Married maid Neelu ke saat sex aur pyar – Desi sex story

Married maid Neelu ke saat sex aur pyar – Desi sex story

Hey, This is Ishan from Kanpur, 23 years of age. I am 5 ft 9 in height and good looking, slim toned built body. This is my first story that happened with me recently.

The queen of this story is my darling Neelima, my maid. She is 5 ft 3 a hot lady with great figure, beautiful face cut, and her curves…. don’t even ask (seducing is the word), brown, dusky skin babe in her recent 30’s.

My maid has a daughter and a son. She used to wear saree sometimes but mostly kurta and salwar. In the saree her curves and her round navel would be visible and with her dusky skin she looked like an Egyptian sex goddess.

I had just completed my graduation and was preparing for some jobs. My father is businessman and we had a 3 storied building. Neelima use to work in our house. Since our house had lots of space, I used to stay on the top floor.

Earlier I did not have any bad intentions towards my maid and I even talked to her very rarely. Things changed one day when I came from outside slipped and fell down due to the water on the floor which Neelima had dropped while cleaning. I got hurt on my forehead and a slight cut on my lips.

Seeing that, my maid Neelima rushed towards me and helped me to get up and told me to lie down on the bed nearby and she sat beside me. She then put some water on my forehead and cleaned it with her dupatta.

Then she rushed and brought a balm and applied it to my forehead. Later she saw that there was slight bleeding from my lips so she came near me and started blowing air from her mouth onto my lips. Her face and she was very close to me, her lips being just 1/2 inches away from mine.

The sweet air blowing out her mouth directly entered mine and I could feel her warm breath in my mouth. Also the fragrance of her body made me crazy. For the first time, my intentions changed. I wanted to grab her and smooch her lips but I was scared if she gets angry and tells my mom.

After some time of blowing air, she asked, “Baba, are you alright?” I told her that I was fine now.

I got up and went to my room and lay on my bed but that incident was appearing in my mind again and again. I was completely aroused and my tool was erect like a hot, red rod.

Thinking of all these things, I closed the door of my room went to the bathroom and masturbated 3 times. The whole day I was thinking of my maid and then made up my mind to fuck her anyhow.

Neelima used to come twice to work, once in morning around 8 and again in the evening around 5. The next day Neelima saw me and asked, “Ishan baba, how are you?”

Me – Neelu, you treated me like a doctor yesterday. How can I not be fine Dr. Neelu?

Listening to this, she started to laugh and replied, “Kya baba aap bhi na.”

From that day, I began to tease her by calling her Dr. Neelu and she became very shy, our conversation started to grow. Once I helped her in her financial crisis by giving her some money.

One day I dropped her to the nearby market in my car. She was sitting beside me on the front seat (I wanted to stop the car and hug her but did not have the courage). Seeing all my gesture, her concern for me also started to grow. And she always inquired how I was?

Later after 2-3 days, she didn’t come to work and my mom got angry (my mom always used to shout at her). Mom told me to go to her place and tell her that a lot of work is pending and to enquire why she had not come.

I went to her home as she lived nearby about 1 km away. When I entered, I met her daughter. I asked her where is your mom? She guided me to her room. I entered the room without knocking, she was changing and was topless.

I said, “Sorry..sorry,” and came out (my dick started to grow as I had just seen my darling topless). I wanted to suck her boobs right away but I controlled. She called me in after sometime. I again told her that I was sorry.

My maid said, “It’s ok baba, it happens.” (I wanted to grab her in my arms). Then she told me to sit and guided me to her bed and asked, “Ishan baba bahot dino baad? ”

I told her that mom had sent me to enquire and that mom is angry!

She said, “Baba, actually I got fever so I didn’t come to work.” I touched her forehead, it was quite warm.

I said, “Aare tumko toh fever hai. Dawa li ya nahi?” She said, “Yes,” she had. I then told her, “Don’t worry, I will convince mom. You take rest Ok, I am leaving.”

