Kerla Ki Train Me Chudai

i took the train to kerala on 3 DEC. by sleeper coach. the train left at right time 11.15 pm at night. In my 8 seater coupe we were only 3 including. me. The other 2 were mother 70yrs and son 35yrs. they were going to vellore for the woman’s check up. after half an hour the old lady went to sleep by taking a sleeping tablet as per her was cold and i was carrying only 1 cotton bed sheet to cover myself. i was shivering. the son,whose name was sasi saw me shivering and offered me his woollen blanket. since here was only 1 blanket we both used it sitting near each other. since i was not feeling sleepy i wanted to read a magagine. i saw 2 mags with sasi in bag and asked for it. he hesitated and said they were for men..i asked what u mean?, he said they were fantasy and debonair which he reads,.i said i also read them and if they are latest issue, give me one. he handed me te fantasy magazine i started reading and sasi also was reading debonaire
.after 10 Min’s i was feeling excitet and my cunt was getting wet reading the hot sexy fucking story. sasi was also excited and was fidgeting in his pyjama. i was wearing a wrapper and short shirt with front buttons. i excused to go to toilet and there i took off my bra and panty as per my practise .i purposely opened the top 2 buttons so my boobs will be visible from top. i came back and took my seat, sasi saw me and he was feeling hot as was visible from his looks and sat near me and put the blanket around us and doing so he crushed my boobs as if by accident. i said it does not matter as i felt good.and did not resiist , he took the hint and started holding my shoulder and brought me closer and kissed me on cheeks ..i closed my eyes and he caught my boobs and mashed them. i opened the remaining 3 buttons and he could squeeze my boobs directly as there was no bra… i put my hand on his knees and thighs and started rubbing his enlarged cock. he
then opened his pyjama and removed underwear.i was delighted to see his monster cock which was 8 inch and very thick. i could now handle his hot dangling cock directly.i started to massage the rod as he moaned, he put his hands on my thighs and his fingers went for my cunt and found it unhindered– no panty.he started fingering my cunt with 1 then 2 fingers vigorously.i was masturbating him all the while and after 10 Min’s there was a load of cum on my hands,. we both licked it off and then he snuggled with me and started sucking my boobs. my nipples were already errect and excited at his touch and lips. after playing for 10 Min’s. he was ready again and this time we took 69 position and sucked each other dry.thus ended our first nights train journey.after 69 with sasi and me we went to sleep on our berths. early morning at 5 am i felt a hand running over my body and touching my cunt. in my sleep i was getting wet in my cunt. on opening my
eyes i found sasi perched on top berth near me and he was touching my body.. after i woke up sasi told me he was feeling cold and so both of us used same woolen blanket and covered ourselves. in no time sasi was up to his tricks and was sucking my boobs from open blouse. i told him not to do so as i was getting wet and will require a fuck if he continues. he said what is stopping us? after my boobs he put his fingers in my already wet cunt and was at it for 5 Min’s. then he just adjusted himself over me and entered my cunt in one push–it was heaven. he continued to fuck hard for 10 Min’s and then he shot is load my cunt. i was feeling great to be woken up like this–with a fuck. my husband used to do thi at times after a 2xx movie.he continued sleeping near me and as space was less we were squeezed together… my boobs were pressed to his chest and he put his legs over my body and touched my inner thighs with his feet. exactly after 10 Min’s sasis
monster was up again. i wanted to be boob fucked and so sasi came over me and positioned his cock between my boobs and started to and fro motions. at times his cock came close to my mouth and i was licking it with my tongue.. after 5 Min’s he sprayed his cum all over my boobs and he started licking it and kissing me and thus passing his cum to my mouth.he then came to his berth and after 15 Min’s i came down and sat on same berth as his mother was sill sleeping .at noon after lunch his mother went to sleep as she was drowsy. sasi was near me an continued his antics. sometimes he was at my boobs. sometimes at my inner thighs and at times his finger was in my cunt. it was the best trip i had till now. at 2 pm most persons were asleep and sasi took me to the western toilet ad wanted to bum fuck. i said no , i have never had a ass fuck, but he could do doggy style in my cunt and so we had doggy style fuck in toilet. it was cramped and so after finishing
