Married landlady Shruti fucked by tenant – Indian sex story

Married landlady Shruti fucked by tenant – Indian sex story

Hi friends, my name is Anshul. I’m 27 years old and I’m working as a Software Engineer. Though I’m 27, I have a lot of sexual experience. This story is very special to me and this happened during my college days in Nashik.

I was in my third year of engineering (20 years old). My college was very far away from my hometown so I used to live in a hostel. I stayed in a hostel for 2 years.

During that time my grades were very poor. As I lived in the hostel, I used to study less and enjoy myself more with friends. So, my parents decided to shift me from the hostel to private housing near my college. That’s when I met Shruti bhabhi.

Shruti bhabhi and her husband Anant had a 1 BHK house for rent. I and my parents went to see the house and that was the first time when I saw Shruti bhabhi. She was wearing a silky white saree and a tight red blouse. It was so tight that I could see her bra strapline. She had nice boobs. Her bra size was around 32D.

Shruti bhabhi got up to show us the house. She had a nice figure 32-26-34 and I saw her perfect round ass. At that moment, I really wanted to taste that ass but I controlled myself.

My landlady was around 30 years old and was 5’6 tall and a modern woman. After seeing the house, we finalized everything and my dad paid them an advance amount to book the house.

Then after 2 days, I shifted to the new house. Then my parents left me and went to my hometown. It was me alone now staying in my house.

That day bhabhi’s husband Anant came to my house to invite me to dinner so that they could get to know about their new tenant. So I agreed and went to their home for dinner.

On that day, Shruti bhabhi was wearing a red salwar kurti which was very tight and I could literally see her cleavage. God, that was very hot!

Then we started to have dinner. We got to know each other very well, especially I got to know a lot of things about my busty landlady, but I couldn’t ask more personal questions about her since her husband was sitting with us.

They told me to call them bhaiya and bhabhi since they were not much older than me. I agreed. We had lots of fun that night by talking and after having dinner I went to the kitchen to help Bhabhi with the dishes.

I was standing behind her and I could literally feel my penis touching my married landlady’s ass but I controlled myself and left their home before getting a boner.

Then I went home and masturbated thinking about Shruti bhabhi that night. Like this, a few weeks passed and I was very much adjusted to my new home and my landlords.

I always used to go to their house since Anant bhaiya was also a software engineer. I used to go to their home for his help and in that time used to always see Shruti bhabhi.

Anant bhaiya worked as a manager in a big MNC so often he used to be busy and used to come home very late. This gave me the chance to hang out with bhabhi a lot. She was friendly and modern so we used to discuss a lot of things, about her life and my life. Within a few months, we became very good friends.

Anant bhaiya didn’t have any problem with me hanging out with his wife, we both used to go shopping and see movies together. I used to be very happy around her.

Slowly, I started to casually flirt with her and she didn’t mind my flirting and she also started to flirt back with me in a friendly way. I used to help her with her housework whenever I was free.

One day when we were chatting, I casually asked my sexy landlady about her married life and asked when she and bhaiya had got married. She said it was 5 years since they are married.

She also told me that it was an arranged marriage. Her parents decided on the groom and she had got married to him. I casually asked her whether she was happy with her parent’s decision?

Bhabhi stuttered for a bit and then answered, “Yes, I am happy.” I casually joked with her by asking, “Bhabhiji bache-wache ka kuch planning kiya hai ki nahi.”

My busty landlady got sad and tried to avoid that question, so I also changed the topic. After some chatting, I went back to my home to study, but I could definitely sense that she was not happy with her marriage.

But then again I thought I was foolish to think like this. She was very much happy with Anant bhaiya. But who knew that my suspicion would actually become true one day.

On that day, I was returning from my friend’s birthday party and it was quite late. It was around 12 in the night, so I quietly sneaked into the compound without disturbing my landlords.

But just when I was about to go to my house, I heard some noises coming from Shruti bhabhi’s house. I quietly went to her house and the noise was coming from their bedroom side.

I hid in the bushes in the garden and tried to see what is happening. I saw that Shruti bhabhi and Anant bhaiya were having sex and they had forgotten to switch off their light and close their curtains! I could literally see what was happening.

Bhabhi was completely naked. She had a nice figure. Wow, those boobs, my god, that was a great view. She was lying in bed and Anant bhaiya was fucking her in a missionary position. But, after a few seconds, he climaxed in her pussy.

