Lust For My Husband’s Friend – Indian Lust Story

Lust For My Husband’s Friend – Indian Lust Story

Hi, I am Priya, 32, enjoying my marital life for the last 11 years. I have two children. My husband (Harish) and I are fun-loving and enjoy small gatherings with close friends. We drink occasionally and enjoy passionate sex some times.

Off late, we started watching soft porn and enact the same while making love. Some times read other’s fantasy stories too.  The incident that I am going to narrate is half real and half fantasy. Based on an initial fact, we started to imagine the sequel.

Later, my husband and I quite often share the story, and our lovemaking becomes more intense and fun.  I have been initially very shy and reluctant to discuss such stories. But when my husband was also ok and enjoyed, I started to develop a liking towards such fantasies.

This happened a few months back. My husband’s friend, Varun, from Kolkata came for some work and stayed with us for 4 days. I call him Varun da as he is of my husband’ s age (10 years older). But he doesn’t mind if I call him Varun at times.

He is married, but his marital life is not so exciting. He used to discuss with Harish about his sex life not so great despite being married for 15 years. They don’t have any children. I used to wonder and sometimes feel pity for him. He is handsome with a good sense of humor and very down to earth.

Varun was very busy for the first two days and came very late at night. He slept in the next room. As it was summer, we all used to wear light clothes and men only in shorts. First time I saw Varun only in shorts. He was big built, not too many muscles but an attractive body.

On the 3rd day, he came home early with beer for his friend and vodka for me. I made some snacks, and we started to drink. Harish called up and said he will join us later and to continue with the drinks. After having two pegs, I was already feeling tipsy.

He already finished one bottle. He said he will be back in two minutes after a quick shower. I went to the kitchen to fry some more chicken. After some time, he came back with another drink for me and a glass of beer for himself.

I could get the smell of his deo, and something was happening inside me after noticing his bare body. We said cheers again had a nice chit chat with a few flirty talks in between. Meanwhile, Harish joined us. He, too, finished his bath and sat with his drink.

As I had to get up early the next day, I had dinner early and told them good night. I went to my room and went for a shower before going to bed.  I had a shower and wore a sleeveless knee-length nighty.

By the way, I am 5’ 6” tall with big breasts around size 38 and curvy too. I have a big ass and heard people commenting, “Uska gaand dekh.” I wore nothing inside as it was too hot and went to bed. The bedside lamp was on, and before going to sleep, I was checking my mails lying on the bed.

After a while, I heard the door open, and I thought Harish came inside. He went to the loo. My nighty was up above the thigh, and the legs were slightly spread too. I heard the flush of the toilet, and the toilet door opened. I was too busy reading the mail, so I didn’t notice who it was.

I thought Harish was standing near the bed. He stood there for almost a minute and slowly walked away, closing the door.  And then Harish walked in again. I asked him if he wants anything. He told me no and went to the toilet. After he came out of the toilet, I told him, “You just went to the loo!”

He said, “No! It was Varun.” There was a sudden shock inside my whole body. I got up and sat on the bed. I was silent for a minute and recollected the whole seen. It was Varun who went to the toilet first. He saw me lying on the bed, almost on my stomach.

He saw me in the same position when he came out and stood there watching me. (or my legs which were exposed all above the thigh.) No wonder he stood there for almost a minute and enjoyed my bare thighs. I couldn’t sleep after that, and all the time, I was feeling very embarrassed and shy.

Later, I gathered some courage to get up from the bed and join them. I wore a housecoat on top of my nighty and joined them. They were having a serious conversation about Varun’s sex life and continued with the same. Harish told me in front of Varun that he was sad and frustrated as he didn’t have sex for 6 months.

Though I was feeling a bit awkward, I was feeling bad for him too. I was now convinced that he was watching my legs, not with any bad intentions. Accidentally I exposed them, and out of desperation, he stood there and watched me or my legs.

Though It was an embarrassment for me, somehow I wanted to help him ease his pain. We (my husband and I)know very well how difficult it is emotionally and physically to live without sex even for a week. I was listening to their conversation inattentively.

My mind was going to other directions, my eyes were glancing towards his bare body. In fact, at times, I looked at his shorts too and wondering what was happening to that poor thing. I noticed that he, too, was trying to see my legs (which he must have become fascinated with) again and again.

They were now covered till knee. The housecoat was partially opening and closing like a curtain. Harish got up and went to the loo again. This time, I started to think about how to give Varun what he wanted. I wanted to show him more but was scared too.

