Losing My Virginity To My Slutty Maid – Indian Sex Stories

Losing My Virginity To My Slutty Maid – Indian Sex Stories

Hello everyone, you can call me Kabir. I am a 27-year-old guy from a very respected upper-middle-class family in Delhi. I am an average looking guy, not tall, not muscular either. I am blessed with a 7 inch dick, which is quite thick as well. I am very sensitive and understanding by nature.

But in bed, I become a different animal altogether. I have a very high sex drive, and it makes me do things that are extremely sexual and sometimes mildly unethical. By now, I have almost fulfilled all my fantasies and experienced numerous kinks.

A lot of my stories, I have kept a secret in fear of being judged by society. Also, I don’t want to cause any damage to the reputation of those I have slept with. However, I am now open to sharing those stories here, with the name of the participants changed.

My first story here is about losing my virginity. This story is my darkest secret. It is about where my journey began. I have never told this to anyone because I am embarrassed about being judged. This is the story about my maidservant Kajal (name changed) and I losing our virginity to each other.

Kajal was our full-time maid, meaning she stayed with our family. She was almost like a family member. When this incident took place, I was 19 and she was 3 years older to me. She was dark-skinned, had long dark hair that she kept oiled and tied up at all times.

She was about 5’ 2”, a little chubby. Her breasts were large, and she had really thick thighs and ass. Her ass was what I was most attracted to. It used to bounce when she used to walk, and I loved watching her. Mostly she used to wear a suit and a salwar.

Occasionally she used to wear shorts and a t-shirt that showed off her thick dark thighs more prominently. I started fantasizing about her. I used to be attracted to her and watch her whenever she came out of the shower. We had a separate servant washroom that she used.

I used to go to her washroom secretly after she came out from her shower.  I used to find her freshly taken off bras and panties and sniff the scent of her cunt. It used to turn me on so much I used to jack off in her washroom itself. I used to jack off thinking about her a lot.

We used to joke around a lot, and sometimes I would flirt with her lightheartedly. But she used to smile and say nothing. Skipping to now, I had just finished my junior college. I was home all day since I was yet to join senior college. My family used to be out a lot, leaving Kajal and me at home alone.

I used to go sit with her, and we used to watch TV. I had all sorts of dirty thoughts in my mind. But I was scared if she reacts badly then it will ruin my reputation and my family would throw me out. So I never made a move.

She referred to me as bhaiya even though I was younger, suggesting she had no such thing in her mind. But I was 19 and still a virgin. Most of my friends used to talk about sex, and that made me really horny and wanting to experience it.

One morning, I woke up and noticed something on top of me. I opened my eyes and saw it was Kajal, leaning on top of me. She was trying to clean spider webs in my room. She had one leg on the floor, her other knee on the bed right next to where I was.

She leaned on the top of me in an attempt to reach for the spider webs above my bed. She was wearing a suit which had gotten really wet because of her sweat. Her breasts were hanging right over my head, and I could clearly see her cleavage. Drops of sweat rolled down her breasts.

I was watching it all with my eyes wide open. As she moved to clean the webs, her breasts jiggled right in front of my face. My dick was rock hard by now, standing erect like a pole. An erection I couldn’t hide, but I wasn’t thinking about it. I wanted to feel her breasts.

So I lifted my head a little and let them touch my face and nose. She didn’t react to it, maybe she thought I was still sleeping. I kept feeling her breasts jiggle on my face. I could smell her sweaty body. When she was done cleaning, she got up, and her eyes went to the bulge in my pajamas.

She looked at it for a second and went. I pretended to be asleep still. Since that incident, I started fantasizing about her even more to the point that I wanted to fuck her now. I used to call her to my room all the time for one reason or another and flirted with her.

When she used to hand me a glass of water or anything, I used to hold her hand for a few seconds longer than normal. I used to tell her she looked good whenever she wore her shorts or hot pants. I used to ask her about the nice fragrance when she used to come out of the shower.

But she would still refer to me as Kabir bhaiya and never showed any signs from her side. She acted like she didn’t realize what I was trying to do. I needed to be sure that she wants me too, or at least if I make my advances, she won’t create a scene.

One day Kajal came to my room to make my bed. My younger brother was with me, as well. We were playing on our Playstation and didn’t move. Mom scolded us, so we had to pause our game and get up. I was a little mad because we got scolded.

So I stood in the small space between the bed and the wall with an angry face. Seeing this, Kajal didn’t ask me to move but continued to tuck in the bedsheet with me there. She was barely walking by me due to the cramped space. Her ass was brushing my body tightly.

I was too angry to realize what just happened. When her ass brushed me once more, I came to my senses. Her thick juicy ass just pressed against my dick so tightly. I was getting erect thinking about it. When she came a third time, I moved a little further forward to block her way.

Her ass pressed against my dick even harder. I was completely erect now. There was no way she wasn’t feeling my hard dick pressing against her ass. She stood in that spot with my dick pressed against her ass. She was tucking in the bedsheet and acting like nothing was happening like always.