She stood up and said, “Baba aap bahot din ke baad aye hain, chai to peekar jaiye.” she then got ready to prepare tea. I told her not to worry but she was adamant. I then held her hands and told her to sit down as she was not well.

But she insisted, “Nahi baba, bina chai piye kaise jaane de sakte?” I stood up, held her near the shoulders and made her sit down. Then I told her, “Ok tumhe bukhar bhi hai chai to hum piyenge,” then I called her daughter and asked, “Beta chai bana leti ho?” She said, “No.”

I told her to show me the kitchen, I will prepare tea. My maid resisted but I didn’t listen. I prepared the tea and brought it to her. She said, “Baba aapki wife bahot naseeb wali hogi,” I asked, “Kyu?”

“Aaap kitne handsome ho, achi personality hai, loving and caring bhi ho, koi bhi woman aapko love karegi,” to which I asked, “Tum bhi karti ho?” and I winked at her smilingly. She became shy and bent her head down.

Neelu – Dhat baba.
Me – Kyu? Main itna bura hu?

Neelu – Nahi, wo baat nahi hai main married hu.
Me – Agar nahi hoti to karti?

Neelu – Baba aap bhi na.

I started to laugh.

Me – How is the tea?

Neelima – Itne pyar se banaya hai bahot tasty hai, baba.

Me – Acha socho, main thode pyar se chai banaya, wo itni tasty hai toh bahotvpyar se kuch karu toh kya-kya ho jaega?

Neelima – (Looked sown with a smile) Baba aap bahot badmash ho.

I again started to laugh. I inquired about her life and about her husband.

Neelima – Sub acha hai baba, huband raat ko aata hai kabhi-kabhi nahi bhi aata hai (He use to paint buildings).
Me – to tumhe problem hoti hogi.
Neelima – Hmmmm.

Me – Ok Neelu, I should leave, you take rest, I will convince mom.
Neelu – Nahi baba, main aati thodi der me.

Me – No, you are not well, take rest.
Neelu – Nahi baba.

(She was not listening to me and was constantly speaking), so I kept one hand on her shoulder and the other on her lips and said, “Sssshhhssh..quiet,” she became quite. Then I told her to take rest and come the next day. She nooded, “Hmm.”

I was about to start my bike.

Neelima – Baba, aate rahiyega.
Me – Pyar se chai banaunga pyar badh gaya to (laughed).
Neelima- Apko flirt karne main maihi mili hun? And she lovingly patted on my hands. Then she ran inside smiling.

I was happy. I did some part of my work. I came home told mom she will come the next morning and straight went upstairs in my room and was thinking of her. While sleeping at night I masturbated once more. I i was dying to love her, make her mine and I slept in her thoughts.

The next day she came to my room as always with a cup of coffee (I had a morning habit of drinking coffee).

Neelima- Baba uthiye, coffee piili jiye.

(I was intentionally acting asleep so that she comes near me). My maid then came near me and sat on the bed beside me and removed the blanket covering me.

Neelima- Baba uth jao pii lo coffee.

I woke up, sighing, “ummmm..”

Me – Pyar se banai ho?
Neelima- Nahin afrat se.
Me – Jao tab nahi pita.

Neelima- Aare ye kya pii lo na….
Me – Nafratwali coffee nahi.
Neelu – Acha pyar se banai.
Me – Acha to pyar se pila bhi do.

Neelu – Baba main aapki biwi thodi hu.
Me – Pata hai mujhe, biwi hoti to abhi takk to tumhe….

Neelu – Kya tumhe?
Me – Promise karo gussa nahi hogi tab bataunga.

Neelu – Acha nahi hongi.

I showed some courage took her hands in mine, pulled her and grabbed her in my arms.

Neelu – Baba choro mujhe. (She was trying to free herself but my hold was too tight, and she was sticking to me).
Me – Nahi.
Neelu – Koi dekh lega (and was struggling in my arms).

Me – Mann nahi kar raha hai.

(I then kissed her forhead).

Neelima- Baba kya kar rahe ho choro please. (I was in no mood to leave her but was scared if she gets angry).

