Making passionate love to a 25 yo slightly chubby girl – Sex story

Making passionate love to a 25 yo slightly chubby girl – Sex story

Set in the month of December at around 1400 hrs. The sun was up high for December. I reached her house which was situated inside a narrow path which eventually led to a stairway to her home.

Her name was Rags, 25 years old. She is about 5’10 with a 32-30-36 figure. She has short black hair, dark-toned skin and looks kinda tomboyish. She is a bit on the chubby side, very little though.

I am a bit shorter than her at 5’8, medium built, and I like girls who are taller than me or about my height. And also older or the same age. I was 25 years old and she was my wet dream.

I went in to give her a hug “Hello, Rags” and the embrace was a heated one. I went in for a kiss to her lips with a slight brush. I went beyond her lips to leave a hickey on her neck “Ahnnnn” she said.

We headed into her room and plopped down on her bed to watch a movie. And with her in my arms, we started watching some movie (I don’t remember which one).

I was leaning against the wall with her in between my legs. “Hey Rags, I want to kiss”. “We just kissed and I wanna watch the movie,” said Rags.

I started nibbling at her neck and I was caressing her arms. Slowly, I put my hand on her tummy and started rubbing her in rotational motion. I decided to part her clothes and started rubbing her tummy directly whilst going down south once in a while, but not touching her pussy.

I took her right hand and intertwined my fingers with hers. I kissed them slowly. I took her pointer finger into my mouth and sucked it.

I was so turned on my dick was hitting against her back. She was enjoying it as she leaned back to kiss me. Our lips met again, I pushed my hands up through her dress to rub her boobs. Man, they were so soft!

She took her left hand behind her head to pull me closer. She put her tongue inside my mouth and we were frenching on her bed. I was still inside her clothes, rubbing and pressing her tummy and boob – one hand for each.

Her body was shivering a little with each touch and kiss. I was getting harder and harder. I wanted her.

She paused the movie and my hand found the hem of her shirt. I peeled it over her head, whilst my hand caressed her body leaving a tingly sensation as my hands traced up. With the shirt in some corner, my hands traced back down through her hips and I left little bites on her shoulder and neck.

“Anhhhh..bite my neck.” she was squealing.

I grabbed her left boob and bit her on the left side of her neck. I pushed her forward and kissed down her spine to her butt crack. She had her hands slipped into my shorts, rubbing my penis. She was grabbing at my balls through my underwear.

“Face me, Rags. I wanna chew those lips and nipples.” She turned around, wrapped her legs around my waist, and pounced on my lips. I pulled her in and kissed her deeply. I inserted my tongue past those delectable lips.

We frenched for a few minutes. I could see her eagerness, so could she. I went down to her boobs, taking them in one by one. I was flicking her nipples with my tongue and sucking them. I went to her left and bit her slowly leaving a mark. She hissed.

She got her hands inside my shirt and pinched my nipples. Her armpits were a few of the places that made her giggle. I went in and kissed and licked. I went down her body to her hips, leaving a trail of kisses. Hovering over her lower belly, I started to playfully nibble.

I wanted to bite her butt, that bubbly sweet butt. Slowly, we lied down on the bed. I decided to flip her over. “Turn around, I want to bite your butt,” I said.

She slowly yet seductively raised her back as I pulled down her shorts to lay my eyes on the most bootiful (pun intended) butt on the planet earth.

I went down to kiss that booty and she reciprocated by raising her butt up high. I grabbed her waist pulled her up and started kissing and leaving small bite marks. These earned a few, “Anhh” from her.

There I was eating out her pussy from the back. She screamed in pleasure as I inserted my index finger into her pussy whilst my thumb and middle finger caressed her labia. Then slowly, I started licking her along with my fingering.

“Yes, more. HARDER”. Her hips started to convulse as she came onto my hands. My lips moved onto to her inner thighs planting some butterfly kisses and along the way, I tasted her juice.

She turned around and grabbed my pants and started to undress my lower. As she unbuttoned, she kissed my abdomen. She put her hands into my pants to take out my penis. Her touch sent down chills through my spine. “Anhhhh”. She started moving her hands up and down. I pushed my pants outta the way and lay back onto the wall.

She started stroking my penis long and slow, peeling me back. I was in cloud nine. Her lips found her way towards my thighs, I got some of the most hair raising kisses. Slowly, she got to my penis and gave a lick from the base to the tip. OMG!! She slowly took it in and started my blowjob. She swirled her tongue around my penis.

After a few moments, I came. I came so fast that i shot through her throat. I wanted her. I wanted to take her.

I pulled her up kissed the hell out of her. We exchanged our love juice mixed saliva. I moved forward a little bit. She took a condom out and put it on my penis. After that, I pulled her close, our bodies were squished together.

My hands were rubbing her boobs. Her hands were roaming around my back. I lifted her up a little bit as she guided my penis into her vagina. I was sitting on the bed, she was sitting on me facing towards me. And nothing was hotter than looking into her eyes as I made love to her.

She wrapped her legs around me as I pumped. “Man, this is so awesome, harder,” she said.

After a few minutes of pumping, we slowly went into missionary with put stopping our activities. We started again and I was pumping her so fast her head hit the headboard a few times. I went into a frenzy and frenched her. Then necked her a hickey tattoo. My hands were very grabby with her boobs. She orgasmed again and I wasn’t done.

I lay down beside her and entered her from behind. Lifting her right leg up to maneuver into position, I went fast. I took her cheek in my hand turned her towards me to kiss her.

“Rub my clitoris with your other hannddd” she said. That’s all I needed. I dove in and went crazy with the rubbing. Her face went crazy with pleasure and she neared her third orgasm. I too was close. After a few minutes, we both came. We lay down on her bed for a while.

She got up for a bath, I slapped her butt playfully and said, “I am gonna join you”.

We started kissing under the shower. And I said, “I will love you for a long timmeeeee”.

“Love you too” she replied.

We came out of the shower. I dressed her up again as I was the one who undressed her. We got into something comfy as it was already late into the evening. I put my arms around her and we went out of the door. We left home for ice cream and some popcorn for the movie we had yet to watch.

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