Love Puzzle Had To Be Solved To Meet Her And Fuck Her

Love Puzzle Had To Be Solved To Meet Her And Fuck Her

Hi readers, thanks for the positive feedback for my first story. I have received a few emails and many encouraging comments, which made me continue writing with my next experience where I needed to solve a love puzzle. This was also from yahoo chat room friend.

This happened after my first experience. I was regular in yahoo chat rooms whenever I got time. I was never desperate to have sex with whom I met online. This gave me a lot of time to know my partner before we met. I felt matching minds with good conversations makes the body language better in bed.

I was working in Hyderabad, and luckily, I met Amita from the chat room. She said she is 37 years working in Hyderabad and alone. She refused to say anything more than this as its chat, and we are strangers. I said I am 32 and working for MNC in Hyderabad. I mostly travel on my work.

We were happy that we both are from the same city and we used to discuss food, famous chai and chat points. I was interrogating her with many questions to know more about her. She used to say, “Well tried,” and we used to laugh on it.

One fine day I asked her for coffee as we were chatting for more than 2 months. She said, “I am not that easy.” I said, “I like to deal with the tough person and tough situations.” She laughed and said, “You need to grow up as you’re younger to me.” I just replied, “I love elder to me,” and smiled.

She was interested in meeting me at the same time, scared as she never met anyone online. After a few days, I got an offline message saying, “We never saw each other. We never knew how we sound. And you want us to sit across the table. How do you think that would matter?”

I was confused reading that. Was she questioning me or inviting me? I replied, “Many things happen across the table and eager to try with you for best results.” By evening 4 pm, I got a message, “A lot can happen over coffee. Make it on no.1 @ 5. If you understand this, I will be on the other side of the table.”

Well, to crack it, that would be Cafe Coffee Day but was confused about no.1 @ 5. Searched for CCD outlets, and I found road no. 1 Banjara Hills and 5 I thought its time. I rushed as it takes more than 30 minutes to reach there. I parked my car, and it was almost 5.

To my surprise, a few ladies were sitting at different corners. I had no clue how to find her. I just sat looking around, confused, trying to look at every woman there. Its been an hour and no one came to me I thought she played with me and left the place disappointed.

The same night got offline, saying, “ You have no patience to wait after 6 pm. Lol.” I got angry and understood that she has seen me, but she didn’t meet me. I didn’t reply to her.

After a few days, on Friday morning, she started messaging me. But I never replied, and by 4 pm again, she said, “Continue on no.1 Crossword. Let’s misbehave. Your patience and my appearance.” Now things are getting excited and tricky. But I couldn’t figure out what the puzzle is all about.

I asked a few friends about Crossword as I didn’t know its a book store till then. Then I started to search for the store on the road no 1, and it was in the mall. But what ‘Let’s misbehave’ means? Thinking about it, I started driving. As she has not given any time, I took it at 5 pm.

I was thinking of its green signal from her as she said, “Let’s misbehave.” I was so excited that at the first meet, I’m going to take her to bed. But as we had a chat for quite a long time, I never felt she would be ready for it at the first meet.

I reached the mall and started to look at every woman who is above 30 or 35 years. On the 3rd floor, I saw the Crossword book store. Now I am sure she knows me, and she is watching me from some corner of the mall. I entered the store. A few people were reading and checking the books.

I was pretending as if I am looking for some book there. I have been walking around the store for 20 minutes, and suddenly I saw the book, ‘Let’s misbehave,’ which is covering the reader’s face. I was not in my senses for a moment and smiled to myself.

I started to look at her right from her toes, scanning every inch moving up slowly. She was wearing medium height heels, floral skirt till knees, wheat complexion skin moving up 28 or 30-inch waist. Her hands holding book covering her chest part.

By the time I saw her face, she had taken off the book and started laughing at me. Wow, what a smile with a dimple she was looking decent with good features. Nothing is odd, and she is so natural with no makeup. She said, “Hi, Sanjay.” I’m back to my senses with my jaw dropped said, “Hi Amita.”

We both smiling, looking at each other, and we wanted to laugh out loud. But it’s a book store. So we walked out, and there was a bench at the corner. We sat on the bench and looking at each other, smiling, laughing. I said, “You are not easy, Amita.”

She laughed and said, “You wanted a tough person, so I am.” We recollected how we met and how we had a chat for a couple of months she told she works for a star hotel in the city and she is from Kolkata lives here from the last 6 years. She stays with her aunt’s family, and she is a widow.

I just took her hand and looking into her eyes, “I am happy to meet you, Amita,” she smiled. We decided on a long drive. She told her aunt that she will be back home in the morning.

Around 7:00 pm we started from the mall and was driving slowly as its traffic time. I had to change the gears often. I touched her thighs all the time, but she didn’t move her thighs away. I started to rest my hand on her thigh while talking then changing the gears.

She was looking at me while talking and said, “How tough are you with a woman?” I smiled and said, “I like to treat her like a queen. I am ready to make her my bitch if required.” She slapped me gently and pinched my thigh. We came to an isolated place.

I parked the car, and all lights off and windows open. She liked the place very much silent just a few cars pass by sometimes. Street light far away falls on us through the glass. As she was talking, her head was moving towards me, and her eyes were inviting me to kiss her.

I just grabbed her neck and placed a kiss on her lips. She responded with passion and started sucking my lips. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and started to explore each other tongue with slight moans. She was coming closer, and my hand was rubbing her thighs.