My busty landlady seemed very much unhappy and started to cry and scold Anant bhaiya and asked him why did he marry her when he cannot fulfill her physical needs?

Anant bhaiya said nothing and he slept. Shruti bhabhi came out of the house to cry as she was sad. She noticed that there was someone behind the bushes. I quickly hid and ran to my home before she could notice me. I then masturbated the whole night thinking about the incident and Shruti bhabhi’s figure and boobs.

I thought to myself, that this would be a nice opportunity for me to lose my virginity since Shruti bhabhi was sexually unhappy with her marriage. I thought to myself that I could fulfill her and my physical needs.

So, the next day, I came home early from my college by bunking the last two periods. As usual, I went to bhabhi’s house to chat with her. She was surprised to see me back so early.

She asked me, “Why did you come early today?”

I told her, “My last classes were canceled, so I came early,” and we sat together to talk.

After a few minutes of talking, I asked bhabhi, “Why were you crying yesterday?”

Bhabhi said, “Toh kal raat woh jaadiyo mein tum hi te na?”

I said, “Ha bhabhi, mein hi tha.”

She said it was nothing and she was crying simply. I went close to her and put my hands on her shoulder. I told her, “Think of me as your friend and tell me everything that happened,” and I stroked her hair. She got comfortable and started telling me her story.

She told me that she was not interested in marrying Anant bhaiya but how her parents had forced her to marry him, and suddenly she burst into tears.

I wiped her tears and came closer to her. I started to stroke her hair and she continued her story-telling to me that she is not happy with her marriage.

I asked her whether she loved someone else and she said, “Yes.” She used to love someone in her college but he was from a different caste so her parents didn’t allow them to get married.

I felt very sad and told her to use my shoulder to cry on. My landlady used it to cry, her head was on my chest now. It was so erotic. I asked her how was her sex life with Anant bhaiya?

She got shy but I insisted that she tell me. She said that Anant bhaiya was always busy and didn’t have much time for her. Her sex life was not very good.

I thought to myself that this was my chance as her head was lying on my shoulder. She looked very hot that day. She was wearing blue jeans and a tight orange t-shirt.

I gently held her face and told her, “Bhabhi sab kuch thik ho jayega, main hoon…na,” she smiled.

I thought this might be the green signal for me, so I kissed her lips. Suddenly, my hand grabbed her boobs and was kissing her lips but my hot landlady resisted and broke the kiss and slapped me hard on my face and told me to get out of the house at once. I got scared and ran to my house quickly.

That night was very hard for me. I was scared that she would tell this to Anant bhaiya and to my parents so I didn’t sleep the whole night.

Like this, 2-3 days passed. I quietly kept myself away from her and used to go to my college. I didn’t even go to their house for 2-3 days in the fear that she would tell Anant bhaiya and my parents.

One fine day, it was very early in the morning and some noises were coming from down. So I went to check what was it. I came to know that Anant bhaiya was going out on a business trip for a week to Delhi.

I went down and said goodbye to bhaiya and he left. Then I looked at Shruti bhabhi. She was standing there with anger on her face. I went near her and apologized to her.

I said that I would never ever do that again and begged her to forgive me. She forgave me and we became friends again like we used to be earlier.

I came back to my house and was very happy that bhabhi forgave me but I was also sad that I couldn’t get any chance to have sex with her. I buried my feelings and went to get ready for college.

I went to college and attended my lectures but that whole day I was only thinking about my hot and busty landlady.

I was coming back home from college but it started to rain heavily. Luckily, I had an umbrella with me. As I was walking towards my house, I suddenly saw Shruti bhabhi on the way. She was totally drenched in the rain and was coming back from shopping.

I saw her and asked her to come under my umbrella until we reached home. Bhabhi agreed. That day bhabhi was wearing an orange saree with a tight, blue blouse. She was drenched in the rain and was very wet. She was wearing red lipstick that day.

I thought of kissing her soft lips, but I controlled myself and picked up her bags and walked towards the house.

When we reached the house, my landlady asked me to help her to get the clothes that she had kept outside for drying. While doing this, I also got drenched in the rain and became wet.

Bhabhi told me to come inside and gave me a towel and told me to wrap it around myself and to dry my clothes. I said, “Ok,” and took the towel and went to the bathroom and wrapped myself in the towel.

At this time again some naughty thoughts came to my mind. When I came out I was just in my underwear covered by a towel. I requested bhabhi to make me tea because it was cold outside.

