Indian daughter-in-law traps and fucks father-in-law – Sex story

Indian daughter-in-law traps and fucks father-in-law – Sex story

Hi all, this is Sunitha. Hope you are doing good.

I think you have read my old stories. This is my experience with my darling father-in-law when we were invited to our relative’s marriage which luckily my husband and my mother-in-law couldn’t attend.

Just to give an introduction about me for the new readers. I am Sunitha, a married Telugu lady. I am fair and curvy. I have the right fat needed in the right places.

I have good-sized boobs that easily catch the attention of people. I love to wear sarees. I love attention and it gives me a lot of satisfaction when people try to peep my exposed parts. I have a lovely affair with my father-in-law, which is still continuing.

We were invited to the wedding of our close relative at a place which was an overnight journey from our place. Our whole family planned to go together. My mother-in-law was at my husband’s brother’s place.

Just a day before the travel, my husband had to drop the plan to accompany us. I was very happy that I will get some lonely time to spend with my FIL.

I and my darling father-in-law and my son started by train. We were traveling by AC 2 tier. We boarded the train and settled down. I wore chudidar as it was more comfortable during my journeys.

After some time, I thought to play naughty with my father-in-law. So I moved my dupatta almost to my neck so that he can have a clear view of my boobs. Whenever my son was not looking at us, I gave him naughty signals. This continued till night.

Finally, I made my son sleep. I and father-in-law chit-chatted for some time. Later, almost all the lights in the compartment were off and most of the people had already slept.

I became horny and felt to do a bit of adventure. I went to the toilet and saw there was nobody near. I went to my husband’s father and said, “There is nobody near the toilet. I will keep the toilet door unlocked. Please come inside.”

He silently followed me. I went to the washroom. He just checked around to make sure nobody noticed us and he came in. As soon as he came in, I welcomed him with a kiss on his neck. He said, “You are so desperate! Can’t you wait till tomorrow?!”

I bit my father-in-law’s neck and said, “I can’t, you made me a slave, darling. It’s very difficult to stay away from you. Your touch is magical.”

I gave a wicked smile and he said, “I pity my son.”

I smiled and gave him a kiss on his lips. My father-in-law’s tongue went deep into my mouth. He pressed my back. I let out sounds, “Umm umm..”

He turned me around, pushed me the door, and removed my kameez. I had a panty inside. He removed it too. He then placed his lips over my thighs and kissed them. I placed my hand on his head.

My father-in-law moved my legs apart and slowly reached my pussy. He kissed the outer walls of my pussy lips. Then he inserted one finger and began pushing it violently. I felt very horny but couldn’t give out cries. All I let out was slow “ummm” sounds.

My FIL then placed his tongue deep in and licked my pussy like a dog. I had goosebumps all over my body. He violently licked and kissed. He pressed my ass cheeks so hard as if they were my boobs. Then he turned me around, kissed and bit my ass.

I saw his big erection. Meanwhile, my father-in-law stood up and lowered his pant. His dick stood like a flag pole.

He pulled me closer and gave a tight hug and kissed on my neck and on my earlobes. Each and every touch of him sent electric shocks inside me. When his erect dick poked me, I held his dick and said, “Mavayya, please give me five minutes. I will check my son and come back. It’s been a while since we came inside.” He said, ok.

I wore my kameez quickly and went to our berth. I checked my son and came back. My father-in-law was still inside the washroom. I slightly knocked on the door and he opened it. As there was nobody awake and around, I confidently went in.

We locked the door from inside as soon as I went in. My father-in-law then unzipped his trousers. He showed his erect dick. I blushed.

Wasting no time, I lowered and pushed his dick into my mouth. (There are only two best desi sex stories  places in this world for his dick to be present – either inside my pussy or in my mouth! It is a thrilling experience to make love in public places).

I held my father-in-law’s shaft. With one hand, I moved his foreskin back. The tip was shining due to the precum. I took my tongue out and touched the tip where there was the small hole and then placed my lips around the bulging end and licked it with my tongue.

He placed his hand on my forehead and moved it slightly. He also gave out a moan.

I then moved forward and backward while deeply sucking my father-in-law’s dick. His dick was big enough to choke me. It was reaching the deepest part of my mouth. (I always feel a woman is lucky if she gets a dick big enough which can stop the breath for a while. I was very lucky to find such!)

I licked my father-in-law’s erect dick. His balls were hanging like temple bells. I took them into my hands and played them with my fingers. I tickled them with the fingertips. I rolled my tongue over the balls and kissed them.

My legs started paining by then. So I stood up, leaving my FIL’s erect dick like an orphan. He, in a confused state, asked, “Suni, don’t leave me excited in this state. I didn’t cum yet. Please finish this.”

