Lockdown adventure with neighbor Sayali – Lockdown Sex Story

Lockdown adventure with neighbor Sayali – Lockdown Sex Story

Hi guys, Alok here with another one of my experiences! Pardon me for the delay, but haven’t been getting much action in this lockdown.

So this is something that happened in the month of February. I had caught COVID-19, so I shifted to a 2 BHK flat I own, away from my family.

Those who don’t know me yet, I’m Alok, semi-dark skinned, tall with athletic body Maharashtrian-Gujju boy. I work out regularly.

So, coming back to the story, this flat that I’m talking about happened to be in a newly constructed building. So, only a few flats were actually occupied.

On my floor, only one other flat was occupied where a newly married couple lived. It was a typical gujju couple. Rich and ugly guy married to a hot woman.

Clearly, she was married for his riches. She was really hot, yet sad. Since we were the only ones living on the floor, I had become good friends with the couple, they seemed nice people.

But the wife- Sayali- was clearly seductive. Several times I had noticed her flirting with me in the absence of her husband, but I took it in a friendly way.

One time back last year, when I came to stay at my then newly bought flat while going down via the lift, it was me, Sayali and her husband.

Sayali was wearing a tight top and yoga pants. As the lift was a bit occupied then, Sayali was standing in front of me. Her husband was on the phone.

She moved back a little, and her tight ass touched my bulge. For some reason, I wasn’t wearing underwear then, just my shorts. As she approached, my erect bulge slightly got in her ass crack, she blushed. It was shameful. But she liked it. I got a hint of what kinda person she is.

Coming back to February of this year, I had isolated myself in this flat and was on my own. Sayali was also, by chance staying alone as her husband who went on a business trip had to stay there because of the lockdown.

I and Sayali both were COVID-19 positive, but were in very good condition, as we usually took care of our bodies via exercise. Naturally, every afternoon, I used to come out to the common area and talk to her. She would flirt with me and I would flirt back but in a friendly manner.

For fitness reasons, I follow a strict diet but go all out on cheat days. However, due to isolation, I couldn’t do it this time. Once Sayali realized this, she called me over for lunch, to which, I agreed.

She is a goddess! As I entered her hall, Sayali was wearing a very loose gown, which had buttons till the waist. It was a silk gown, red in color.

I could clearly see the outline of her boobs. “Control!” I said to myself. Sayali was married, so I wouldn’t want to do that to her. As Sayali turned and went to the kitchen, I could clearly see her gown stuck in her ass-crack. She clearly wasn’t wearing underwear.

Now, I don’t want to ruin someone’s marriage, but flirting was fine I guess. I ran back to my apartment, and changed my pants to my very loose pyjamas, with no underwear.

Then I walked directly to her kitchen. She smiled at me while heating the food. I had a hard-on by now. I asked her for water, but she told me to take it from the filter beside her as she was cooking.

I now took a glass, and as I went near the filter, I purposely brushed my dick on both her ass cheeks. I could see her blushing.

To be honest, I was dead scared, thinking if I had done a huge mistake. But she burst into laughter. I asked what happened? She said, “Nothing.”

As I took the glass of water and stood there with the bulge, Sayali moved back swiftly. My bulge almost entered her ass crack.

This time, however, she paused there, unlike in the elevator. She paused for about 3 seconds. I didn’t know what to do. She then apologized and went to arrange the table for lunch.

I was ashamed and so was she. We had lunch in silence. Later, she closed the curtains and put on a movie. I had become really horny for her by now.

I told her I was feeling hot, so I’ll change my clothes and come back. I went back home and put on my cotton boxers and came back.

I wanted her to see my bulge but was unsure how. I skillfully made a plan. Curtains were behind the sofa she was sitting on, so I went to close the curtains as little light was still coming in.

I put one leg beside her and went to grab the curtains. I could see my bulge was almost near her face. Sayali was horny by now as well.

I felt it was wrong, but wanted to do this anyway. Sayali pushed her lips on my bulge. Damn! It was hot, but I looked at her. She felt ashamed and apologized.

I then went and sat beside her. Halfway through the movie, I had become uncontrollable. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me.

“Alok!” she whispered while kissing me back as I was kissing her. I took one of her tiny hands and put it right inside my boxers.

She finally held my black cock. Her tiny hand held it firmly. She kept holding my dick while kissing me, and removed my shorts with the other.

Now I was only in my t-shirt, and she was in her gown. She was clearly a possessive woman, who liked being the boss, but I was not gonna let that happen.

I made her sit on my lap, to which she resisted. I opened her gown, she resisted hard. So I caught both her hands with my one hand at her back, and removed her gown, and slid her slip with the other.

Not completely, just up to the nipples. Although she was resisting as she wanted to be in control, I started licking around her pink nipple and kissed her under-boob.

I let her hands go. She kept looking in awe. I knew exactly what I was doing. I kept licking around her boobs, and both the nipples.

She became frustrated, and slapped me hard and took my lips on her nipples, and pressed it. I resisted, but she pressed my head hard on her boob.

I gave in and completely licked her nipples, slowly around at first, bit her at the tip, pulled it with my teeth to which she moaned, as her nipple got even pinker and warmer.

Then I gathered some saliva and started licking and sucking like a baby. I sucked her left boob for a while, after which she pushed away my head.

I thought she had, had enough, but she slipped out her right boob, and gently placed my lips there. I kept sucking her like a baby for a long period of time.

As I put my hand on her breast while sucking, she pushed it away and insisted on seeing me suck her boobs. I agreed. She continuously played with my hair while I was sucking her boobs.

After an hour of sucking, she asked me to go back, as she didn’t feel right cheating on her husband. I agreed. However, as she went to open the door for me, I could see it in her eyes that she wanted more.

So I grabbed her waist and started kissing her vigorously. She kissed me back. I put her on the ground and slid her gown up in one swoop.

She resisted at first but started begging for it later. I held her hands tight as I put my hard dick inside her vagina. It was so warm and dripping!

We didn’t have to use lube at all. “Aah!” she said as I began fucking her. I held her hands tight and started fucking her mercilessly.

After about 15 minutes, she pushed me. I thought she was done, but she sat on my dick and began fucking me. This went on for 10-15 minutes more after which I had to cum.

She said she had a contraceptive, so I came inside her. We both moaned and lied on the floor naked for some time. It was amazing.

For the next few days, we would regularly fuck. It was amazing. To raise the risk factor, we would even fuck in the common area sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed my experience. Do let me know your thoughts on [email protected]

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