the fuck we came back to our seats we had one more night in train and sasi was getting excited like a little boy.after dinner his mother took her sleeping tablet and was in bed by 10 pm. sasi now decided that he would fuck me in bottom berth since we were alone there.. after some preliminary boob sucking and clit licking sasi started mouthing my clit and was sucking it into his mouth. the feeling was something unthinkable. i asked sasi about his marriage and sex life. he told me he got married 2 yrs back and fucks his wife –MINI- at least 2 or 3 times a day on most days. his appetite was increasing and he wanted sex all the time. his MINI was also over sexed and so there was no problem. i took his tel. no so we could have a 3 or 4 some if my hubby was interested.. the last night and early morning was a repetition of previous day/night. and next morning sasi got down at his station and i had another 10 hours to go to trichur. at trichur my mothers
estate manager mani had come to station alone.. once we again had to travel 2 hrs. to our village we decided to freshen up in hotel room near by and we could also have a quick fuck after2 years, our estate manager mani had come alone to station and we checked in hotel-PATHANS, -A DECENT HOTEL near round market in trichur.after after 42 hours in train and numerous fucking and suckings i was feeling tired and dirty.. so on entering room i went to toilet and then for a fresh shower. at shower i found mani waiting for me. after hugging and kissing me i started shower and mani started washing my back with warm water. within 5 Min’s i was feeling refreshed and sucked manis cock. it was already errect and standing. after 5 Min’s of sucking mani laid me on floor and started 69. he put his long tongue in my cunt and was lapping it like ice cream. within 10 Min’s i shot all my juice he licked it and i was all the while sucking his enlarged cock.he wanted to
shove it nto my cunt but i told him later at home .now let me suck u dry.after this we had some refreshment and packed and left to village where manis wife sheila was waiting with dinner and her hot cunt. she was a beauty and had lovely boobs and big asses. i was to enjoy her tonight with her husband.after reaching sheila kissed me on lips and put her tongue inside my mouth. i squeezed her boobs and her ass and started fingering her hot cunt.we had our dinner and prepared for bed. after the death of my mother last year we were free to do anything at any time. so all of us decided to sleep on the double bed. i was in middle and my both sweethearts on each side. first sheila undressed me and herself and started sucking my cunt and mashed my boobs. she came over me and lay down. my boobs were crushed by her boobs and my cunt below hers.mani was trying to touch both of us, sometimes my boobs ,sometimes sheilas and fingering my cunt and butt and
sometimes sheilas. mani separated us and put his cock in my pussy and started his fucking –in out –in out –it went on. sheila was mashing her boobs with her hands and also was sucking my boobs. after 15 Min’s. mani exploded n my cunt and sheila licked the overflow and manis cock.we then decided to fuck sheila with my vibrator and she was howling to make it faster and harder. we then decided to sleep so we could be fresh for morning in the private pond. this pond was in our estate and all of us had our bath there.we three reached there at 7 am after coffee. we were totally nude and started splashing in pond. the water was a bit cold but we were all the pond mani came from under water and started licking my cunt with his tongue and sheila was on my boobs .i was enjoying the attention by both and relaxed.after sometime mani clasped me in his embrace and entered my cunt standing. we started to and fro motion and sheila was at my butt trying to
finger me.this was a lovely fuck in water and 5 Min’s later mani exploded in my cunt and pressed me hard to his chest and my boobs were mashed by his chest.i then started sucking sheilas cunt and licked her dry. after bath we dressed and came home to prepare this fashion we had a good 2 days of all round fucking and on third day my husband was to go to trivandrum from Howrah via trichur.. he was to attend a conference at kovalam and had booked my ticket from also from trichur to was also my hubby’s birthday and i wanted to give a good present to my hubby. i talked with mani my plans and he agreed. on third day all three went to station and when train arrived we got into my hubby’s compartment and greeted each other. the stop was only 5 Min’s and as the train was leaving mani ans myself got down leaving sheila to accompany my hubby. i told hubby this was his birthday present . my hubby had 2 days to stay at kovalam resort with hot
sheila. i had packed some hot clothes for sheila to wear at kovalam and over mobile told my hubby to fuck sheila in kovalm nice and hard.mani and I had 2 days to ourselves and made the most of it.after 2 days mani and myself went to station to receive my hubby and sheila. they retuned and all came home. sheila said my hubby did not leave her alone and started his sexual approach in train itself. at kovalam sheila wore the bikini and went to beach and my hubby was at her side clasping her and when they reached room he ripped the bikini off and started fucking sheila at the doorway of room itself.thus my hubby had his kovalam sex and i had mine in village. after hubby returned we had 1 day together and were to leave back for kolkata.all 4 made the best of this and my hubby was with sheila and her cunt most of the time.

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