Losing My Virginity To A Hot Invigilator – Indian Sex Stories

Losing My Virginity To A Hot Invigilator – Indian Sex Stories

So, friends, I had an entrance exam, and as usual, I didn’t prepare for it. I entered the hall after registration and was received by a very hot and gorgeous invigilator.

The exam was computer-based, so that lady guided me towards my system. She was wearing a salwar kameez, which was sleeveless. It even had a deep cleavage from which anyone can have a nice look at her big boobs.

She was a newly married lady in her 30s. She had a perfect curvy figure with big boobs of 36 size. She had long hairs, which she had tied in a ponytail. It revealed her sexy neck by looking at which anyone could get hard. Also, friends, I’m a 21 years old boy from Chandigarh with a hometown in Jammu.

She had such an arousing fragrance that my dick got hard. I was trying to smell her by standing near her. She guided me to my system, and then I sat on the seat. She immediately bent to help me in doing login into the computer screen. She was so close to me that I can easily see her big boobs from her cleavage.

I was continuously staring at her boobs. She was wearing a light red colored bra, and her bra strap even came out of her sleeveless kameez. Her arousing fragrance, her sexy neck from which her long hairs were tied in a ponytail, and her big boobs gave a very hard boner in my pant.

She even noticed that my dick got hard as I had a very hard boner in my pant. After looking at boner, she also started to tease me. While bending, she just raised her arms and started to fix her hair. I had a clear view of her armpits, and it was near my mouth.

The fragrance of her armpits was even more arousing, and I wanted to lick it very badly. Then she even adjusted her bra strap in front of me. After she was done setting up my initials in the computer system, she said that I can ask her if I want anything. But we both know what we want exactly from each other.

Then she left, but after a few minutes, she came and started roaming near my row. I could continuously see her and even smell her arousing fragrance. I was busy watching her only, and she was busy teasing me. Then after a few minutes, I called her and asked for water.

She said water will come after some time and gave me a naughty smile. I came to know that she, too, was interested in me by this signal of her. Then after she came with a water bottle and asked me if I need anything else. I asked her what she can give to me except water.

She said now only water is available. Maybe after the exam, she could give me juice or milk. And this was a green signal to me, and my dick had a big mountain in my pant.

Then the exam was about to finish. She came to me and said atleast now concentrate on the exam, and winked at me. She wrote her mobile number on the rough sheet and told me to call her 1 hour after the exam. She again showed me her boobs by bending near me.

I told her quietly that she is really so hot. She smiled and touched my boner and said, “Ya, it clearly shows how hot I am.”

When the exam finished, I left the center. And exactly after 1 hour, I called her. She told me that tomorrow she will be free and alone at her home in the afternoon. So I can go to her home. She messaged me with her address. It was a dream come true for me.

I will be fucking a mature lady, which always has been a fantasy for me. So the day came, I went to her house at 12 pm in the afternoon. I called her when I reached her home. She came out, and my dream lady was standing in front of me. She had just taken a bath and was wearing a nighty.

I got so much horny looking at her. We both went inside her home. Then she introduced herself. She told me that her name is Shalima and she is 31 years old and married 1 year back. She and her husband live here, and they have no child. She then asked me why I was so much interested in her.

I was continuously staring at her during the exam. I told her that I always got attracted to mature ladies more. She was even more gorgeous. I told her that her big boobs, her fragrance, her sexy neck, her hairs, her sexy armpits all these aroused me so much.

She even told me that she too gets attracted to young boys. Then immediately, I hugged her, and we were hugging very tightly. I started kissing her neck, and then I licked her neck. Her hairs were still wet. I loved the aroma of the neck. I took her earlobes in my mouth and started licking it too. She was also kissing my neck, and I was moving my hands at her back.

Then I put my lips on her lips and started kissing each other. We had a passionate smooch for about 15 minutes. We had a tongue fight too, and I was sucking her lips passionately. It was my first kiss with anyone, and I really loved it. She was so sweet, and we both were enjoying it.

Then I grabbed her boobs from above nighty and started squeezing them. They were really so soft, and I wanted to suck them. I removed her nighty. She was now only in her bra and panty. I again grabbed her from the back and held her boobs. I started licking her neck from behind.

I then started kissing her shoulders. I raised her arm and kissed her armpit. Then I started licking her armpit. Her armpit was full of juices. I loved the aroma of her armpit and sucked both her armpits for about 15 minutes. Then I opened the hook of her bra and removed the bra.

Those huge boobs were now hanging in front of me. I grabbed them and started sucking the right boob and was squeezing the left one. Her nipples were dark brown and were very hard. I even bite her nipple. Then I started sucking her left boobs. She started moaning.

Her moaning made me wilder. I started sucking her boobs very badly and licking her upper body. Then I went to her belly, I kissed her navel and then started licking it too. I inserted my tongue in her navel. Then again, I hugged her tightly, and once again, I started a smooch.

I was exploring her body madly and licking it as much as I could. Then I removed her panty. Her juicy pussy was in front of me now. Her pussy lad little hairs. I couldn’t wait more and started licking it. She was moaning continuously. She held my head and forced it near her pussy.

I started to lick her pussy madly. I inserted my tongue inside her. Her pussy was full of juices and had such an arousing aroma. I took all her love juices in my mouth. Then I opened my pant and allowed my dick to come out. She grabbed my dick and started sucking it madly.

She gave me a nice blowjob, and I cum in her mouth. And then again, we hugged each other and started a tongue fight by doing a wild smooch. Then I asked her if she is ready to get fucked by me. She said yes and that she was waiting for this only from yesterday.

I took the condom from my pocket. But she said she wants to get fucked without a condom. It gives her more pleasure. I said, okay. She told me that she can take pills, and I should not be worried about anything. Then I took my dick and pushed it inside her pussy. She gave a loud moan.

Then I slowly started to fuck her. She was moaning badly. By listening to this, I got wilder and started fucking her badly. She even cum again, but I didn’t cum. I was continued fucking her hard. Then I told her that I am about to cum. She said, “Please cum in my pussy.” Then I cummed inside her pussy.

Then we both lay down on the bed, hugging each other and kissing. I told her that today I lost my virginity to her. She was shocked to know tha. Since I fucked her very nicely, she thought I was experienced. She told me that it was the best sex of her lifetime.

Then again, after a few minutes, we both got horny, and again I fucked her. I licked her whole body, sucked her boobs, licked her armpits. I fucked her 4 times that day.

Then we both took a shower together, and I used her towel. After that, we got dressed. Then again, I started kissing her, and we did smooch for 15 minutes.

She told me that next week, her husband is going out of town for 5 days. That time, I can stay with her and fuck her the whole day and night.  I hugged her and said that I will definitely come.



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  3. yea yea yea i am still fucking malaika hard fuck beti malaika ki chodai ka lutf lay raha hoon main malaika rand ko chode raha hoon main.sub say sham tak or sham say subha tak chodai karoon ga.

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