: Where is Mohit looking?
Wife: At my boobs.

Me: What am I doing?
Wife: You are looking at Barkha’s boobs like you always do.

Me: You sit in front of Mohit and I’ll sit in front of Barkha.

Then she starts moaning because I have already undressed my wife and pressing her boobs.

Me: What is Mohit doing now?
Wife: He is sitting next to me.

Me: What is Barkha doing?
Wife: She is kissing you.

Me: What am I doing?
Wife: You are pressing her boobs and removing her suit.

Me: What are you doing now?
Wife: I am looking at you and Barkha.

Me: What’s Mohit doing now?
Wife: He is kissing me and pressing my boobs.

Then she started moaning, we both are naked in the bed and I’m sucking her boobs to make her hornier.

Me: Remove Mohit’s jeans and hold his penis.

Wife: Aaaahhhh..aah..

And my wife took my penis in her mouth and starts sucking even more.

Me: Barkha is sucking my penis.
Wife: Aaaahhhh..

Me: Ask Mohit to fuck you.
Wife: Aah..Mohit fuck me.

Me: I am fucking Barkha.
Wife: Aaaaaahaah.

Me: Take Mohit’s name.
Wife: Oh Mohit, please fuck me. Uff..

My wife became so horny right now and sat on my lap. She inserted my penis in her and started jumping like a porn movie actress. Then she sucked my penis again and I fucked her hard in missionary style and released my juices on her belly.

Till then, everything was just role-playing and imagination, but my excitement to try all this was increasing. I discussed with my wife and like all other wives, she said a big, “No,” and said it’s only ok till role-pay but not in reality.

But in my head, I was thinking that the sex we had in role-playing was far better than what we had even before marriage. This strongly made me believe that if we were going to do it anyway, then she will not back out.

My wife was sure that she will not have sex with anyone else. She also questioned me, “How will you feel when I am with some other men?” I said, “If you want, then I have no problems.”

So I started registering on a couple of websites and on adult chats. We found a lot of fake guys pretending to be a couple and they just wanted to see photos or tried to convince us for threesomes. But that was not what we were looking at at that time.

Then we found a couple from Delhi. They were younger than us. I told my wife that I found a couple of our similar age and she became nervous. She said I don’t want to get in anything to divert myself.

I said, “We are not going to do anything, it’s just to have a friend with whom we can talk anything. And it’s not like we are meeting them in person. We will talk to them on cam.”

She was still nervous and kind of not ready.

Their names were Arif and Faiza. Well, as planned for facetime in the night, he texted me for confirmation. But it was decided that until all 4 were not on the call, we will not do a video call. He said he had also faced many fake callers before.

So, I insisted my wife also comes on the call. First we 4 spoke and then we did a video call. We were not able to speak anything, neither were they and we were all feeling a bit awkward. But then Faiza said, “You guys look so nice” and that broke the silence.

They both were also very good looking. Faiza was milky white in color and had sharp features. Arif was very tall and look very strong. My wife also complimented them and then we started talking about likes and dislikes.

Then they said that they were looking for someone to have adult relationship and exchange partners. I don’t know but I was not very comfortable with those talks, and neither was my wife.

Then Arif advised that we should all stand a little back so that we can easily check each other’s body stats.

So he stood up and showed his front and back. He was wearing boxers and a t-shirt. He was definitely bigger than me. Then it was my turn, I did the same. Now it was time for ladies to show themselves and their assets.

Faiza came first and Arif put his hand on her boobs to give me a feel of the size and then put his hand on her ass also. He asked my wife directly if she was comfortable removing her t-shirt and just show her boobs in her bra.

My wife said, “No, not now.” He then lifted Faiza’s top and showed her boobs and bra and said if you don’t trust us you can see Faiza’s boobs first. My wife was hitting my hand and asking, “What’s going on here? He is asking me to remove my clothes.”

I was horny like hell at that time and honestly, if they were actually present with us, then I would have simply grabbed Faiza and fucked her there and then. He again asked my wife to lift her t-shirt up to show her boobs.

She said that she was not comfortable now, but she pressed her boobs herself to give an idea and pulled her t-shirt from the top to show him her cleavage.

Arif then told my wife that he wanted to show her something and stood up and removed his boxers. My wife was surprised and told me that she did not want to be a part of the conversation and left the room.

I asked him, “How can Faiza handle you? She looks very delicate and you are very strong.”

They both smiled said that after their first time, Faiza was almost wanting to give him a divorce, due to his size.. And we all 4 laughed and planned to meet.

Arif said that they will let us know if we were destined to meet. They lived in West Delhi and we were in South Delhi. Faiza told Arif to ask me to show my penis also. I was hesitant at first. They said that they had a camera chat with somebody earlier and it was weird for them the first time.

But the truth was that I and my wife had both seen Arif’s penis and honestly it was bigger, blacker (basically looking dirty). That was basically why my wife left the room, she told me later that she didn’t like the guy.

Now Arif was naked and hugged Faiza from behind. He was pressing her boobs and asked me to call my wife. He said that he thought that today at least all 4 of us can be naked on facetime. I didn’t say anything.

He said that if my wife is not interested, then we should not continue with this as the consent of both was required.

I called my wife and showed her again. He was still holding Faiza from behind and pressing her boobs. When they both saw my wife, the couple began to kiss each other and Faiza was rubbing her husband’s penis.