She stood up adjusted her dress and said,

Neelu-Ab main kabhi coffee dene nahi aaungi.
Me – Tumhara baba bhukha rahega fir.

Neelima- Haan baba, badmash ho gaya hai bhukha rahe ab.

I rushed towards her but she also ran. I caught her, grabbed her in my arms, lifted her and brought her in my room, threw her on my bed and got above her catching both her hands.

Me – Ab bolo coffee dene aaogi ya nahi?
Neelu – Baba koi dekh lega. (I knew she was enjoying).

Me – Yahan mere aur tumhare alawa aata hi kaun hai?
Neelu – Acha aaungi coffee dene, chor do please.

Me – Pehle ek kiss do.
Neelu – Pagal kahi ka, choro koi aa jaega. (I kissed her on her forehead).

Neelu (struggling) – Haye ram choro. (She was shouting silently).

I got courage and kissed her left cheek (she was shocked). Then I kissed her right cheek.

Neelu – Please choro.

I then tried to kiss her lips but she moved her face left and right so I came down and started to kiss her neck deeply.

Neelu (aaahhh)- Chor do baba (constantly struggling).

I thought she might be angry so I left her. She stood up and adjusted her dress.

Neelu – Shadi kar lo baba bahut dust ho gaye ho (lovingly). I was laughing.

Me – Aao kar le.
Neelu – Hatt dust pagal kahin ka.

Listening to this, I moved to catch her again but she ran. At the stairs, she teased me and moved downstairs. I then went to the bathroom and masturbated with immense pleasure thinking of this incident, then freshened up and came downstairs.

The next evening, I returned home from outside and went up to my room. I saw she was mopping the floor with the fan on.

Me – Itni thand me fan on ki ho fir bukhar aagega toh?
Neelu-Toh aap aakar chai bana kar pila dena (with a smile).

(My courage grew.)

Me – Acha pyarwali chai piyogi ye aise hi?
Neelu – Dhat.

(I then closed the door and approached towards her).

Neelu – Door kyu band kiya?

(I grabbed her in my arms).

Me – Tum chidhao to theek main nahi.

Neelu – Toh chidha nahi sakti?
Me – Tum jaan ho kuch bhi kar sakti.

Neelu – Acha chor do.
Me – Ek kissy liye bina aaj nahi chorunga.

Neelu – Ye galat hai.
Me – To galti manjur hai mujhe.

(I pulled her very close as if I am glued to her, her fragrance drove me mad).

Neelu – Acha bas ek.
Me – Ok.

Neelu kissed me on my left cheek.
Me – On other cheek also.

Neelu moved to kiss my other cheek but I straightened my face and her lips met mine. I pushed her face on mine and we had a long lasting kiss.

Neelu (fluttering) – Chor do (silently).

My maid was not parting her lips so I tickled her and as she opened her mouth I locked her lips once more and this time I sucked her upper lips, then lower and smooched her deeply. Her warm breath and sweet saliva made me crazy.

Neelu now with full force pushed me and freed herself from me. She stood up and wiped her mouth.

Neelu – Bahut gande ho aap (with a hidden smile).
Me (laughing)- Neelu I love you, maja aa gaya (breathing heavily).

Neelu – Badmash (ran downstairs).

I was in immense pleasure and lying on bed taking a long breath with a smile.

From that day, I used to kiss Neelu daily and she always resisted but never got angry.

One fine day my parents and sis were going out for a day as there was a wedding in my relations.

I thought this to be a golden opportunity. I did not go with them and they all left that evening around 5. They said that they would be coming the next day and till then take care of the home.

At around 6 pm, my maid Neelu came and I opened the door and said, “Meri darling aa gai.”

Neelu – Sssshhh. koi sun lega (and she started to go in).

I closed the door.

Me – Hai kon jo sunega?

Hearing this, Neelu stopped immediately and she turned, I started to laugh like devil.

Neelu – (with a scared smile) Dekho baba kuch faltu mat sochna.