She agreed and went into the kitchen to make tea for me. She was still in her wet clothes. Meanwhile, I came from the back and grabbed her perfect round ass.

I hugged her from behind and started to kiss her neck using my tongue. She was shocked and turned her back. Then I kissed her lips again. She resisted and broke the kiss and slapped me again.

But this time, I didn’t leave and told her that I had seen everything that night. I told her that I knew that she was not happy with bhaiya. She became shy.

I told her that I would be happy to fulfill all her needs. In this way, I would also fulfill my needs and started to kiss her. This time she also cooperated.

But again she broke the kiss and said to me, “Yeh galat hai. Mein shaadi-shuda hu,” for which I said, “Yeh galat nahi hai. Aaaj kal yeh sab chalta hai bhabhi,” and started to kiss her even harder.

I grabbed my busty landlady with my bare hands and started to squeeze her boobs. She enjoyed it and after sometime, I put my tongue in her mouth and she also put her tongue in my mouth.

We started to French-kiss for about 2 minutes, then I picked her up in my arms and went inside her bedroom, and threw her on the bed. I removed her saree and blouse.

Now she was only in her bra and panty. She was looking very sexy in black lingerie. I unwrapped my towel and was only in my underwear. I jumped on the bed and started to make out with her.

I grabbed her boobs while kissing her lips. She became comfortable and suddenly became wild as if something has gotten into her. She also started kissing me wildly.

I tore her bra and started to suck on her big white boobs while I put my hand in her panty. Her pussy was totally wet and it looks like my trick had worked.

I put my finger inside her pussy and started fingering her while sucking on her breasts as she started to moan while I was doing it. Then I went down while kissing her navel region and removed her panty. Now she was completely naked.

I spread her legs and started to lick my sexy landlady’s pussy with my tongue. She was moaning loudly and said, “Anant bhaiya never licked my pussy.” I licked her pussy for about 10 minutes. Then she cummed in my mouth and I drank all her pussy juices.

Then she said to me, “It’s now my turn,” and she removed my underwear. My penis became hard. She was shocked to see my penis. I have a long and thick penis which is about 7.5 inches.

She told me that she has never seen this big a penis and laughed that her husband’s penis is half my size which is around 3-4 inches only. She started to suck my dick.

I started to enjoy it very much. She was using her tongue and her teeth to give me pleasure. Then I took her head and pushed my dick inside her throat.

She gave me a deep-throat and later took out my dick from her mouth and said to me, “Wow, that was fantastic. I have never done this in my life like this.”

Then I made her sit in a doggy position on the bed (I wanted to do doggy style with her since I had seen that many times in porn), and again I slid my face in between her ass to feel her perfectly round ass.

Then I put my penis near her clit region and started to tease her. Shruti bhabhi became impatient and said to me, “Ab bas bhi karo, kitna pareshan karoge. Andar daal do,” and I put my penis inside her pussy.

I started to fuck her slowly and then Increased my speed. She was very tight and started to moan every time my balls would hit her ass while fucking.

She started moaning very loudly and this continued for almost 25-30 minutes, and I finally came in her pussy. We lay next to each other and smooched for a bit and then fell asleep for half an hour.

After half an hour she went to the shower and I also went inside with her and fucked her pussy there also. After our shower fucking we came back for another session of fucking.

That day we fucked in different positions and I also fucked her in the ass (anal) with lube. Our fucking continued till 1 am in the night then we slept naked.

We enjoyed that whole week. I stayed with her in the house the whole week fucking her and didn’t go to college that week.

After a week, Anant bhaiya returned from his business trip, but still I got time to fuck her in the evening when Anant bhaiya was not there. That was the best period of my life. I enjoyed those 2 years when I was in my hostel. My landlady Shruti bhabhi taught me a lot of things in bed and she taught me to how to please a woman and all.

Anant bhaiya never came to know about our affair. And after 2 years, I graduated and had to leave the house for a job in Mumbai. It’s been 7 years. Still, I and Shruti bhabhi are in touch and whenever I go to Nashik I meet with her and have sex with my married landlady. They now have a 5 years old son who looks a bit like me.

I think that I might be his father but whenever I ask this question to her she just laughs and avoids this question. Thank you all. This is my first ever story that I am writing. Hope you guys enjoy it. There will be many more stories to come.

Until then, stay tuned.

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