Lonely married Tamil neighbour seduced and fucked – Hot story

Lonely married Tamil neighbour seduced and fucked – Hot story

Hi readers, I am Ajith (name changed), 25 years old from Bangalore. I work with a big MNC company in Bangalore and have a resident of Bangalore since my childhood. This is my story of sexual fun with my married Tamil neighbour whom I have known for many years now.

The mistress of the story is Sasikala (name changed), 35 years old with 2 kids. Unlike other stories, my married neighbour doesn’t have a figure of a goddess. She has a pretty average body with a decent figure.

We both have known each other for over 12 years now and I had never had any intentions towards her until I turned 24. Rather than narrating a story with more unrealistic content, I would live to narrate my story in the way it actually happened.

This incident happened when I was 24 years old. The weekends were usually off for me. My parents work on Saturdays too. So I naturally got one full day of the house for me alone.

My bedroom’s window was exactly in front of my neighbor’s main door which gave me a clear view of her hall. My married neighbour’s husband worked in a manufacturing company which kept him occupied even on weekends.

As usual, on one Saturday, I was in my bedroom with the windows opened but covered by the curtains. I heard the voice of my neighbor aunt talking on the phone with someone.

When I moved my curtains, I saw my aunt facing opposite with her back facing me. I was watching porn when all these happened and seeing my neighbour’s ass at that point aroused me.

I started masturbating looking at her back. Since then, I always looked for an opportunity to have a glance at her assets. One Saturday, I gathered courage and thought of making some move so that she can at least understand my intentions.

I went to her home to get some curd and started talking with her on some random topic. I was staring at her breasts whenever possible which she had noticed a few times but did not react.

I slowly started to change my topic to her husband by asking, “is uncle out of town? I haven’t seen him in a while now.” To which she said he went to Pune for work and will be back in 3-4 days.

Then I started asking her how does she manage everything alone. She got a little sad and started crying. She slowly started talking about how difficult it was for her to handle everything as her husband was always out and never spent time with her.

As my married neighbour was crying, I wanted to console her. So I held her hands and started consoling her. I slowly started making moves by touching her thighs and back as an intention to console her. All these aroused me giving me a boner which was clearly visible since I wasn’t wearing any underpants but just my boxers.

She saw my boner and gave me a look which got me all shivering! For once I thought she was gonna get angry and shout but she didn’t, which gave a little confidence to make my next move.

With some courage, I started asking her about her sex life with lots of hesitations and expecting a lash out from her. But, to my luck, my neighbour started talking about her sex life and how her husband hadn’t had sex with her for quite some time.

Then I started making my moves by telling how her husband was a fool to miss out on such a beautiful wife to which she gave me a smirky-look.

Then she started asking me about my sexual life to which I replied I have had sex once with my ex-girlfriend and have not had sex since and it has been some time now. She said, “You might get a chance sooner if you wish too.”

That triggered me and straight away, I went and kissed her. She didn’t hesitate even a bit.

We kissed for almost 5 minutes and then we moved to the bedroom. We started kissing again and I pressed her ass and boobs throughout the kissing session. As I started kissing her neck, she started moaning which made me go wild.

I then removed her nighty and there she was, my goddess – half naked with only a pantie on.

Boobs are my biggest weakness. My married neighbour’s boobs were saggy but so soft. I started playing with her boobs, pressing and sucking her nipples. Her moaning started to increase.

Then I slowly moved down to her vaginal area after kissing her belly. I removed her pantie and now she was completely naked in front of me. Her hairy pussy was driving me crazy. I asked her if her husband had ever gone down?

She replied, never and I told her, “I’ll show you how it’s done” and started eating her pussy. With the juices flowing, she was on cloud nine and was pressing my head into her pussy. After 15 minutes of eating her pussy, I went onto kiss her.

Then she made me lie down on the bed and removed my boxer. For the first time, I was completely naked in front of my neighbor and my 6-inch dick was pointing up straight. Without saying anything, she took my dick in her mouth and gave a nice blow job for 10 minutes after which I climaxed and came on her boobs.

We then started to suck each other in 69 position for 5 minutes. Then I inserted my tool inside her pussy, her pussy was warm and full of juices. I started fucking her slowly in cowboy position and she started moaning heavily. I locked her lips to not let her moan heavily.

Then we fucked in different positions for almost 25 minutes and then came insider her pussy itself. We slept in the bed for some time and I left. While leaving, she said she was happy that this happened and said that she was looking forward to another session. We continued to have sex on every Saturdays regularly even now.

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