Lockdown Leads To Love Games – Indian Sex Stories

Lockdown Leads To Love Games – Indian Sex Stories

Hi friends, this is Raj again, with yet another real-life experience. This lockdown led me to love games with a sexy lady. First of all, thank you for your feedback and appreciation for my previous stories.

A brief introduction about me, this is Raj, 36 years working in Bangalore, and I am a health care professional. I am basically from Tamil Nadu and staying alone in Bangalore for the last 5 years. So, for the last 5 years, I have got some good opportunities to have great fun with chicks and even a few couples.

Without wasting much time, let us get into the recent experience which I got during the lockdown. This story will be slow-paced as its real-life experience. As you all aware, due to the corona outbreak, the entire country is under lockdown for the last two months.

Fortunately, before lockdown, I reached my family in my hometown on 23rd March, and the lockdown was announced 24th onwards. We are staying in that house for many years. A Christian family is living next to us. There was a girl named Sherlin. We were neighbors for quite sometimes.

During college days, I had a crush on her, and I could guess she also had some crush on me. We used to stare at each other whenever we had a chance, especially when we used to roam on the terrace of our homes. We hardly interacted with each other as they are from the orthodox family background.

However, our family has a good relationship, and both of our mothers are good friends. After college, she got married and moved to Hyderabad. This lockdown brought her also hometown. She came along with her two kids as her husband got stuck abroad when he went for some official trip.

About Sherlin, she is around 5.5 ft tall and well-built body with 34 B size boobs and 36 size butt. Initial few days, there were not many interactions between us. Still, as both our kids started playing together, she started coming to our home often. So, we were started interacting with casual stuff and shared our numbers.

Few days, it was like normal good morning good night kind of exchanges. One day, she was not well. So she requested if I can help to get some medicines. No one at her home can go and buy. We slowly became friends and started sharing personal stuff.

Every day, I used to go for a walk in the evening, and she also started coming with me. We were talking more than just walking. After a few days, we started walking on her terrace. I used to just jump into her terrace as we share a common wall.

She used to bring snacks for me, and we were like sharing all the kinds of stuff. One day, as we were walking, suddenly rain started. So, we decided to get into the small storeroom, which was on their terrace. As it’s a small place, we were standing very close to each other, and both of our bodies were touching.

Since, the rain becoming heavy, we closed the door and sat on the floor. Her closeness and climate made my boner hard. As I was in my shorts, it was very much visible outside, and she could see the bulge. She was blushing but didn’t say anything. We were talking about some casual stuff.

I took the courage to hold her hand, and she didn’t resist. I moved ahead and planted a kiss on her hand, for which she smiled. I took it as a positive signal, kissed on her forehead, and she also gave me a kiss on my cheeks. I started kissing on her lips. We were kissing like no tomorrow and exchanging saliva.

We were kissing desperately for more than 5 minutes and parted. There was a deep silence for some time as both of us were thinking, what are we doing? Is it right?

Suddenly she jumped on me and started kissing all across my face. I was holding her tight. She pulled my t-shirt, and I pulled her top, and she was in nice pink bra with milky boobs. Just by seeing, I got fully aroused and kissed her neck and she was moaning loudly.

I unhooked her bra and released those white melons. It was a great view to see the big brown areola with black nipples fully erected. I made her stand, pulled her pant down, and made her lay on the floor. I spread myself on her and sucking her right nipple and playing with her left boobs.

My other hand was on her pussy, and it was so wet. He pushed me and pulled my shorts down and took my cock into her hand. She gave mild shakes to start with and increased the speed. Then he went down and kissed on the tip and took it into her mouth. She started slow suck and gave deep throat suck.

Guys, believe me, I have got blowjobs from many girls, and Sherlin was the best. I was about to cum, so I moved her away. I went down and kissed her pussy. It was with mild hairs, so I could see the view clearly. I kissed and was eating her pussy.

She got multiple orgasms. She was pushing my head towards her pussy. As I didn’t have a condom, I asked her, are you ok. She said she doesn’t mind. Then we moved to the doggy style. It was an amazing view to see her butt and fuck her. I kept spanking her butt and fucking her hard.

I was playing with her boobs and fucked her in the doggy style for some time. Then I made her sit on me. She was grinding like a pro, and I was playing hard with her boobies. Then finally, we moved to a missionary position, and I leaked inside her. We were hugging naked for 10 more minutes and dressed up.

After that day, it became a kind of everyday affair between us, and it’s going on till today. I came to know she also had a crush on me, and because of her family reasons, she didn’t move ahead.


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