Ishita Went To Bring Ayesha’s Cousin, Aarav From The Airport

Ishita Went To Bring Ayesha’s Cousin, Aarav From The Airport

Hey, this is Rahul, with another story. This includes one of the girls of our 6 membered best friend circle. I highly recommend you read the previous story of mine to get to know about the characters that are going to be involved.

The main characters of this story are:

Ishita:- She is the heroine of the story and the only single (not in any relationship) girl. She had a cute face with a body to die for with her big tits always being eyed up by the boys’ lusty eyes. Her stats were 36-28-34, so you can imagine how sexy and hot she would be.

She was a virgin till now and just had few lesbian sessions with the other girls of our best friends circle. But now she wanted to have a nice long rod filling her holes.

Aarav:- He wasn’t in our circle but was a cousin of Ayesha. (read the previous story for more info). He had a nice built body and a good looking face with an 8-inch long dick. It could tear apart pussy’s for fun.

So let’s start the story.

Ishita, who had gone to her classes, had returned and heard some moaning sounds from her flat. So, she peeped from the window and saw her best friend and her flatmate Ayesha getting pounded hard by another of her best friend, Rohan. Hence, Ayesha’s amazing moaning sounds.

She was getting aroused by it. She wanted to join but decided not to disturb them and left from there. She went to Khushi’s flat and told her everything and said to her, “Do girls feel that good while getting fucked as their moans suggest?”

Khushi- You are a virgin, babe. That’s why you can’t feel the pleasure that we get while someone is banging us and pushing theirs dicks deep inside us. Rahul is amazing at this and makes me feel heaven.

Ishita- Ok. Now I really want to feel that pleasure. You are so lucky that you have my best friend, Rahul, as your boyfriend.

Khushi – Thanks babe, should I talk to him about satisfying you. He won’t deny fucking you as we all know about our mutual interest for all of us, 6 friends. It’s just that the ice needs to be broken.

Ishita – Yaa correctly said. I can feel there would be some occasions where the ice would be broken. We can turn best friends to ‘friends with benefits’. And yaa, I would like to get fucked by him. But I won’t be with him when I become a pro at this. So I would first find someone who could fuck my dear pussy.

After a few days, Ishita was alone at her flat in the evening as her flatmate Ayesha had to go to visit her aunt. Ishita was very feeling very horny that day. She quickly stripped and was seeing herself in the mirror.

While holding her boobs and looking at her pussy, she said, “I have a really nice and big pair of boobs that would attract anyone.” She started to rub her pussy, thinking that she was getting fucked by someone. She was about to reach the climax as her phone rang.

She picked up, and it was Ayesha. Ishita said to her, “You bitch, couldn’t you have waited for a couple of minutes? I was about to get relaxed.”

Ayesha said, “Sorry, babe, for disturbing, but I have urgent work for you. I won’t be able to come home today. So, could you please pick up my cousin Aarav from the airport? I have talked to him. Just take him to our flat and give him some food.”

Ishita said, “Ok, I will pick him, don’t worry. Bye,” and she hanged the call. She said to herself, “WTF, now I would have to make food for a stranger.”  After thinking for some time, she said to herself, “But wait. why don’t I enjoy with him and feed him my big melons?”

She started to dress up and wore a deep neckline black tight Dungri with no bra. It made her cleavage exposed, and her big boobs look juicier. Her skin fit jeans made her ass look like a real basketball. She had prepared herself as much as possible to seduce Aarav.

She started her car and reached the airport just in time. She met Aarav and hugged him tightly so that he could feel her big boobs. As they both were walking to the parking, she saw Aarav looking at her swinging ass, and his eyes were filled with lust.

She started driving and from the mirror saw him staring at her cleavage and melons. She was getting excited by now and just wanted to reach home and put his dick inside her. While she was shifting, the gear deliberately touched his thighs.

Meanwhile, Aarav was getting aroused. His cock had become really hard inside his pants. Ishita saw this and was naughtily biting her lips. Now they reached home and went inside the flat. They had some normal talks, but she noticed that Aarav was constantly staring at her boobs.

His dick was becoming harder by every passing second. She was deliberately bending down, again and again, to get his eyes in her deep valley between the huge mountains. She said to him, “Hey Aarav, what are you looking at? My eyes are here.”

Aarav – Nothing, nothing, just seeing something. I need to go to the washroom.

