‘Let’s do it’ – he said to the boss’s wife in this story

‘Let’s do it’ – he said to the boss’s wife in this story

“Let’s do it,” I thought.

I caught the fleshy but firm cuffs of Shelly ma’am’s legs and placed them on my shoulders, parting her legs. I kneeled on my knees between her two legs. Her thighs were raised and were parallel to my thighs. My dick was occasionally touching her vagina, full of untrimmed pubic hair.

I guessed about her unsatisfactory sex life with the boss and her self-restriction of searching for a sex partner outside the house. I picked up the packet of extra dotted condom lying beside the majlis and tore the top of the packet. I took out the condom and proceeded to put it.

I noticed a light reddish texture on her fair boobs that were caused by me squeezing them. I again teased her by rubbing my dick to her vagina and around it. She gave a frown followed by a mock sulk and turned her face away from me. She started looking at the portrait on the wall.

I positioned my dick after locating her clit amid the bush of public hair and putting my hands under her thighs. I gripped tightly and pushed my dick inside her clit. Unlikely my expectations, her pussy was still tight. I inserted my dick slowly inside her pussy.

While she enjoyed the dotted condom rubbing against the inner walls of her clit, I enjoyed the tightness. As my dick went inside inch by inch, she squirmed with pleasure. I pulled back my dick quickly without taking it out completely, and again pushing in slowly.

My dick slithered inside like a snake in a tight hole. Just as the top of my dick touched the deepest part of her vagina, I saw her closing her eyes in pleasure while letting out a loud moan. I stopped moving my dick and let it remain where it had reached.

Now there was a similar red texture on her thighs due to my tight grip. I straightened my legs and placed my hands on either side of the majlis beside her ribs. I pushed my dick a little more inside, bending and bringing the knees to her stomach.

Since she was taller than me, I couldn’t reach her lips. I took one of the nipples in my mouth and sucked. She wrapped her legs around my waist and tightened her clit, gripping my dick.

I started to repeatedly move my waist back and forth, with which my rod dived inside, kissed her spot, and came back. She tightened the grip of her legs around my waist. She used to lift her arse up as I pushed in to enable my serpent to reach the maximum depth.

She moaned loudly with every motion, and the duration of each of her moans grew longer. At times, she pressed her lower lips between her teeth. She lifted her lower body by resting her lower arms on the majlis and arched her back.

I belong to a well-established business family in West Bengal. Different parts of our business were handled by different members. After rounds of repeats in different classes, I finally passed my 12th class but with poor grades. So I didn’t get admission into any good college in Kolkata.

I pursued graduation through correspondence. My father wanted me to get involved in one of the businesses that were already established. However, I had different plans. Wanted to start my own travel company as I was myself a travel freak. But since no one was experienced, I decided to work and learn.

I discussed my plans with my father and decided to leave for Delhi after Durga Puja. I chose Delhi as my hub, as no one knew me there. I parked myself in a PG in CR Park. I started looking for jobs. I traveled around Delhi sightseeing the pace.

After a month of loitering, I found an advertisement for Personal Secretary of a man who also had a travel company. He needed an assistant who could get his stuff sorted. I posed as a fresh but confident 12th pass guy who was ‘Jack of all trades.’ I joined him in November.

I accompanied my boss to parties and meetings. When we would be late, I used to get the drivers released and drive the boss back as a good gesture. On a few occasions when he was drunk, I have dragged him to his home.

His wife, Shelly, was around 40 and an exact replica of Raveena Tandon in terms of figure and looks. His daughter was in Australia, studying business management.

The corona pandemic started, and my future plans were ruined. The PG mates had somehow rushed to their hometown, which was at a driving distance. The PG owner asked me to leave as he was closing the PG till the pandemic is over. I wasn’t going back to Kolkata.

To discuss the problem and work out a solution, I went to the boss’s house. He called me in. I saw Shelly Ma’am in great stress. Her cooks weren’t coming to work. I immediately volunteered to work as a cook, provided they g

ave me a place to stay. He agreed and offered me a bed and wooden cupboard in the servant’s room. He wasn’t aware of the family I belonged to. I thought of great stories of struggles and started staying in the servant room. The maid slept on the drawing-room divan.

I cooked, worked as a driver, a PA to the boss, and prepared drinks for him. My father was a Glenfiddich drinker. I made boss purchase Glenfiddich single malt and prepared the right drink he had started to love. I made Absolut vodka mojito for Shelly Ma’am too. I was getting closer to the family.

I learned tricks of the trade too. After the lockdown got over, Boss left for Bangalore to check up on his businesses there. I remained at their home and looked after Shelly Ma’am. I maintained a distance from her for obvious reasons.

