Indian wife fucked by an army officer while husband watched – Sex story

Indian wife fucked by an army officer while husband watched –desi sex stories Sex story

Please read the first part of this story here if you haven’t already read it.

So, my husband asked for a threesome or spouse swapping to spice up my sex life. Actually, I was also interested from inside and asked him to wait for the time being and until a suitable opportunity arrived.

Then he advised me that opportunities come seldom and we should avail the opportunities. I agreed with him and assured him that I will take care and cooperate with him.

My husband was very happy with my warm and positive response. He kissed me passionately. We were supposed to find out a club in Bandra where spouse swapping was very common and club manages such activities underground with all facilities.

One needs to become a member and register confidently with full interest and surety. If they are fully satisfied that you are genuine and the right type of couple suitable to take advantage of their privileges.

The couples were interviewed by experts and they did proper verification. I was interviewed by a female and who asked about my sexual experiences and desires. She explained different types of sex games and different types of people.

She asked me about group sex where female opts for more than one person at a time according to their sexual appetites. We were registered after paying a heavy monthly fee.

Recently, we were travelling from Chandigarh to Mumbai in the second AC coupe. It was off-season and the train was deserted. Then a handsome army officer joined us from New Delhi. He was allotted the bottom seat in front of me.

We had finished our dinner and were preparing for sleep. I was wearing see-through sexy midi of thigh-length and front open. I was looking very. attractive and sexy. My nipples were peeking through and the bulges of the boobs were exposed halfway. He was badly attracted to me at first sight itself.

I was also attracted to him by his personality and the big bulge under his tight jeans! He was a very jolly fellow and mixed up with us in no time. He was badly seduced by my nudity.

Due to the front-open, my thighs were exposed up to my pantie and my boobs were completely exposed when I bent down in front of him purposely. He was gazing at my nudity. Meanwhile, my hubby signalled me to come outside and asked about my opinion. I gave him a green signal and a thumbs up. He kissed me passionately on my lips in return.

We slept late at night. Meanwhile, my hubby exchanged contact details and invited him to our place on Sunday. He was looking very happy and thanked us.

We reached our destination and shook hands. I winked at him before leaving. He was fully aware of the kind of invitation and called me on Sunday morning. My hubby must have given him my number.

He talked to me like my lover and asked about the plan for the evening and clarification about night-stay. I told him that I can’t disclose anything right now, otherwise all suspense will be lost.

Then I asked about his choice of food and drinks and any special requirements he needed. He responded frankly and disclosed his choice and requirements. I was quite impressed and satisfied that he was the right choice to have a nice time.

The whole day, I was thinking about what will happen and how things will take shape and what will be the end result? I kept myself busy by arranging the party and also decided about the clothing to seduce him to give him the best impression.

I went to the beauty parlor for a facial, waxing, and body massage to look most attractive. My hubby helped and encouraged me all the way. His pleasure was to see me being fucked by another person in front of him and prepare me for the next event.

I was very eager and impatiently waiting for the handsome guy’s arrival. Shortly, the bell rang. I opened the door and welcomed him with a sexy smile. He gave me a beautiful red flower, which he put in my hairs. He then hugged and kissed me. I couldn’t resist further and responded by submitting to his actions.

Then I held his hand in my hand and walked into the drawing-room to relax and feel homely and comfortably like a family. He was very happy and fully aware of the event to take place.

Then I started arranging the table and started serving drinks. In this process, I would bend forward to show him my boobs.

After the first round of drinks, everyone was feeling light and free. The atmosphere became hot and sexy when we switched our topics to sex. My husband pushed me to sit alongside him and give him company. I couldn’t resist and submitted to him.

He took full advantage and started hugging, kissing, and fondling me passionately. He lowered my dress from my shoulders and made me topless in front of my hubby! My husband was very wise and smart. He knew that we can’t act freely on the first time and left us alone on some excuse.

Now we both were free to act and fulfill our wild and burning desires. We were in full heat and moved to the bedroom to play the real game of passionate love and wild sex. I was ready to go to any extent.

My demanding pussy was wet to receive a hard and strong mighty dick and burst with pleasure. We shedded all our clothes and became fully nude in front of each other.

