Married classmate Anjali fucked in restroom – Campus sex story

Married classmate Anjali fucked in restroom – Campus sex story

Hello to all the beautiful women and beautiful girls.

This is casanova369 back again with yet another sex escapade to share and make you all horny and wet by the end of the story. I am a person who needs erotic sex and not just sex.

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As you all know, Anjali and myself fucked on the college terrace and had an erotic memory encapsulated in our hearts. Touching, kissing became part of our every day during the night walks. But then the body needed more and more.

So again, we wanted to try one more adventure keeping in mind the risk factors as well. One evening we were walking on the campus past 7 pm after dinner. The weather was also cloudy and breezy. It was making both of us horny and after a while, it started to drizzle.

Expecting heavy rain, we went to our block and hardly any students were there in the block. I wanted to use the restroom and excused myself from Anjali. After I came back, Anjali wanted to use the restroom and she went.

Suddenly, I thought why not fuck Anjali in the lady’s restroom? So, I went near the lady’s restroom. I looked here and there to confirm no one was watching me and I barged in. I thought the lady’s restroom had some extra facilities and only then I realized it was just like the boy’s restroom. Hahaha..

Anjali came out and was shocked to see me in the restroom. I just pulled her towards me and started kissing her. She was a little scared initially but then the mood and the environment overtook our fear. She started responding to me and we were kissing deeper and harder.

Anjali was hugging me tightly, brushing my hair, kissing me deeper taking all my saliva. I kept my hand inside her t-shirt and was pressing her waist, rubbing her back. She started moaning, “Ahhhhh..babyyyy.”

We kissed for almost 10 minutes and it heated up both our bodies and we wanted more of it. So, I broke the kiss and went to lock the restroom door from inside. But then Anjali denied saying that if someone came and if it was locked, we will get into trouble.

She suggested going into one washroom and do whatever needs to be done winking at me.

That was enough for me to rip her pussy and drill it deeper and harder with my 6-inch dick. We went inside one of the washrooms and locked it. We started kissing each other and started stripping down each other. It was dark and nothing was visible again.

Anjali took the lead this time and sat down on the western commode and took my erected dick into her mouth. She started blowing me. How much she was aroused was seen the way she was blowing me.

She started playing with the head of my dick and was sucking it deeper. It was making my dick harder and harder. She gave me a blowjob for almost 10 minutes. My dick was fully erected, hard, well-lubricated to rip Anjali’s pussy.

I made her sit on the western commode, opened her legs, and started eating her clitoris. It was already wet by then and she was pushing my head deep inside her pussy. She was moaning, “Ahhh baby..Ahhhh..Fuck my pussy baby..”

I was eating her pussy and playing with her clitoris. She was moaning in full ecstasy. She then removed her t-shirt. She pulled down her bra and took my hands and kept them on her 36B boobs.

Now I was licking her clit and was playing with her boobs. I was pinching Anjali’s erected nipples and was eating her pussy. I blew some air on her wet juicy pussy and she got her first orgasm and Anjali loaded all her juices in my mouth.

She was now begging me to fuck her and drill her pussy deeper and harder where instead of water, she wanted to squirt with the same force.

I asked her to put one leg above the commode and one leg on the ground. I inserted my dick from behind and started fucking Anjali at a slow pace. Anjali started moaning “Ahhhhh..Fuck me, baby..Drill it deeper and harder..Make me squirt tonight.”

All these were making me aroused and fuck her deeper with harder strokes. I was fucking her for 5-10 minutes at a slow pace to make her aroused more and more. Anjali started moaning loudly now, “Harder baby, Harder..Go deeper.” She was rubbing her clitoris with her hands and moaning my name.

I started pumping her faster and was spanking her butts. The sounds of Anjali moaning and the sound of me fucking Anjali’s pussy along with spanking her butts in the restroom was creating magic. We both were lost in this act.

I fucked her for 10 minutes and both of us released our juices at the same time. They were pouring down her feet.

I then made her sit on the commode and inserted my two fingers in her pussy and started fingering her faster. Anjali was jumping and was moaning, “Ahhhh baby..Nooo..”

After playing with her g-spot for 2-3 minutes, Anjali squirted and was moaning loudly. She was drained out after this session and both of us sat there in the restroom for 10 minutes trying to regain some energy so that we can go back to our respective hostels.

In the next story, I will tell you how we were caught by Anjali’s friend Kriti and she demanded Anjali that she also wants to enjoy with me to keep our relationship as a secret.


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