In between, I had sex with the maid once or twice. She was good and, most importantly, clean. I had frequent video chats with the boss briefing him on Delhi businesses. He would stay in Bangalore for a month. Geeta, their maid, once approached Shelly and took off for a week to visit her hometown.

On one of the days, I drove Shelly ma’am to a Punjabi Bagh club for her friends’ birthday party. She came out of the club dead drunk. She was so drunk that I literally had to drag her with one of her arms around my neck. I unlocked the door with Shelly Ma’am hanging on my shoulders.

During that moment of dragging her till her bed, her soft but plump boobs rubbed against my ribs. I had a hard-on but stayed in control. I placed her on her bed, removed her sandals, and switched on the A/C. I kept the bedside lamp on. I looked at her face in the dining light.

Locks of hair fell loosely onion her face, and the stud on her nose has an occasional spark. Her boobs were going up and down along the rhythm of her breath. I left the master bedroom and went back to my servant quarter. I jacked off thinking about Shelly Ma’am.

Next evening Shelly Ma’am told me to get a Bacardi rum bottle, which she liked last night at the party. On that day, she left for a kitty party at her friend’s house. I had dropped her at her friend’s house and came back.

To surprise Shelly, ma’am, I decorated a portion of the study room with colorful light, my personal Bluetooth speaker, and the white rum bottle with a red ribbon around it. I created a playlist of her favorite songs. In the evening, I went back to pick Shelly, madam.

While returning, she asked me to stop at a restaurant and have dinner. I did so. She wasn’t drunk, although she had light drinks at the kitty party. She went inside her room while I went back to my servant’s room. I heard her calling me. I knew she was surprised.

I went inside the study room and saw her standing, surprised, looking at the decor. She was really spellbound. She asked me to start the music and make drinks. She asked me to join her. I asked her to change to casuals and get ready while I arranged for the drink session.

I went back to my room, got a shower. I collected the ice bucket, chips, nuts, glasses, coke etc and placed them on the trolley, and went to the study. The study had a round center table with a few comfortable chairs around it. The room also had a majlis (a mattress placed on the ground with cushions on it).

Shelly ma’am returned to the room. Now she was in flower printed cotton saree and blouse. We sat on opposite sides of the wooden center table with all the ingredients for a classic alcoholic night. I made our drinks. The first drinks were mojito with mint leaf and sprite. However, the rum was a little more than 30 ml.

Following which, another two pegs went down. I was a good listener. I heard her out about her college life, family. Just as she was about to speak on her failed affair with someone, I stopped her. I said, “Let’s not ruin the moment,” and switched on the Bluetooth speaker and played her playlist.

It started with ‘Last Christmas,’ followed by ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Careless whispers’ and went on. She stood up and came near me. She asked me to stand, holding me by my hand. I stood up. She pulled me to the empty portion of the room and started to dance. She swayed. I did not move.

She said, “Boss isn’t here. Come, let’s dance.”

I said, “You are still Shelly madam.”

She said, “Only when the boss and other people are around. Today, I am just Shelly, a friend.”

I said, “Well, then allow me to make make a special drink for a friend.”

I made a strong drink, 15 ml white rum, 15 ml dark rum. 10 ml water, 10 ml soda, and rest ice. She sipped the cocktail and danced. She came closer and swayed, rubbing her body to mine. While her back towards me, her ass rubbed against my already hard dick.

She turned around and, placing her hands on my shoulders, whispered, “It’s easy to control your heart while it’s listening to your brains. But the nunnu (her word for dick of average size) doesn’t listen to the brain and has a heart of its own.”

I knew that I was going to get my bonus today. But kept me in control, allowing her to make the moves. She was actually a couple of inches taller than me. She looked down into my eyes, guided both my hands, and placed them on either side of her waist. We swayed and danced together.

Now, she rubbed the front side of her body with my back. Her boobs brushed against my back. She slithered her hands over my chest from behind. She started unbuttoning my shirt one by one, after which she slithered her hands, feeling my bare chest and stomach.

She pulled out my shirt and threw it aside. She came in the front and scanned me with her eyes and my bare body holding me by my shoulders. She again lowered her face and planted a soft kiss on my lips. Even after the kiss, she kept her lips glued to mine, expecting a response.

I kissed her back, placing one hand on her waist and the other hand on her back. She sucked my lower lips and then the upper lips one after the other. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and wriggled my tongue around hers. Our tongues wrestled with each other.

Shelly madam wore a lipstick that had an amazing strawberry scent and flavor that enhanced my turn on. While we were passionately kissing, she let go of her saree pallu from her shoulder, and it fell loosely on the ground. While she took a shower, probably she had shampooed her hair.