My wife was looking at them without any expressions. Arif was strongly kissing and pressing Faiza’s boobs and I was thinking in my head that I was not meeting them for sure as I didn’t want that rough behavior with my wife. But I saw that my wife was continuously looking at his penis.

I also hugged my wife from behind and started pressing her boobs. She closed her eyes and let me express my feelings on her boobs.

They both smiled and said, “Now the night is going somewhere.”

Faiza said to my wife to not worry as the first time it will feel a little awkward, but then she will begin to like it. And actually, I noticed that my wife was enjoying the view and my touch.

Arif again told my wife to show her bra and boobs and my wife was not reacting. So I inserted my hand under her t-shirt and started pressing her boobs hard and felt that she was ready for me to lift it up.

So I lifted the t-shirt a little to check her mood and lifted it till her belly showing her full belly. She didn’t stop me. So I lifted her shirt and removed it completely. They both were looking at her boobs and said, “See, they are so beautiful and you were hiding it from us.”

My wife smiled and was looking ashamed. But then Arif also removed Faiza’s top. Now we all were very horny.

Then Arif told me again to remove my shorts and show my penis. So I stood up and removed my shorts and showed my penis to them.

Arif said, “Nice,” and Faiza smiled and started kissing Arif. My wife quickly held my penis and sat on the ground and started sucking it. I moved the camera for them to see the scene and then Faiza also started sucking Arif’s penis.

Arif then unhooked her bra and asked me to have a look at his wife’s boobs. I still cannot see Faiza’s boobs as her back was towards the camera and she was sucking him. It looked like she is a child sucking a Negro, as the size was bigger than her mouth. She was milky white in color and the guy was dark and his penis was dirty black in color.

He then made Faiza sit on his lap with her front to the camera, so that I can see her boobs and face. He started fucking her on the phone. The horny couple didn’t need us anymore. They both were too horny to stop but we both saw their fucking session live.

She was looking like a teenager with not very big boobs but she was able to handle Arif’s fuck. They both were done and then they were not in the mood to talk further and wanted to plan a meet. I said I’ll let them in a day or two.

The call ended and I started fucking my wife saying Arif’s name. I said, “Open your legs, ask Arif to fuck you,” and she said, “Fuck me Arif, slowly, aaaahhhh, fuck me, harder.”

I asked her while fucking, “Do you really want to have sex with them?” and she said, “NO. I just want you to fuck me and no one else.”

I said, “But you are enjoying when I am taking his name.” She didn’t say anything.

I kept fucking and asking her whether she wanted or not and then she said, “Yes, I want to fuck Arif.” I asked her further, “Do you want me to fuck Faiza?”

She said, “Yesss,” and then I asked, “Will you suck Arif’s penis?”

She said, “Chii no, it is very dirty.”

I asked, “What if he forces you to suck or the situation comes and you have to suck.” She said, “Then I will not meet them.”

Then I ask her, “Will you allow Faiza to suck my penis?” and she said, “If she wants.”

And we had sex 2 times that night. I could feel the energy in my wife and the wetness between her legs.

The next morning, I asked her if I should plan a meet with them and she pretended like she does not remember anything. I had to go to work and left.

The whole day I had Faiza in my mind. I received a text from Arif enquiring about our plans.

I told him that I need some more time and he then sent me a pic of Faiza in saree and wanted me to send my wife’s pic. I sent him one and then he asked me for a naked pic and send Faiza’s topless pic.

He said that we both like you and want to meet to fulfill our fantasy. I told him that my wife was still undecided about further action. He sent his penis picture and told me to show it to my wife. I laughed and said that she saw everything yesterday already.

I told him to give me some time and he said fine. I sent all the 3 pics to my wife and she just wrote, “Nice,”

I asked her, “Which one is nice? the penis?”

She said, “No, the one with Faiza.”

I at once knew which picture my wife liked, but was shy to say so. But anyway like I said that I don’t want to rush anything so I didn’t say anything.

When I went home, she asked me how did I got those pics. I told her that Arif had sent me asking for your pics. She looked nervous and asked me if I had sent any. I told her that I had sent the normal pic. I then told her that he was asking for a personal pic of yours, should I send him?

She said, “No, it’s not safe.” So I got the idea that she has no issues, so I scrolled and found a pic of hers in a bra and jeans.

“Should I send this one,” I asked her? She smiled and said, “No please,” I said it’s fine let them also see you and she then said, “Ok fine.”

As soon as I sent the pic, Arif sent me 10-15 pics of theirs naked, some were blowjob pics, his penis pictures, etc. I showed it to my wife and took her hand to my penis and she started rubbing it.

I told her that I will fix the meeting for this weekend and she said, “Are you sure? Is it safe? We don’t even know them.”

Then I asked her whether she is interested to meet them or not and we will stop the discussion.

She said, “I would like to meet but not sure if anything will happen or not. That will totally depend at that time.” I called Arif and told him that we are not sure about sex and other stuff but we can meet once. To which he said that even Faiza was saying the same thing.

So, let’s meet first and then we will decide. So we decided to meet at PVR Priya in Vasantkunj, in the afternoon and decided to watch a movie together.

I hope you like it till here, I’ll continue in the next part. Please give your feedback here or can mail at [email protected]

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