I started to laugh, “hahahhahaaaa.”

Neelu – Durr raho.

I approached towards her and she started to run. I ran behind her to grab my queen. My maid was running here and there. She ran upstairs. I followed her and grabbed her with both my arms tightly, and lifted her up in my arms and straight away took her to my room and closed the door.

Then I placed her gently on my bed. I got on top of her and pulled the blankets on us.

Neelu – Ye galat hai baba, chor do mujhe.
Me – Mujhe pyar karna hai.

I kissed her forehead and then on her whole face (very gently).

Neelu – Please baba samjho.

I placed my finger on her lips. She became quite). I brought my face very close to hers, there was hardly a gap between our lips. Her heavy breath entered my mouth and mine in hers (her breath was very warm and sweetish).

I gently placed my lips on hers and pulled her face towards mine, we remained in that position for some time. I then told her open her mouth (she was confused) and then opened it. I gently took her upper lips in my mouth and sucked, then sucked her lower lips.

Then I started to go deep and kissed her deep. Her saliva got exchanged with mine. I drank each and every drop.

Now I told her, “Take out your tongue,” (she could not understand what to do). I took out my tongue and showed her how to do it.

I ran my tongue on her tongue, then pulled it in my mouth and sucked it hard (her tongue was sour but tasty), I didn’t want to leave it. Neelu also now got aroused and started to respond. I entered her mouth and our kiss turned to smooch. We shared a deep smooch and sucked each other’s tongue.

Then I moved down and started to kiss her neck and shoulder (the fragrance from her body was intoxicating), I ran my tongue all over her neck and shoulders.

Neelu – Aaahhhum..mmmishannnnn (and she pulled me close).

Now I made my maid sit and opened her sweater and kurta, she was just in her bra and salwar. We hugged each other tightly and our naked bodies met.

Then I made her lie opposite and started to kiss her whole back by running my tongue on her bare back (the fragrance of her body was killing me).

Neelu – Ishaannnn.. darling moreee.. yourrr myyy……

I unhooked her bra and she was naked on top. I sucked her earlobes from behind, kissed her neck then turned her around. Those round soft boobs were in front of me. I attacked them like a wolf and started to suck them hard and bite them with my teeth.

Neelu – Aaaahhhh..sshhhhhhmaaah.

I sucked her boobs and made them red, then proceeded towards her belly and started to lick it. As I entered my warm tongue in her dusky navel she shivered and pulled my hair.

Neelu – Jaanuuuu…I loveeeuuu..aaahh…..

Her moaning aroused me wildly and I started to suck her whole body between my lips. She was also wild, then I kissed her pussy over the salwar (a current ran through her body). Then I took off her salwar and panty.

I sniffed her bare pussy (the smell of her pussy was the best smell of my life), and I started to kiss her pussy deep. Then I spat and separated her pussy lips and tried to insert my tongue in deep, she cried in pain.

Neelu – Jaanuuuu..ahhhhaahahh..mmhhhhh…

Then I licked my maid’s clit and tongued her swollen pussy. I took her pussy lips between my lips and tongued deep in her. I started to suck with pressure.

Neelu – (cried loudly) Isaaaannn.. mere jaaannnn..Aahhhhhaahhh….

I kept sucking as I heard her cries, “Aahhhhhh yeeeeekkjjjjlkkmmmnnnn.”

She pulled my hair, pushed my face deep in her pussy and after 15 minutes of hard and vigorous sucking she started to shake.

Neelu – Aahhaaaahaaaaaeeee….and she had her first orgasm. She exploded her warm juices in my mouth. I didn’t waste a single drop of her honey. (The devil was in me).

She stood and pulled me towards her and kissed me, tears were flowing out her eyes.

Neelu – Ishan you are my love. I love you a lot jaan. (and lip-locked my lips once again).
Me – I love you too my darling.

Neelu – (with tears in her eyes) You are my husband.

I pulled her close and began kissing all over her face, she unzipped my pants and threw it aside. She caressed my dick with her hands. She hesitated to take it in her mouth. I explained to her, “There is nothing dirty in sex,” and then she took it in her mouth.