The smell of shampoo was still there. She took one of my earlobe in her mouth and put her tongue in my ear hole, sending a streak of current through my body. While she took turns in sucking earlobes and my lips and earlobes again. Her hand worked freely and clutched my dick.

She felt the hardness and the size of it and whispered, “This isn’t a nunnu. That’s a boaboa (her term for bigger and thicker dick).” I loved the way she came up with her own terminology and talked dirty. Then she started going down, repeatedly kissing me from my neck, shoulders, and chest.

She licked and kissed my nipples and took each of them one by one between her teeth. Of course, without hurting. I did what was one of my favorite parts during foreplays. I slowly poured rum on my body while she licked and sucked the rum.

She took out her tongue and placed it below my nipple. The rum slowly flowed from my shoulder to my chest and reached my nipple. The rum dripped from my nipple on her tongue. We made eye contact, and she further went down. She pulled down my lower to my ankles.

My ‘boaboa’ was erect at a straight ninety degrees in front of her face. She took my ‘boaboa’ in her hand and measured it by encircling her fingers around it. She tightened the grip on my dick and started moving it back and forth. She took her other hand to my testicles and squeezed them in her palms.

She took a part of my boaboa in her mouth initially and then taking the whole of it inside. Just as the moment of pleasure was going on, I got a WhatsApp call from my boss. I signaled her to stop and showed her the cell. She did not leave and continued to suck. I placed myself on the chair and parted my legs.

She came in between my legs and continued sucking my ‘boaboa.’ By now, the call wasn’t ringing anymore. I called back and spoke to the boss. I used this opportunity to tell him that ma’am wasn’t well and had retired for the day. He didn’t call her anymore.

I made her sit down on the majlis. I removed my lower completely and threw it aside. She unbuttoned one of the blouse buttons and exposed more of her already visible deep cleavage. She invitingly forwarded her breasts towards me and said, “Come, eat my bubba.”

I pushed her down on the majlis and inclined myself beside her. Since I was at her place, I violently tore her blouse open. I wrapped my arms around her and unhooked her bra. I pulled it out, uncovering her milky white boobs. She had big but firm boobs. I took one in my palm and measured the size and weight.

Since she had a very fair complexion, her nipples were of light brown color. They were long, like red kidney beans. I took out the tip of my tongue and placed it on the top of a nipple. I circled the tip of my tongue around her nipple and then took it between my lips and occasionally between my teeth.

While I sucked one of her boobs, I squeezed and fondled the other. She played with my boaboa and ‘cheeku’ (her nomenclature of testicles). I pulled the string of her petticoat, which loosened the borders around her waist. I kissed her all over her body and reached her navel.

I poured a few drops of rum in her navel and licked it with my tongue. While kissing and licking her navel, I pulled down her petticoat, exposing the pussy. Shelly looked like an elegantly carved marble statue. Her untrimmed pubic hair looked like a patch of a dark cloud in a bright, clear sky.

If there wasn’t that patch of pubic hair, I would have sucked or licked the pussy. I stood up and walked to the servant’s room to get the packet of dotted condom. But since I couldn’t play with her pussy, I wanted to compensate both of us.

While returning, I got the bottle of chilled milk from the fridge. By the time I returned to the study room, Shelly had completely removed the saree and petticoat away and was lying naked. She sat upright after seeing the milk bottle. I made myself comfortable on the majlis.

I took a sip of milk and planted my lips on her. I transferred the milk from my mouth into her. A think stream of milk was flowing down her chin and dripped on her boobs. I licked it clean with my tongue. I stood up with my legs parted and knees slightly bent that lowered my body to the level of her face.

I asked her to stick her tongue out, which she obediently did. I placed my dick on her tongue and slowly poured milk on it. It flowed down to her throat. She liked this part of the foreplay. I pushed her back on the majlis and sat between her legs, kneeling.

After ten minutes of continuous thumping her tight vagina, I had to release. I lifted her legs again and rested them on my shoulders. I took out my dick briefly and repositioned it against her hole. My dick was at its hardest point. I held her thighs and pushed my dick inside by swiftly moving my lower body forward.

I started banging her and quickly accelerated my speed. I felt my juice cumming almost to the tip. Just at the moment, I realized that I had reached the depth of her love valley, I let my juices flow. I felt my juices filling the condom. I stopped my motion and waited till the flow of my juice was complete.

I took out the condom from my dick. My sperm was all over my dick. She crawled on her knees to the point where I was sitting. My boss’s wife licked my dick clean from my cum after I fucked her.

The maid returned after two days and the boss after a week. I took out time to trim her pubic hair and make the pussy look attractive.

In the next few episodes, I will mention Sexy Shelly. I will wait for your feedback at [email protected]

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