He went towards the washroom. Ishita smiled because she knew why he had gone there. So she followed him to the gate and heard moaning sounds from inside. “Oh, you, Ishita, suck my dick.” She knocked on the door, and Aarav came out without releasing his juices and leaving his dick erect.

Now Ishita asked him, “Oh boy, what were you doing inside? Trying to cum by seeing my image, which you quietly clicked?”

Aarav – No, it isn’t like what you are thinking.

Now she suddenly kissed him on his lips and grabbed his dick from outside his pants.

Ishita – Then why your dick is so hard and why you were lost in my deep valleys?

Aarav – See yourself. You are too sexy, and it would be insulting to your big boobs if not stared.

Now more vigorous kissing was happening between them.

Ishita – Then why don’t you praise them even more with squeezing them with your hands and sucking them. You will also get a complimentary gift to lick my pussy and then putting your big and thick dick inside it.

Aarav – Oh yes, I am waiting for that since the moment I saw you and your huge and round tits.

Ishita (unzipping his pants) – Naughty boy, I had already decided earlier to get you in my bed today. Nobody can see that deep valley without my consent.

Aarav (squeezing her boobs) – Oh, you fucking bitch, now go down and suck that dick of mine, which is on full attention.

Ishita undressed him, and here Aarav’s 8-inch thick cock sprang out. Ishita started to stroke it and suck his balls.

Ishita – You taste awesome, and your fat dick would just tear apart my virgin pussy.

Aarav- Oh yeah, you bitch, I would just make a mess of your pussy.

And soon, he came inside her mouth, and he cummed so much that Ishita’s mouth overflowed.

Aarav – Now stand up, I want to suck those big and pulpy melons.

Ishita stood up, and Aarav, like an animal, tore apart her dress. Ishita was completely nude now and her boobs hanging. Now he started to suck her boobs and was squeezing them. But they were so big that his hands couldn’t grab them completely.

Ishita – Oh yeah, Aarav suck those nipples, it feels so nice.

Then Aarav pushed Ishita on the bed and started to lick her pussy. Ishita started moaning with pleasure and was pushing Aarav’s face towards her pussy. With a jerk, she released her juices on his face and said, “Now I want that hard rod inside me. I can’t wait anymore.”

Aarav kept his cock, which was hard as iron on her pussy, and started to tease her. She said, “Come on, you bastard, put that in. I want that cock now.” As she was a virgin, Aarav had to make multiple attempts to break her hymen.

But after some tries, his cock entered her pussy completely, and they started to fuck in missionary position. Ishita was deeply in pleasure and was moaning loudly, “Aarav, it feels so nice, fuck me harder, fuck me faster.” He was kissing her and sucking her boobs occasionally.

Aarav had really started to thrust his cock with more pace and was about to cum. She said, “I am cumming. I want you to fill that pussy with your hot juices,” and they soon released their juices.

Aarav – Come on, you bitch, now blow that dick again and make it hard. I want you to ride me and make me feel heaven on earth.

Ishita – I would also love to ride you and feel your dick reaching deep inside me.

Now she went down and started to suck and stroke his dick and was playing with his balls. Now she sat over him and guided his thick and erect cock inside her pussy and started jumping over it. The sight of her boobs swinging with the motion was making Aarav hornier.

Aarav – Fuck me, you bitch. These boobs are amazing. Fuck me faster.

He grabbed them and was squeezing them as if they were lemons or oranges.

Ishita – Your dick is amazing and is scratching my pussy walls. I am in another world. Suck those boobs, Aarav.

Aarav- Faster. I am cumming, baby.

And he cum and Ishita increased her pace and soon released her juices, which bathed Aarav’s cock. Now they both were exhausted and fell on the bed, kissing each other.

Aarav – Won’t you appreciate my dick, which has given you immense pleasure? Slide it in your valley between the big mountains.

Ishita – Yeah why not, my huge melons would also get some feasting.

Now she stroked his dick and kept it between her boobs and started titfucking. He started to slide it by pushing her boobs towards each other. Aarav was moaning like hell as he was in deep pleasure. And soon, he jerked off and released his semen on her tits, of which some dropped on the bedsheet.

They now lay on the bed naked and completely exhausted and hungry. Suddenly the bell rang, and they were frightened that who is on the door. Has Ayesha come back?


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