First, we had a good look at each other’s naked bodies especially private parts. His dick was thick and longer than my hubby’s dick besides being circumcised. I was dying to grab it into my mouth.

We started hugging and kissing madly. The waves of thrills started running all through my body and mind due to his masculine and macho body. He kissed me madly all over my sensitive places, especially on my neck and earlobes, creating love marks at different places. I had surrendered my self to him.

I could feel the difference very clearly between my honeymoon night and the current experience out of marriage. He also wanted to derive max pleasure and satisfy me on give and take basis.

The sexual heat was intense on both sides. I was feeling very comfortable in his company and cooperating with all his acts gladly, from the bottom of my heart.

He then laid me on the edge of the bed for oral sex. I raised my legs and spread them wide to expose my cunt fully and to give him full access to shove his head and work his tongue deeply there.

He then took position and pushed my legs further back to lick and suck my sensitive parts. He stretched the flesh of my large labia and started pulling with his mouth.

Then he switched over to the already erect and tight clitoris. He made me moan loudly by licking and sucking. I couldn’t control my squirt to make his mouth and face wet with my piss.

We relaxed for some time and then tried “69” while I was on top. He took over the position and I sat down on his face, facing towards his feet with my cunt wide open and fully exposed.

Then I bent down all the way to suck his dick. He started moving his tongue on the portion between my ass hole and cunt. It was a very pleasant and exciting act to arouse my feelings.

Then he took over on the cunt and licked all around and bottom to top in a rhythm. I liked further this act. Now he took over my labia and clitoris and started licking and sucking. My cunt was fully wet and leaking juices.

The way he was working on my sensitive locations, my cunt started bulging out to burst and started rising higher and higher until he reached the height of the climax.

Suddenly, my cunt started jerking again and again with spasms and burst with heavy orgasm. I was feeling fully drained and calmed down with ultimate satisfaction. I got down to relax and lied down beside him in his arms with complete satisfaction.

After relaxing for some time, we regained and were ready for the final phase to enjoy hard-fucking.

He laid me down and took the position, raising my legs and further pushing back to explode in my cunt. Since my cunt was totally wet, he placed the tip of his rock hard dick and started inserting slowly and smoothly until my cunt grasped it fully.

Now, my cunt was tightly packed by his thick dick all the way. Then he bent down to take full control by putting his arms under my shoulder. He started stroking me slowly with full length and increased the speed gradually. His dick was moving in and out tightly but smoothly. I started moaning with pleasure.

I started responding by raising my arms in the same rhythm. His dick was moving tightly like a piston. The thrust was very strong and my whole body was shaking. I started demanding more and more when I couldn’t control the ejaculation. He also ejaculated at the same time with jerks and shudders.

We were feeling tired by this time and he remained on my top until his erection subsided and his dick slides out at his own. Then he got down and we lied down to relax.

After some time, my hubby returned back when everything was over. Frankly speaking, I was badly involved and forgot about my hubby.

He was very happy to see us in this condition. He also joined us and congratulated us for a nice time. Now it was my hubby’s turn. He took over me and simply fucked me in front of him.

Then we had another round of drink to energize. In the meantime, my hubby asked a few questions about our enjoyment and satisfaction. We replied and satisfied him.

Then he asked us to perform again in front of him. He was pleased to see our performance and glad to see, how I grabbed such a thick and big cock easily.

We all were fully satisfied by the morning. We took a nude bath together and I cooked and served the breakfast while naked.

My experience was spicy but I was worried about my buddy’s partner. So I joined a famous kitty party where most of the women were sexually starved as their husbands were working in gulf countries or the merchant navy. The husbands of some women had extramarital affairs.

I developed friendships with sexually starved and open-minded ladies who used to enjoy lesbian sex and had extramarital affairs. I was lucky enough to meet the right type of group and mix up with them. Mostly, our topic was sex and we shared our desires and experiences in confidence.

I succeeded in alluring one like-minded beautiful young lady for my hubby. On the other hand, my hubby wanted to take advantage of the adult club for spouse swapping. There were many opportunities and we found out the right type of couple interested in swapping.

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