Lonely married woman fucked well by neighbor – Pune sex story

Lonely married woman fucked well by neighbor – Pune sex story

I am Rohan, an intelligent graduate from a renowned university. I had come to Pune for a job. As I was lonely staying here, I started reading sex stories on this site and even publishing a few of mine.

I am 5’7″ tall, a fair and handsome guy, with brown, silky long hair and a warm, cuddly body that women love to hug. Now, let’s get back to my story.

The weather in Pune was very cold and windy. I love to cycle and go for evening jogs. As I was cycling in a nearby area, I saw a young attractive lady coming out of the jogger’s park here. I was mesmerized by her looks and almost lost my balance. She noticed this while crossing the road.

I controlled my balance and stopped just before her and prevented the clash. Even she noticed me, gave me a smile, and accepted my genuine apology.

Her name was Tanya (name changed). I told her that my cycle had slipped because of the wet roads.

She sarcastically replied, “Oh really?” It was an awkward few seconds. Then I replied, “Not really. It’s not often that I see such a beautiful woman in a jogger’s park.”

We laughed it off and started a conversation. I told her that I daily come to the jogger’s park at 6:30 in the evening which was just after her time. She stayed nearby. We became friends. I didn’t have many bad intentions but the lust within me had other plans.

We started seeing each other daily. One day, she invited me to coffee at her place. It was a very well-decorated olden antique-styled house. I appreciated her home and we started casually discussing. She was looking gorgeous. She was fair, moderately tall, having a fit body and sexy curves at the right places with a 36-30-34 figure. I was turned on.

We started chatting and got to know each other well. I asked her about her husband and kids. Her husband was a businessman and visited her once a week. Her kids were busy the whole day with school and classes.

She was feeling very lonely. I assured her that not anymore and that she now had a friend for anything she needed as I stayed nearby. My married neighbour was pleased.

On my next visit, she invited me for lunch followed by a movie on a lazy weekend.

She was wearing a tight dress with a very visible cleavage. I appreciated her looks and her cooking. During the movie, she got us wine and after a few glasses, we were partially high. She started crying during an emotional scene in the movie. She complained about her husband’s inability to satisfy her.

I quickly held her in my arms and hugged her tight. She was relieved. I assured her that I was there for whatever she needed.

We then watched the movie. My married neighbour was holding me tight and during a kissing scene in the movie, I got a hard-on. It was clearly visible in my track pants. She noticed it too and purposely started touching it by making it look like an accident! She was pressing her big boobs against my arm which was making me restless.

After a long time of teasing, I directly told her, “I like you, and I am immensely attracted by you.”

She gave me a blushing smile and reciprocated the feelings. We gazed into each other’s eyes and kissed. Then the lust took over, and we kept kissing and smooching passionately.

I was gentle at first. I sucked her lips as my hands explored her smooth hot body. My married neighbour was lost exploring my body. In fact, we both got lost at the moment.

Then I started sucking my neighbour’s wife’s tongue as my hands gently unknotted her dress from behind. She started shivering and leaned onto me from above.

I could see this married woman’s big jugs bouncing and her revealing cleavage turned me on. 9I’m a crazy boobs-lover.)

I pressed her ass and she gave a slight moan. Then I kissed her neck and blew warm air on her neck and moved to her ears. I whispered dirty things in her ears and she was turned on like crazy.

I licked her ears and continued licking her neck. Blowing air, I went down on her neck to her chest. I kept kissing and blowing, and she started shivering with pleasure.

(Dear readers, sex isn’t just about the penis in a hole. It’s a divinely sensual experience that has to be experienced with each part of the body. I love to make my women happy by making love to each body part.)

Then I went back to kissing my married neighbour’s lips as my hands gently started to fondle her breasts. She started moaning.

I started playing then pressing her breasts with both my hands. Her age must be between 35-38 years, but her body was so perfect and firm with big round breasts.

Suddenly, it started raining outside which made this moment very special. Her hands went inside my t-shirt and mine inside her dress.

After 25 minutes of non-stop passionate smooching, the power went off. We had another glass of wine and shifted to the bedroom. Fortunately, I had carried a condom in my wallet. It was my first time and I wasn’t even realizing that it was already happening.

We got on the bedside by side and resumed our make-out. I pressed my sexy neighbour’s boobs hard. She took off my t-shirt. She loved my slightly hairy chest.

