Indian wife’s highly sensual massage from two men – Hot story

Indian wife’s highly sensual massage from two men – Hot story

My name is Shivani. I am 38 years old leading a well-settled life with my husband and kid. My life was simple and normal. But inside me, I always had adventurous tendencies which took a long time for me to express.

Upbringing as an Indian lady, it took years for me to tell my husband and that too only when he turned a little adventurous on his own. Monogamy and sex twice a week schedule can make anyone go bonkers after some time and our case was no different

As a working woman and a bundle of responsibilities give you a little time to think erotic. In short, it took years for us to know we are bored.

I told Ramesh my husband, “Ram, I liked your idea of watching some hot stuff” because he had once mentioned to me about watching porn together and finally we did. I still think that changed our lives forever as it allowed us to communicate without shyness.

We were watching all types of sex videos and the one that I always liked was the one with a massage. It kind of always interested me to feel the massage. So Ramesh once massaged me and we had great sex afterward and while doing he said, “What if these hands are of another man?”

I did not respond but it somehow heated me. That conversation ended there.

Two weeks later, Ramesh surprised me by saying he learned from the internet that there was something called “massage at orgasm”. That was a curious thing of course and he explained there was this technique that helps women to have firm breasts naturally after 30 when massaged at orgasm. He said there were expert men who do it.

My husband kept talking about it and finally, I said I would love to have my tits shaped up even though I have 38 size breasts. He contacted the masseur and he sent Ramesh pictures of women before and after – all were in the 30s and 40s who got treatment. The pics were impressive.

My husband wanted me to do it. Thinking about it made me wet for some reason and finally, the day came when I said, “ok, let’s do it.”

Next weekend, the masseur was contacted and Ramesh fixed a hotel room. I was so excited. I was curious and anxious but also fearful. The hormones were flowing.

Ramesh got full instructions from this masseur who turned out to be in India for some clients. Even though he was an Indian, he was not staying in India.

Ramesh told me that the masseur will teach him the technique as some massages have to be continued.

My husband told me that I have to lie on the bed with an eye mask just to ensure privacy with only thong and the massage will start. Apart from this, he did not tell me anything and said, “Just go through it, let’s see.”

The D-day arrived. He arranged the hotel and both of us checked into the five-star hotel with a huge bed. Ramesh told me to lie down and he will bring this masseur from the lobby.

The room was medium-dark and I was on my tummy lying with just a thong on and covered by the bedsheet. My heart was beating so fast in anticipation. Then I heard the door opening and closing. There was no sound after that and then I heard the noise of the shower as I waited with excitement.

Suddenly, two hands came – on one of my feet and the two other on my other feet sent an electric current through me. There was no sound and oil was under my feet and four hands were heating my sole and ankle. It was so good and relaxing.

I could make out that the hand on my right leg was so lovely and professional. So left had to be Ramesh’s hand.

The hands moved on my leg, relaxing muscles up to my knee. Then I felt both my legs lifted and my toes were sucked. Such a heavenly feeling! Again I could feel the masseur and his skills but Ramesh was doing what he could. It seemed he was asked to imitate the masseur.

The toe-sucking made me mad and I could feel my ass going up. Suddenly, one of the hands removed the bed cover and I was fully exposed with just a thong that had gone into the ass cheek of mine! I felt so erotic and felt something strange. I felt light weighted.

It seemed like the masseur was sitting with both knees on both sides of my knee. His balls were touching the back of my leg. I was wondering, “Damn! How erotic this man would be naked?”

I could feel the sof tballs moving up and down as his hands were massaging my upper leg and almost till the ass. I could also feel that m husband’s hands were a poor imitation but were useful too.

The masseur moved his hands much away from my genitals but teasingly closer too. His hand strokes were superb and then I felt the hands pulling the thong down. And with no shame, I raised my hips. I could then feel four hands massaging my naked butt with plenty of oil. The oil was flowing into my asscrack at back, inching towards the pussy.

I felt two kisses on both my ass cheeks at the same time. It was so erotic.

My hands clutched the bed sheet and my moans filled the room. I could feel a finger from the masseur playing with my anal bud for a few seconds. No one had ever touched me there before. It was such a great feeling and then I felt his fingers above my hips.

The way he was sitting now, I was sure that he was naked. Suddenly, his balls fully pressed on the back of my hand. I still do not know what made me do it but I pressed it! I felt guilty immediately but still did not feel like taking my hands off.

They finished my back. Ramesh kissed me on the back of my neck and that made me more aroused. The massage continued. I heard a whisper from Ramesh, “Baby, turn your body.”

I turned fully to my back. And good lord, my tits were swelling with excitement and my nipples were hard. But I did not feel ashamed.

The hands went to my feet again and they spread my legs and applied oil from the bottom to the hip. This time, I couldn’t see because of the eye mask. I could feel the masseur’s balls on my leg and Ramesh’s on the other. Gosh, those two men were naked!

The hands of the masseur were artistic. It moved with ease and grace and he played with my belly button while my husband kissed my navel. The feeling of center of attention of two men was incredible and I was floating. Then, suddenly, I felt the balls moving up and down.

After a few moments, the kinkiest thing happened. Two flicks each on both tits at the same time! It sent electric waves. It seemed that my breasts needed to be fully aroused for massage at orgasm. The pleasure was just awesome.

The masseur massaged my breasts and Ramesh followed his method by observing.

I was so heated up and dripping. I told Ramesh, “Make me cum..”

I could feel both men using hands-in massage and both men were on both sides. It was too erotic because both were naked and their balls were running on my hands.

The masseur was sitting on my left on his knees and my hand touched his erect penis. After a few minutes, I realized I have two cocks in both hands. I had never felt so sexually powerful than that ever.

I was stroking both dicks and the men were flicking my nipples with their tongue and massage then flick again and put oil.

The masseur went to my head-side, sat with his legs on both sides of my head. His dick was above my lips.

My husband then went down and started licking my pussy and the masseur was lifting and massaging breasts in a skilled way. I came six or seven times as this oral was too much for me. And before I knew, I had the masseur’s balls in my mouth. I was cumming at that time. I sucked him. Ramesh did not see because his head was on my pussy.

I moved my mouth out the next moment I finished and the masseur left the room. Ramesh and I had sex after that. Then I told Ramesh, “Damn, I sucked him.”

I was scared of Ramesh’s reaction but I did not want to keep any secret. To my surprise, he said, “It is ok, your tits will be firm again and will not sag.”

That turned out to be true as it really worked.

After two weeks Ramesh told me, “Look dear, your tits really responded and that means the massage works.”

I looked at them and I could see it too. That made us take some bold decisions which you will read in part 2.

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