Her wet tongue on my dick made it into a hot iron rod (I never had such an awesome experience). I fucked her deep in her throat. Then took out my dick, and a blob of saliva started to drool out her mouth. I bent and took it in my mouth (her saliva was divine).

Then I made her lie down and started to rub my dick over her pussy lips.

Neelu – Darlingggg…..abbbb….auuurr….nahiiii, fuck meeam harddd….

I adjusted my position and applied a thrust, her pussy was already wet and half my dick went inside.

She yelled in pain, cried with tears begging me, Please nikalo,” but now I had become a devil and continued stroking and she yelled loudly.

Neelu – Maaaaaahhhhhhh…..mrrrrrrrgaaii….unnnnnaaaahhhh. I was in no mood of listening and my pace was in top gear. Neelu now started to cry.

Neelu – Jaaan…..fuckkkkhhk…..harddd…

(My maid was crying very loudly so I lip-locked her lips with mine and now her shouts were not coming out of her mouth). I was about to reach my orgasm. I adjusted my pace and kept digging and she also was on the verge of an explosion. I asked where should I explode?

Neelu – Innnnnn….meeeeee (loudly).

We both started to shake and tremble and exploded together. I fell on her and we lay in each other’s arms and were breathing heavily. Her face revealed that she was completely satisfied and she hugged me tight. Her face was next to mine.

Me – Kaisa laga?

She didn’t reply but kissed my lips again and again.

Neelu – I love you. Aaj se tum hi mere pati ho.

I kissed her hands.

Me – Aur tum meri biwi.
Neelu – Mujhe kisses bahot pasand hai.

Me – Acha to karo mujhe.

Neelu got on top of me and took both my lips in her mouth and sucked very hard, then she ran her tongue on my lips (her tongue was very wet).

My maid then started to lick my face with her tongue. Lots of Saliva from her tongue started to drool down my face, after some time licking my face was completely drenched with her saliva. She then asked to open my mouth. I did so and she poured a blob of saliva directly in my mouth.

I have never been kissed like this, even I liked it and asked her for more, she again spat in my mouth, such type of kisses made me unstoppable. I again took her tongue in my mouth (trust me it was very much wet). I drank drop by drop of her saliva and sucked her tongue for a long time.

This aroused me to a great extent. Then we had another fuck session. She separated and told me she had to go as it was 9 pm. She got up wore all her clothes, I grabbed her in my arms, lifted her up and went downstairs and continued smooching her. I opened the door she then said, “I love you,” and left.

The next morning the doorbell rang at around 7. I woke up thinking who would it be so early?

I opened the door and saw it was my baby Neelu. I closed the door and understood why she had come early.

I was about to take her to my room, but she said. “Let me finish my work first, till then you freshen up. I am coming for you only.: Hearing this, I was elated. My maid then came upstairs with coffee for me, but I was in no mood for coffee.

I kept the coffee on the table pulled her on me under my blanket, we were sticking to each other.

Me – Aur ab tum married nahi ho?
Neelu – Pati tum ho mere.

Hearing this, I hugged her in my arms, I kissed her neck, shoulders, sucked each of her body part with my lips.

We then engaged in a long deep kiss for almost 1 hour. I sucked her tongue and later told her, “I need your saliva,” and she gave in my mouth.

We had 2-3 sessions again and cleaned ourselves and went down as my family would be coming soon.

At 11 am, I heard the horn of our car. I left her and switched on the TV and pretended as if I was watching TV. Mom and sis entered the house.

Mom- Neelu tum aaj late?
Neelu – Aunty aaj late ho gaya tha (and she started to mop the floor).

Mom and sis went inside. I winked at Neelu and she smiled.

From that day, daily I use to smooch my darling Neelu and make love to her when she comes in my room with coffee.

Now, I use to wake up with her kisses not coffee. My days are out of the world. Thanks to my darling, my queen Neelu. We are in love now.

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