Lust for hot college senior ends in amazing intercourse – Hot story

Lust for hot college senior ends in amazing intercourse – Hot story

While in college, I had felt lust for one of my seniors in my freshman year. Him being a sweetheart never took advantage of me. We had a few instances of harmless flirting and it gave me the giggles.

My collegemate finished his course and went on to pursue his masters. We occasionally spoke over the phone.

I finished college and started working. After a few months, he informed me that he was coming to my city for a few months for training. I got so excited and started chatting with him. This time, my senior guy seemed more interested in me. He said he was single and looking forward to dating someone. I decided to try my luck.

We started talking a lot and eventually, we decided to meet for a coffee. I was nervously waiting for him at a café. As soon as he entered, I was awestruck and so was he. Over the years, he had become more handsome and I had grown into a pretty young woman.

We spent a couple of hours over coffee and the entire time, we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. Whenever our eyes met, I could see that he was equally mesmerized as me!

That night, he messaged me after dinner. I had just showered and settled down for the night. He wanted to do a video call.

When I joined him, he just kept staring at me. I started blushing and asked him why he was staring at me? He said that I looked very beautiful and that my wet tresses were enchanting. I knew he was certainly interested in me.

Over the next couple of weeks, he was constantly chatting with me and eventually started flirting. I knew my luck favored me and from then on, I was getting horny every time, he messaged me!

My senior started visiting me often and spent quality time with me. I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. He was quite tall, with broad shoulders and chiseled body, cute dimples and a smile to die for. Girls would go crazy over him and there he was, flirting with me!

And that was not it, I noticed that he too was checking me out. He would steal quick glances of me and often adjusted my hair while talking. Whenever his hands brushed my cheek, I could feel a rapid current pulsing through me.

One day, he came over to my place and offered to cook my favorite meal. It was just me and him. I was on cloud nine. I helped him cook and my tiny kitchen turned out to be a blessing. Whenever our bodies had the slightest bit of contact, I yearned for more. I could totally feel the electricity between us and I wanted more.

While having our dinner, I caught him constantly looking at my lips. I was gushing like an idiot. That night, I masturbated thinking about him.

Finally, he asked me out for a movie date!! I spent the whole day prepping myself to look my best. I styled my hair just the way he liked, put on a cute little black dress, and my fail-proof red lipstick. I knew I looked gorgeous and hoped he would think the same.

When he came to pick me up, he couldn’t help but get out of the car and give me a hug. I knew that this date was gonna be special. When we reached the theatre, he held my hand and led me all the way. My senses were chaos on the inside. We started watching the movie and he held my hand all the while.

We were heading to a restaurant when it started raining. Soon it started pouring cats and dogs and it became impossible to drive. We managed to park near the end of a quiet street and decided to wait.

I turned to him to say something and he planted a peck on my cheek! That just ignited the fire in me and I couldn’t bear to be away from him anymore.

I opened the front door and quickly went to the back seat and he followed me. We got slightly drenched and he started to say something, but I stopped him with my kiss. He was a bit taken back but held onto me.

Both of us were burning with lust for each other and the kiss just started melting us. He was feasting on my luscious lips and let our tongues explore. I unbuttoned his shirt and felt his warm skin. He was so chiseled and hot.

He began kissing me on my neck and unzipped my dress. He nuzzled in between my boobs and started kissing all over. He took off my bra and held my breasts in his hands. He started kissing me while he pinched my nipples, making me go crazy. He then began sucking my tits like a hungry babe and I didn’t want him to stop ever.

Then he stripped me down to my panty and started rubbing my crotch over it. I knew he was teasing me.

I stripped his pants and felt he was hard already. It made me so wet. I sat on him and started grinding my pussy over his hard dick. Both of us went berserk and he started biting my ears and squeezed my boobs hard. I wanted to kiss him. but he started sucking my tits again and I rubbed myself more on him.

Then he took off his brief and let his dick out. It was about 9 inches long and rock hard!!! I touched it and he went rogue. He stripped off my panty and rubbed his dick on my clit and drove me insane. I begged him to fuck me and he obliged.

He slowly inserted his dick inside me. Woah, my cunt was craving for him so long, I got goosebumps!! He slowly teased my vagina and held me by my hips. I held him by his shoulders and enjoyed his penis slowly pleasing my cunt.

Once we locked into each other, he started thrusting harder and surprised me with the intensity. I had never felt such immense pleasure inside myself. Every time he pushed himself inside me, I wanted more. He finally started quenching my lust. He fucked me harder every time and I started moaning out loud.

I was nearing my orgasm and so was he. He fucked me even faster and finally, we both came at the same time. I could feel his hot cum inside me and I hugged him tightly, planting a kiss on his lips. We were panting and sweating but immersed in post-orgasmic bliss.

I got my giggles again.

But this isn’t it. Our session wasn’t over nor was my thirst for him. Even better, he too started craving me!!

Over the next parts, I will share how we ended that rainy night and continued to see each other from then on.

Stay tuned.

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