But then I noticed something, the bedsheet was already tucked in, she was only pretending to be doing that. She was enjoying rubbing her ass on my rock hard dick just as much. I pushed my dick further into her thick ass, she kept pretending to make the bed.

It was so hot that I wanted to take her right there. But my brother was in the room still, so I decided to move away. But it was confirmed today that I can make my move and I was really happy about that.

Days went by with me, waiting for my perfect opportunity when it finally came. My family was going out for some function, and I stayed behind, saying I wasn’t feeling well. Kajal and I were alone now. I called her to my room and asked her to sit with me, saying I was getting bored alone.

She came and sat on a chair next to my bed. I told her to be comfortable and sit on the bed, pointing to space next to me. She came and sat down next to me with our legs stretched. I grabbed her and started gently massaging it while talking to her.

She was wearing her hot pants with a pink t-shirt. We joked around for a bit pulling each other’s legs. She started massaging my fingers and my hand telling me how my hand was pretty.

Me: “Tera boyfriend hai koi?” (Do you have a boyfriend?)

Kajal (getting shy): “Nahi.”(No)

Me: “Kyu?” (Why?)

Kajal: “Kabhi man nahi kara.” (Never felt like it)

I pulled my hand away immediately and said: “Fir toh tujhe kiss karna bhi nahi ata hoga.” (Then you probably don’t even know how to kiss)”

Kajal grabbed my hand again and said, “Ata hai sab kuch.” (I know how to.)

With my other hand, I grabbed her face and turned it towards me. Before we knew it, we were kissing each other hard with tongues in each other’s mouth. It wasn’t my first kiss, so I knew what I was doing. We kissed till we were out of breath and then we kissed more.

My hand went down her body, feeling each and every curve. I grabbed her ass and pressed it hard. It was an amazing feeling, her big juicy ass in my hand. Next, I took my hand inside her t-shirt and squeezed her breasts as hard as I could.

She screamed and said, “Itni zor se nahi.” (Not so hard) But I was like a wild beast at this point. Being with a maidservant. The thought of doing such a taboo act made me go crazy with lust. I took her t-shirt off, unhooked her bra, and her breasts were completely exposed in front of me.

They were much larger than I expected. I didn’t waste any time and started sucking them wildly. Fondling them with my hands sucking on her dark black nipples. She moaned in pleasure. I slid one hand inside her panties straight to her pussy. It was soaking wet with juices flowing out.

I inserted my finger inside it, I couldn’t believe how tight her cunt was. Even my finger was feeling the resistance of her walls. She moaned loudly and grabbed my dick. Her hand slid inside my track pants, she grabbed my dick and tried to stroke it. But my fingers working her pussy up made her lose focus.

She held my rock hard dick in her hand tightly, and her grip would become tighter when I fingered her pussy harder. She hissed and moaned as I continued to move my finger in and out of her warm juicy cunt. She had closed her eyes completely, such as the magic of my fingers.

Out of nowhere, she asked me to stop

Me: “Kya hua?” (What happened?)

Kajal: “Woh jagah ungli ke liye nahi hai.” (That place is not meant for fingers.)

Me: “Fir?” (Then?)

Kajal: “Jo bhi karna hai jaldi kar!” (Do what you want to right now!)

I removed all her clothes and spread her legs, I took my clothes off and got on top of her. I was about to lose my virginity now, not only that I was about to enter my maid’s filthy cunt that I had fantasized about for so long. But I was inexperienced and couldn’t find where to insert my cock.

That’s when Kajal taunted me saying, “Dalna bhi nahi ata.” (Don’t even know where to put it.) She took my cock in her hand and inserted the tip inside her juicy hole. It was warm and wet, I could feel her juices on to my tip. Her taunt had angered me a bit.

With one hard push, I inserted my entire 7 inch rod inside her pussy. She yelled so hard in pain, I think my neighbors would have heard it. I started drilling her pussy like a mad man, going in and out hard. The clapping sound of our bodies crashing into each other with every stroke got faster and faster.

“Ahhh,” she moaned louder and louder as I fucked her cunt. Every thrust felt like it went deeper in her cunt, and widened it more. As her pussy loosened a bit, I was able to go faster. And before I knew it, with a huge moan that was more like relief rather than pain, she came all over my dick.

Her juices were gushing out of her pussy like a waterfall, I kept pumping it till I came close as well. I took my dick out and exploded all over her body. Her tits, her face, her stomach, my cum was everywhere. When I got back to my senses, I noticed there was a lot of blood on my dick.

Me: “Ye khoon kaise?” (What is this blood?)

Kajal: “Maine pehli baar kara hai.” (It is my first time.)

Me: “Abse roz karunga.” (I’ll do it every day now.)

Kajal: “Kal itna zor se mat karna.” (Don’t do it so hard tomorrow)

Her pussy got swollen, so we weren’t able to do it for a few days. But after that, we did it almost every day till I moved out for college. And even after that, whenever I came home, we used to fuck like crazy.

There was no room in my house where I hadn’t drilled her filthy cunt. My maid became my personal whore that I could fuck whenever I wanted to. When I was 21, she got married and left our house forever. I haven’t fucked her since then.


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