I undressed her and oh boy! She was a sex goddess.

She was wearing a red lace bra and panty. Her breasts were heavenly. We again got lost within each other as she took off my pants. She was playing with my tool. She loved my hard penis, after all, it was after long that she got to hold it.

I went down on her while kissing. I unhooked her bra in one attempt. Then I took her on top of me as I took off her bra. I got hypnotized by my married neighbour’s breasts. I started pressing them, kissing them, sucking them one after the other. She started moaning loudly.

I spent a long time sucking her breasts. They were perfect, round and big with pink erect nipples. It was cute, sexy, and arousing.

I poured chocolate syrup on them and sucked, and then licked them clean. She was shouting, “Oh baby,” and begging me to fuck her.

But not yet! Then after half an hour of breast-teasing, I took her down and started kissing her flat tummy and navel. She started shivering.

Then, kissing her, I went down to her toes and sucked her toes. Sucking the toes makes some women very horny. I came up kissing the calves, thighs, and inner thighs. I could smell the aroma of her pussy fluids.

I took off her panty, and man, married Indian neighbour had such a well-kept unused pink pussy clean shaved. I kissed her inner thighs and started kissing her pussy lips. She was dripping wet. I blew warm air on it, and she was moaning loudly.

She spread her legs and was pressing my head deep into her pussy. I played with my tongue. I circled on her G-Spot with my tongue and hit it straight repeatedly.

I poured wine on her pussy and drank it. She was driven crazy. Then I inserted my fingers in her hole and she went to heaven. After repeatedly making her pussy throb with my fingers and tongue play, she shouted out aloud.

Then she had an orgasm and cummed so much! I drank all her fluids. It was very tasty. She wanted to taste her cum, so we kissed and exchanged her cum. Her moaning turned me on so much.

We lay there for a few minutes, and then it was her turn. She went down on me and was kissing my body, my chest, and sucking my nipples. Wow! That made me really hard.

My horny married neighbour whispered dirty stuff in my ears and that made me harder. Then she set free my penis. She was amazed at seeing my 7-inches penis. As it was lightening and thundering outside, she saw my thick cock with veins on it.

She went crazy. She stimulated the soft, sensitive tip of my penis with her tongue. Then she sucked my balls and gave me a gentle bite. After that, she gave me a sexy marvelous blowjob.

The married woman sucked me like a lollipop. I went crazy and soon, came on her face. She drank it immediately and we exchanged it in a passionate kissing session.

After a short break, I went missionary on her. Our warm, hot bodies were wrapped around each other. I put on a condom (safety first) and entered inside her. My married neighbour’s pussy was tight and unused. She shouted at first and then relaxed in pleasure. She wrapped herself around me. Her legs were wrapped and locked behind my ass.

I started stroking her slowly. She was feeling out of this world. I increased the speed and then slowed down, then faster and slower. At this time, my married neighbour begged me to fuck her harder. So, I went faster and faster. I was pulling out all of a sudden and re-entering inside her. She moaned loudly and crazily.

Even I started shivering. My breathing and moaning became heavy which drove her nuts. I went harder and harder, and faster and faster for quite some time.

Then we both cummed together. It was a crazy session. She was on the verge of fainting after such a satisfaction. I gave her water and cleaned ourselves.

Then after a cuddly nap, she came and sat over me. I went all in deep within her. She started riding me like a pro. She was moving her ass in a circular motion, then, up and down she went.

My married neighbour could feel my warm, big cock inside her and felt complete. I placed my hands on her big, bouncing breasts as she rode me like a horny bitch.

We both were moaning hard. Usually, the second and third rounds last longer for guys. I spanked her ass in the meanwhile. Faster and faster she went and we both came again. Exhausted, we lay in bed hugging each other.

Then we bathed each other and had another amazing soap massage session which I’ll tell you in my next story.

We also did doggy style. She said it was the best sex she ever had and wanted to see me again and continue our affair. To this date, our affair is secret and consummated on a daily basis.

She was finally happy. Even I was very happy to satisfy her.


Any girls and women who want to explore and experience new things, and try out kinky stuff or have role-play games, have a friends-with-benefits relationship, and want to bring spice in their lives, feel free to mail me at [email protected]

Confidentiality of your identity is guaranteed. I’d love to give you a memorable time to remember.

I hope you like my story. I will be happy to receive your feedback.

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