Invitation From Milfs To A Kitty Party On A Saturday Night!

Invitation From Milfs To A Kitty Party On A Saturday Night!

Hello once again to all the lusty and horny readers of this wonderful platform. This time the story that I am going to share is where I got a chance to bang three MILFs in a kitty party in our neighborhood society.

Let me give a brief introduction about myself and the three female leads of the story. I am Mr. X (name changed), Temporary Companion to fun-loving and adventurous ladies in Kolkata.

The female leads are Meena, Pallavi, and Yashi (names changed). All three are MILFs and working women in their mid-thirties. Body stats of Meena was 36-24-32, Pallavi 32-22-32, and Yashi 34-24-32. They got my contact from Priyanka, the sexual encounter with whom I had already published on this wonderful site.

So now coming to the story. It was a normal day for me. Then I got a WhatsApp message from an unknown number introducing herself as a friend of Priyanka. She asked me whether I am free on the coming Saturday after 8 PM for the rest of the night.

They were having a kitty party and want some erotic fun too. I never had such an experience before. But always had a fantasy to fuck 3 MILFs on the same night. It now seems to get true. After some casual talks, I accepted her proposal to join them in the kitty party.

I reached the location exactly at 8 PM on Saturday. I saw three super sexy and gorgeous ladies sitting in front of me. We greeted each other and introduced ourselves. I was wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans with six condoms and lubricating gel in my pocket.

Meena was wearing a loose T-shirt and bell-bottomed jeans with open hair. Pallavi and Yashi were both wearing kurti and leggings. The kitty party started, and Yashi served some beer to all four of us.

Meena started some soft music and started dancing. She was looking damn hot while dancing in her attire with open hair. Pallavi, Yashi, and I were sitting on the couch in the hall. As the music started, I tried to play with both the MILFs sitting on the couch. But they were quite resistant to open up.

I understood that my attempt with these two ladies may not be successful. So, I started cheering Meena, who was dancing like a pro. Meena got excited, opened her loose shirt, and threw it upon me. She signaled me to join her on the dance floor.

My eyes sparkled up, seeing a hot MILF in front of me in bra and jeans. I, at once, joined her on the dance floor. She opened my shirt, and I tried to grab her in my arms. But she ran away teasing and shouted that’s getting her is not that easy. I took it as a challenge.

I ran after her, and while playing this game, we both ran in the bedroom, where I finally caught her. We both were standing on the bed with each other in each other’s arm, looking into each other’s eyes. I pulled Meena towards me, and my belly and her navel were rubbing each other.

Her boobs were tightly pressed with my chest, and we both were looking into each other’s eyes. The surrounding was filled with our body fragrances, soft music coming from the hall was adding seduction in the surrounding. The whole room environment was erotic.

I slowly moved my face towards Meena’s face and bit her earlobes. She gave a slow moan as if a sexual current has run from her nerves. I made her lied down in the bed and started smooching her neck and shoulder. Meanwhile, Pallavi and Yashi also joined us in the room. I can see that they are also getting charged up.

Without wasting a moment, I opened my pant. My 6 inches dick just bounced out, and seeing my tool, all the three ladies laughed. Meena attacked my dick like a hungry hyena and started giving me a passionate deep throat blow job. I was enjoying the blowjob.

I was looking towards the wall with my eyes closed. Suddenly I felt that someone is holding me from the back and caressing my chest. When I opened my eyes, I saw Pallavi was smooching me from my back. Yashi was sucking Meena’s boobs. They had also got ridden of their kurtis.

I hold Pallavi’s head and started a liplock in that position. We exchanged saliva and sucked each other’s tongue. The taste of her lipstick was really good. I cum inside Meena’s mouth. Then she gave a liplock kiss to Yashi by which she passed on some of my cum inside her mouth. They both drank it.

Pallavi got angry and said, “You bitches, you didn’t leave anything for me.” Meena said that the lovely cum drops have fallen in her boobs also and suck them if you want to enjoy the semen. It was a heavenly view to see three hottest MILFs you have ever encountered are fighting for your cum drops.

Meena lay down on the floor, and the other two ladies were sucking her boobs like babies. While Yashi was busy sucking Meena’s boobs, I slipped inside her thighs. I started sucking and pressing her boobs. I didn’t have any direct contact with her before.

For a while, she was surprised by my act. But within a matter of a few seconds, she started enjoying the act and said, “Oh boy, you are so good at sucking. I have never felt this pleasure before. It’s so satisfying. Wish you could teach my husband this trick.”

Meena replied, “Leave your impotent husband and marry this energetic boy,” and spanked her ass. The room burst into laughter. Both Pallavi and Yashi were sucking Meena’s boobs and, at the same time, fingering her inside her jeans.

Meena reached her climax as I can see the wetness around her G-spot from the jeans. She pushed both the ladies aside and stood up. As she pushed Yashi, she sat on my stomach. I started pressing her boobs lying down on the ground.

Pallavi also joined us. We started a liplock, and while having the liplock, Pallavi was also fingering Yashi inside her leggings. I was pressing one boob of Pallavi with my left hand and one boob of Yashi with my right. We three were very much engrossed and enjoying each other.

We forgot where Meena was. After watching our act for a few minutes, Meena said, “Attention, attention.” We all came back to our senses. We saw Meena standing in front of us, completely naked. Her clean-shaven pussy was blowing my mind away. I have never seen such a pinkish pussy in my life.


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