I just moved up and grabbed her boobs and pressed. She moaned, caught my hand, and pressed to her boobs with force and kissing passionately. Her boob’s size was around 34c. We unlocked the lips I whispered, “I am a stranger,” squeezing her boobs on her top.

She said, “You won’t be any more,” licking my ear and kissing them. I tried to move our seats so that we get some leg space. I never experienced sex in the car, so we were moving with the flow. I grabbed her thigh while squeezing her boobs. She lifted her leg and placed it on my lap.

I started kissing her leg, rubbing my hands on her legs, moving the skirt up, kissing her knees. She started moaning loudly as I moved up, rubbing her bare thighs, touching her panty line. She bent back and pulled towards me so that her I am in between her legs kissing her waist.

She started shivering, kissing her navel, and grabbed her boobs. We were in heaven doing this. I inserted my finger in her mouth. She started sucking it. I gave a bite on her panty for which she jumped up. I could sense she was not comfortable in that position.

So we sat normally, and I started to rub her pussy on her panty. She suddenly came closer to me, unzipped, and took out my cock. She started sucking my cock. It was mind-blowing. I just grabbed her hair, made it a bunch. I made her suck deeper into her throat.

She was pumping deeper. I shouted, “I’m ready to cum.” She stopped and said, “On my face, Sanjay.” I hit the load on her face with jet speed. She was stroking my hard cock and enjoying the cum on her face. I said, “You are wild to handle.”

She said, “Why don’t you handle me tonight, then?” I gave her wipes to clean her face, zipped my pant, and got out of the car. She washed her face. We were just standing near the car and talking, enjoying the cool breeze.

We left the place around 9 pm had dinner. She asked me to drop her at her hotel where she works. As we were talking, she has understood that I want to fuck her tonight. I was touching her pussy whenever I got a chance while driving. We reached her hotel.

She asked me to stay in the car until she is back. I had no clue what her plan was. After 10 minutes, she was back saying, “Let me see how good are you handling wild and tough women like me. Come out.”

She told me that one of her cousins from Delhi is staying on the 6th floor. She booked the room for 2 days. Tonight she is staying at her friend’s place. She told them that her brother would be flying from Delhi tonight. He will be staying in the room.

“So just go to reception and take the keys. Get into the room, freshen up and wait for me. I was planning and waiting for this to happen from a month. When my cousin would be here, and I can use the opportunity as we both have no place to meet.”

I smiled and just did what she said and got into the room. She called the room asking me if I am ok and told me that she needs to send a few emails and will join me.

After my shower, I was in a robe watching TV, and I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and surprised to see Amita in shorts and a sleeveless top. She said, “May I come in, Sanjay?” I pulled her in, and we both were laughing. I hugged her and locked the door behind her.

I pressed her to the door and started kissing her around her neck, hugged her tightly. She was moaning my name. We moved inside, slowly stepping towards the bed. I pinned her to the wall, grabbed her lips started smooching. She responded, sucking my lips, playing with my tongue and lips.

My hands moved inside her top and grabbed those melons, squeezing them. She said, “You know my size by this time.” I said, “I know about it long back, 34c-30-38.” She took my hands and made me grab her butt and said, “36.” We were kissing and sucking each other in the lavish room with romantic dim lights.

Her body was glowing in the light. I pulled off her top and started sucking her naked melons. She was on cloud 9 moaning and shouting, “Eat them squeeze them crush them.” She was so wild as if she was ruling me to handle her in every possible way. We both pushed ourselves on the bed.

I just started kissing her stomach now licking her navel, wiping my tongue all over her body. Squeezing her boobs and biting her waist, running both hands on her body. I just pressed her waist to which she hugged me tightly and said, “Eat me like a dog.”

I just moved down and pulled her shorts. I kissed her pussy on her panty, wiping her inner thighs, and grabbed her waist. I started sucking her pussy, moving the panty aside. She was moaning and shouting my name. This made me go crazy and bite her shaved pussy gently.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her pussy, saying, “Suck me, baby.” I just loved sucking her pussy deeper and deeper, licking and sucking her deeper. I started fingering and sucking. She shouted and had orgasm stretching her body. She pulled me on her, kissing with all her passion.

I was so hard by this time and wanted to fuck her badly. I just got up and standing to the edge of the bed. I pulled her legs to the corner and spread her thighs. She got up and sucked me for a moment and said, “Shove me deeper.” I was looking into her lust-filled eyes and inserted my cock in her pussy.

I started moving deeper into her as I was standing. Fucking her deeper and deeper, she closed her eyes, and her hands were crushing the bed. I moved deeper and deeper, fucking her more and more as she was shouting, “More, more, more baby.”

With all my passion hitting her deeper and harder, I just released in her pussy. She pulled me on her and hugged me tightly. I didn’t stop to fuck her. I was moving my waist in and out, and slowly, our sweat bodies were relaxed. The juices were flowing on to the bed and we slept for sometime hugging.

We had another steamy session at midnight, eating each other and slept naked till morning. When I got up, she was in the shower. I just hugged her from behind in shower and rubbing her body with soap. She was playing with my balls and stroking my cock.

She slowly started revealing one by one. She said, “I wanted to make sure you are a genuine guy. So I made you chat for months without chatting about sex and not telling anything about me. The first puzzle was to see you, see how balanced you are.”

“Then I decided to have you in me today. I planned it when my cousin said she is arriving today morning. Then I told her about us and made to stay for a night at her friend’s place. I work here, but I don’t want some guy from here. I would become gossip that would disturb me and my work.”

She started sucking me in the shower, and we fucked for the last time for the day. We had a good spread of breakfast, and I left for home.

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