I smiled and wore my kurti and left. We slept on the opposite berths looking at each other like separated lovers.

The next day morning, we reached the place. We were given a room at a hotel. Our relatives were also at the same hotel. It was near the mandap. We met them. The marriage ceremony was in the evening so we came to the room and got ready.

I wore a pattu saree and gold ornaments. Seeing me, my father-in-law said, “You look like a bride, Suni. It reminds me of your marriage. You were a shy beautiful girl.”

I blushed. As my son was also there, we couldn’t do anything else. But my father-in-law’s lusty stares made me hot.

We went to the marriage hall. I received a lot of stares from many men which I always enjoy. Even my father-in-law was looking at me. He and my son left the hall just after dinner. I was chit-chatting with the ladies there and said that I will come to the room later.

So around 11:30 pm, we all left the place and I was back to my room. I knocked on the door, my father-in-law opened it. The room was dark and my kid was asleep.

He locked the door and held me from behind. His dick was erect and pocked into my ass. I came out of his grip and said, “Mavayya, let me get rid of this heavy saree first.”

I took my nighty and went to the bathroom. I cleaned myself. I was about to wear nighty but then I got a crazy idea. I took my makeup kit and applied kajal sindhoor and big bindi. I took all the ornaments and wore it on my nude body. I applied a little deodorant.

Then I opened the bathroom door and came out nude with the ornaments on! The room was dark and the light from the bathroom fell on me making me glow like the moon in the dark sky.

My father-in-law was having whiskey. He stopped drinking and was just staring at me. I went to him and stood before him. He kept his glass aside and was speechless.

I sat on his lap, took his glass, and asked, “What happened, darling? Why are you looking at me like this?”

He said, “Suni, you are a sex goddess.”

I smiled and sipped the whiskey from his glass. I gave him a lip kiss and emptied the whiskey into his mouth. My father-in-law opened his mouth and tasted the whiskey. He was in lungi and his dick was completely erect.

We were on the bed. I went and switched off the light. My father-in-law sat on the bed. I sat down near his legs.

He fixed a whiskey peg for me too and I drank it. He kept his toe on my nipple and pressed it hard. I gave out a cry “Ahh..”

He rubbed my boobs with his feet. I took one of his legs and licked his fingers. I bit his toes. I kissed his ankle.

He placed his leg on my shoulder and I kissed his hairy leg. With the other leg, he rubbed my thighs. He slowly pushed his toe into my pussy. I gave a cry, “Ahh mavayya..” He moved it up and I completely kissed his leg.

My father-in-law’s dick was fully erect by then. I went on my knees and kept his dick in between my boobs and massaged it. Then I got up and he kissed my lips. I broke the kiss and kissed his neck, shoulders, and on his chest. I licked his tummy and slowly reached his dick an kissed it wildly. I deeply sucked his balls.

He whispered slowly, “Where do you want me to do? In your mouth or in your love hole ?”

I replied, “I want you deep inside.”

Then I stood up and walked towards the bathroom and with a finger, I asked him to come by winking one eye as it was risky to have sex on the bed.

He came to the bathroom. He pulled me down. I was down on the wet floor of the hotel’s bathroom. My father-in-law was over me kissing me on the neck and then on the belly. He adjusted his dick and then I moved my legs wide.

Suddenly, my FIL gave a push inside. It was heaven. I was just looking into his eyes. He slowly increased his pace of fucking me. His every shot felt like a dagger piercing inside. He was a pleasure bomb.

I hugged him tightly and locked my legs around him. He kept fucking me and I was in seventh heaven. I cried, “Hmm mavayaaa.. make me yours. Ahh.. do it inside. I can’t hold anymore. Ahhh uhhh.”

Then he stopped fucking me. He made me kneel and he pushed his dick inside me from behind. He gave me wild shots deep inside.

He said, “ are my slut. My slave” and kept stroking me. He smacked on my back and asked, “Say you are my slut, say it, slut.”

I cried in pleasure, “Ummm yeah.. I am your slut, Mavayya. I am your slut. I can’t bear it anymore. Do it inside ahh uhh.”

He held my hair and pulled me back and finally, I felt the hot juice inside. My father-in-law pulled his dick outside and stood up. It was semi-erect and his cum was dripping out.

I sat cross-legged, adjusting my hair. He came before me and hit my cheek with his cock and his semen got stuck to my face.

He laughed and said, “You look beautiful with my semen on your face.”

I took it with my finger, licked it, and asked, “Why do you always cum on my face?” To which he replied, “It makes me feel that I am your man, Suni.”

I sat on my knees, pulled him towards me by wrapping my arms around his ass and said, “You are my man, my pussy always craves for you. You made me your sex slave.”

We hugged each other. I came out wearing my nighty and we slept.

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