Married Natasha recalls virginity loss to Shwetank – Virginity Story

Married Natasha recalls virginity loss to Shwetank – Virginity Story

Hey, I am here to tell my story to everyone. This is a true story, about the experiences that I had and the life I have lived.

My name is Natasha Pereira. I stay in Mumbai now. I am married, and I have 2 beautiful kids, but I was not always like this. Not only that, but I had a colorful life earlier.

This story starts when I was in the 12th standard and was just about to decide which college to go to or which entrance exam to prepare for.
I was not very good at studies in school, but I was popular.

I was the captain of the handball team and guys generally used to refer to me as the girl whose boobs jump up and down when she runs. Furthermore, I guess I had big boobs even at that time compared to most of the other girls.

I developed early, at that time my figure was 34c-24-34. Also, our uniform was a white shirt and green skirt. I wore the shirt a little tight and the skirt a little higher. I guess I loved showing my assets at that time.

Plus I was never shy. I was very open-minded and adventurous,  so guys loved me. I was like that friend every guy has that he can talk dirty with about anything.

Furthermore, I had BFs before, but it was limited to just some make out sessions or boobs pressing and me touching his dick over his pants. This was the extent I have gone with a guy.

Things changed when one day this guy friend of mine, his name was Shwetank, told me that some of his friends were talking and were rating all the girls in 12th in order of how much they wanted to fuck each of them.

When he told me that I was the one name that came up the most, my heart almost skipped a beat.I was wet, my pussy was drenched in juice. I felt really aroused.

He also confessed to me that he had masturbated several times thinking about me. To be honest I was very happy to hear that. From the next day, I started showing some more skin, legs and leaving two top buttons open.

I was soon becoming the talk of the school among the guys. Even some teachers tried to stare down my shirt. It gave me great pleasure to tease them.

One day Shwetank asked me to come to his place as his parents are out, and he is planning a small party. I immediately said, “Yes,” and I was very excited to go to this party.

I wore denim shorts and this revealing black tank top, showing a lot of cleavage without a bra. When I reached his home I could see that there were 3-4 cars parked outside and beats from the music were coming from the house.

As I entered, I was greeted with a big hug from Shwetank. He took me in the house and I saw there were 7-8 people, out of whom 2 were girls the rest were boys. I knew everyone there and the vibe was wonderful. So we started drinking, dancing and having a good time.

During the time, I was dancing I saw guys were staring at me like they would have fucked me there only.  I was enjoying the attention, so I started to dance more seductively and running my hand into my hair, with my boobs jiggling and ass swaying.

Some time passed and everyone was drunk or had left-back for their homes. Shwetank and I were the only ones who were there. He kept staring at me.

Then he started smiling, came close to me, and said, “Dost hai na?” I said, “Ha, hoon,” to which he replied, “Toh fir chud lena mujhse.” I was like what just happened? I was stark shocked and just stared at him.

He asked me again, “Chudegi kya?” and I was like what should I say. I slowly said, “Nah virgin hun main, dard hoga.” He just smiled and drank a sip of his drink, then passed me the glass and said bottoms up.

I took the glass and finished as much as I could. I kept the glass down. As soon as I did that, Shwetank out of nowhere grabbed my top and literally dragged me to the bedroom.

As we reached the bedroom he left my top and pulled me toward him and just kissed me. I was not sure what to do? I was shocked, but secretly I knew I am enjoying this.

I tried pushing him away, but he was very aggressive. He literally bit my lip off. After that, he stopped and stared at me and turned me around, and started pressing my boobs.

I just closed my eyes and stood there. For a good 5 minutes, he did that, after that he put his hand under my top and pressed my boobs again. Suddenly it struck me that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

I said to him, “Nahi Shwetank nahi, please mat karo na.” He ignored my pleas completely and kept pressing them. By now I was really aroused and my nipples started to get hard. I don’t know if he noticed that or not but soon he started pinching my nipples.

Suddenly he stopped and whispered in my ears, “Saare dost sahi khete hain, tere boobs sabse badiya hai.” I just blushed and stayed quiet. By now his hands were all over me touching my ass too.

Then he started dry humping me and pushing his dick against my ass. He was wearing jeans, but I swear I was able to feel his dick on my ass. His hand went toward my top and with force, he just removed my top.

I was standing there topless with an aroused but surprised look on my face. He then went for my shorts. Now I said to him raising my voice, “Bas abb ho gaya,” he just replied, “Shhhh.”

Within 2 seconds he pulled my shorts down. He turned me around and looked at me from the top to the bottom, carefully admiring my body. I was standing there topless with hard nipples and pink panties and my shorts down around my ankles.

He smiled again and said, “Tujhe pata bhi nahi hai ki kabse mai tujhe nanga dekhna chata tha.” I just blushed again. He then started kissing me again slowly taking his clothes off.

He too, was down to his undies now. I just looked, and I could see the size and shape of his dick clearly. Without hesitating he took his shorts off and was showing his dick.

He took it in his hand and gave it two quick strokes. I just bit my lower lip seeing it, but by now I was really aroused. He then kept his hands on my shoulders and staring pushing me to get on my knees.

Then he said, “Natasha lund muh me le mera.” By now I knew where this was heading, and I just thought let’s enjoy this.  I was not some amateur who doesn’t know what a blow job is.

I have seen some porn, so I knew what to do. I got down on my knees and took his cock in my hand and opened my mouth. Furthermore, I just licked the tip of his dick and he said, “Aahhhh.”

I started licking the entire dick and took it in my mouth and sucked it well. Shwetank by now had closed his eyes and was enjoying it. As I had seen in porn, I went for his balls and sucked them too.

He suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Wah sali randi kitne ladko ka chus chuki hai, maza aa gaya.” I looked at him and just smiled again. By now I was really wet, and he was hard and ready to go.

He then just grabbed my hair and pulled me up and started rubbing my pussy over my panty. He must have felt how wet I was. Without him even trying I took off my panty and shorts completely and threw them aside.

We both were completely naked and smiling. He said, “Natasha bed pe hath rakh le aur ghoom ja, doggy style mein chodunga tujhe.” I did as he asked, and then I remembered and shouted, “Wait, condom.”

He then just opened the drawer next to the bed and took out a packet of condoms. “Aaj he poora packet kharid ke le aya,” he said. He quickly put the condom on and was ready to go.

I was just praying that I will not get much pain.  He slowly put his dick inside my pussy, initially, it didn’t go in but after a little push, it did. I just felt the pain and shouted, “Aahhhh.”

He didn’t stop and kept going, after some time the pain changed to pleasure, and I was enjoying it a lot. He kept slapping my ass and that was making me hotter and hornier.

Suddenly he stops and said, “Normal position me karenge.” We fucked like this for 20 minutes and tried 2 positions. Finally, he cummed, and I too had an orgasm.

We just lay there in bed naked after the session, breathing heavily.  He turned toward me and said, “Abse tujhe roj chodunga gharpe, car me, school me, har jagah.” I again just smiled, and we dozed off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up around 6:30 in the morning and I saw Shwetank naked in bed next to me. I was really happy. I just gathered my clothes got dressed and left.

From then, we fucked regularly and yes in every place and time we could find. He loved calling me, “Randi,” I don’t know why. Apart from him, I slept with one more guy in my 12th class.

I’ll tell you about him in the next story. Hope you liked the story. Please forgive me for any grammar errors or spelling mistakes. If you want me to write the next part too, please let me know and like and comment.
You can contact me at [email protected]

Thank you.

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