Lavanya’s First Experience With Her Hair Stylist As A Model

Lavanya’s First Experience With Her Hair Stylist As A Model

Hi guys, I’m Neha. This is my first story on XIS. I will be telling you about my best friend/model Lavanya and her hair stylist. I would love to hear

Lavanya has been my best friend since school days, and her life long dream was to become a model. She was 180cm tall with the dress and bust size 4 (US) and 34, respectively. She had thick long tresses that made every girl jealous.

After a few years, she got a call from a company saying they wish to do a photoshoot with her for their product. They wish to do the photoshoot that week as the crew, concept, and location of the photoshoot were all fixed.

She gladly accepted their offer. She was told that a fashion designer and a hairstylist would meet her that day. She was very excited and asked me to tag along.

Lavanya wanted to be in her best attire. She wore her black midi dress, showing exactly the right amount of cleavage. She also borrowed my black pair of lingerie for that evening. Later that evening, the fashion designer and hairstylist had come to Lavanya’s house in a black Polo.

The designer was a man in his late 40s who had a receding hairline. The stylist was young. Probably in his late 20s with a body that cannot be appreciated enough. There was definitely a lot of sexual tension between the stylist and Lavanya from the time he got out of his car.

After the initial introduction, the designer opened his dress book and showed us all the dresses. He suggested a few dresses. We finally decided to go with a burgundy-colored backless, laced-up pencil dress.

Now the hot stylist was up to have a look at Lavanya’s hair. The stylist went behind the Armchair where Lavanya was sitting and removed her claw clip to examine her hair. He ran his hand through her long tresses. He suggested that the layered cut is unarguably the most beautiful haircut for long hair.

You can play with the look and texture and still get to keep your length. It has been the go-to look for many celebs as it comes with a lot of perks too. It adds volume and texture to your hair and makes your long locks far from boring when you style it.

I could see the tension intensify as the stylist run his hands through her hair. Lavanya agreed to get a multi-layered haircut. The stylist opened the bag and pulled out his equipment for the haircut. He capped her and started to wet her hair.

At this moment the dress designer said that he has to prepare the dress by this weekend for the shoot and he had to leave. Lavanya took this as an opportunity to get rid of me. She asked me to drive the stylist back to his office. I offered to give the designer a ride.

The stylist was clearing the hair matted to her scalp. He sectioned her hair and slowly started chopping her hair into multiple layers. Took each section of her hair to 90 degrees and finely cut them with precision. Now that they were alone, the stylist went closer and closer with each cut.

Lavanya could barely sit on her chair as her panties were dripping, and she needed a change of panty. The stylist then stood in front of her to cut her bangs. As he was combing her hair to give her side-swept bangs, Lavanya pulled the stylist towards her gave him a peck on his lips.

The stylist then went closer and put his muscular arms around her neck to pull her in front and kissed her. He then quickly removed the cape from her. She pulled him to the bedroom as the living room was a mess with her hair everywhere.

His heart was pounding as Lavanya’s beautiful face came upon his own. They closed their eyes as his lips were destroying hers. She slowly started unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled it out. She laid her hands on his boxer, trying to find his penis.

As she found it and laid her hand on his rock-hard cock. He pushed the midi dress off her shoulder, and it slid right off Lavanya, exposing the black lingerie. He laid his hands on her tits while caressing her neck. He took her moderately wet hair and tying it into a bun as he was exploring her nape.

He exclaimed that she smelled really nice and push her on to the bed. He took off his Levi’s t-shirt and jumped right on her. He was kissing her passionately as he was trying to remove her black Forever 21 panty. He moved down her body, kissing it along the way.

As he reached her vagina, he held both her thighs and slowly started licking her clitoris. She cried out in pleasure and firmly held his thick black hair. He gently moved his fingers inside her wet dripping pussy as he was licking her clitoris.

She pulled him up by his hair and ripped his boxers off to get the first look of his amazing long thick penis. He guided her indecisive hand towards his penis. As she got a firm grip of his penis, she started gently stroking his long penis. As time passed, his fingers kept exploring this unseen grounds.

She was giving his penis hard strokes. She then spat on his cock and moved her head towards the head of his dick and wrapped her lips around his penis. She was sucking it like a school kid who sucks their candy. She was gently stroking his penis while sucking the dick head.

This went on for a while, and then he, losing his patience, flipped her around to a doggy style. He very well knew that rear entry leads to deeper penetration better G spot stimulation. As they were in position, we put his slid his dick into her vagina and started fucking her.

He unhooked her Forever 21 black bra and held her tits with both his hands. She moaned and cried out in pain and pleasure. After a few minutes of intense sex, he quickly pulled his dick out, flipped her, and came on her tits and face.

They knew I was gone for a while and will be back anytime soon. So they quickly cleaned up and got dressed. He helped her hook her bra and put the dress on her. He exclaimed that the dress she had selected will look great on her and is looking forward to seeing her in that dress.

They quickly went back to the living room. She sat in the armchair. He capped her, untied her bun, and sprayed some water again to cut her cotton candy hair into fine bangs. At this moment, I was back and entered the living room to see her still capped.

The stylist cut her bangs as it obscured her eyes like a sheepdog. Everyone was really quiet, and they both looked quite worried. He was done with the cut and blow-dry her hair and set it. She looked perfect. Her fair skin, finely cut hair with bangs, and her pretty dress would make any man horny and any woman jealous.

He then said he’s done and would meet her on the day of the shoot for styling. She checked herself out in the mirror and hugged him gently thanking him for the haircut. She left her hair free and was eagerly waiting for the weekend to meet him again and, of course, the photoshoot.

To be continued at the same time tomorrow!

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