I got up, took his mug, and poured some beer and gave it to him. I bent over slightly to show him my cleavage. And it worked like magic for him. His eyes became wide open to see me and looked as if he won a lottery. I knew I was playing with his innocence too.

I was making him more desperate and vulnerable. I sat on the couch, cross-legged half of my legs exposed up to the thigh. Again his eyes were constantly moving up and down while talking to me. Whenever I pulled the housecoat to cover the legs, he would look away.

Maybe he was feeling guilty too. I know Varun for 11years, and he is a man with whom any lady would feel safe. He is extremely sober, helpful, soft spoken. He has all the good qualities any lady would want to see in a man. I was having a mixed feeling of guilt as well as lust.

Also, there was a ticklish feeling happening between my legs too. I could notice Varun wasn’t wearing any underwear inside his shorts. He was trying to put his hand on top to cover his ‘thing’ as it was growing inside.  Harish came and sat with his last drink. He looked drunk.

I told them to finish up and come for dinner. I started to warm up the foods. As I was standing near the microwave, Varun’s eyes were constantly scanning my body as if he was waiting to see more. I was smiling inside, and my mind started to have naughty ideas but was scared too.

They finished their dinner, and both the boys helped me to clean up the table. Harish was feeling sleepy, and he had a meeting the next day. So he told good night and went off to sleep. Varun, too, went to his room. I took some extra pillows from our room and placed them on Varun’s bed. I made his bed too.

While tucking in the bedsheets, I got up on the bed and bent down to make the bed. My posture was exactly like a doggy style. Varun was standing behind me, and I could feel he was watching my back. I got up from the bed slowly, and again, my thighs were visible from the slit of the housecoat.

Varun was standing very close, and this time, I think he got the full view of my legs. He was so mesmerized that he didn’t even notice that I was looking at him. I gave a naughty smile, and Varun also smiled with a sorry face. I told him good night and left the room.

Before going to my room, I checked all the main doors, switched off the lights, and was about to go to my room. I heard Varun coughing. I forgot to give him a bottle of water in his room. I took a bottle out of the fridge and went to his room. The door was closed but not locked.

I turned the doorknob slowly and opened the door and entered. Varun was lying naked. He removed his shorts, and his hand was on his cock. My God! He was masturbating with his eyes closed. For a fraction of a second, I almost had a heart attack. He saw me and quickly pulled the bed sheet and covered himself.

I said sorry, kept the bottle near the bed, and didn’t even look at him. As I was leaving the room, Varun said, “Priya! One minute…can I say something, please?”

“Yes, Varun da,” I said with my throat getting chocked out of embarrassment. “I am sorry if I have disturbed you,” Varun said, “I am feeling ashamed and guilty. Please don’t tell Harish about it.” I gathered some strength to look into his eyes. I smiled at him, sat on the bed, held his hand, and calmed him down.

I said,” Varun da! I know what you are going through. Don’t worry at all. We are matured and grown up to understand each other’s feelings. Please don’t feel bad at all.” I could see some relief in his face. He smiled, but I knew he was feeling awkward about it. I was feeling good to handle the situation so calmly.

I got up and said, “If there is anything else you need, do not hesitate to ask,” and then again, with a naughty smile, I said, “Varun da! Please lock the door,” and left the room.

“If there is anything else you need, do not hesitate to ask.” Why did I say that? Was it spontaneous? What if he really asks me something? What if…? What if he asks me to kiss him? What if he wants to hold me? What if…Oh, God! When will I get some sleep?

I kept on thinking about the last incident the whole night. Was he thinking about me when he was masturbating? What was he thinking? It was because of me I put him into such an awkward moment. Should I tell Harish? No way. This should remain between Varun and me.

But Varun is his good friend. What if Varun tells Harish? What would Harish think? Will Harish blame me for all this? I started to think about Varun’s wife, Barsha. Why cant they have sex? I found Varun to be normal. Nothing is wrong with him. Why can’t she keep him happy?

Poor Varun. I wish I could really make love to him and make him happy.. and tell Barsha, “See! This is how you keep your marital life happy.” I was very upset with Barsha. They are 10 years older than me, but I think I’m more matured than them to keep a relationship strong and beautiful.

Barsha is dominant and sometimes arrogant too. I don’t like her much. And that could be a good reason to think about Varun da more intimately.

To be continued.

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