Married neighbor aunty teaches virgin boy about sex – Sex story

Married neighbor aunty teaches virgin boy about sex – Sex story

Hi guys and girls, this is Nic. Let me tell you something about myself. I am 20 years old, in my final year in a reputed college in Chennai. This is my first real-life incident that happened recently before the quarantine and by luck, it continues.

The main character of the story is my neighbour aunt Rathi, aged 28 (name changed). She is married and has a kid who is 2 years old. Soon after her delivery, her husband left for work in the Gulf and had not returned due to lockdown.

My neighbour aunt calls him daily and talks with him for hours. Now, since we were neighbors, we used to chat regularly and I would help her with her household work. Like everyone says here in their stories, I too never had any bad intention on her and we were like friends.

I was having a strong urge towards sex and since most of my college mates had girlfriends, but I did not have one, I was left in the friend zone. Maybe because of being a little fat.. Yeah, I do have a beer belly and look a little chubby.

This sex urge made me read a lot of stories and watch porn. I became addicted to it and started masturbating in the first year of college.

As I said earlier, my neighbour aunt Rathi was a friend to me and she often advises me to get rid of that belly. She used to compliment my hair and often touches it saying it feels soft.

One day I was bored being at home and started sketching my friends’ pictures (I am good at sketching) and shared it with them. I had an old picture of Rathi and started sketching it and shared it with her.

She liked it a lot and uploaded it as her status. Her husband saw that and since he knew that I was good at sketching, he guessed it was me. He thought that I had bad intentions on his wife and he started scolding her.

Even though she tried to explain a lot, he couldn’t comprehend. I initially was angry with him and spoke to him, telling him that I never had any bad intention on her but he started shouting at me.

I got pissed off at his attitude and went back home. The next day after knowing that I had sketched their marriage picture with him on her side and she had cropped the image of her alone for status, he sent a sorry text.

I told him, “It’s okay.” But I avoided meeting my neighbour aunt, since I had a bad feeling inside of me for getting scolding for some silly issues and the main reason being that I was responsible for it.

In the evening, I received a message from her, saying that she was sorry and I felt really bad. This was the first incident that made me sexually look at her.

Things became normal between us but in a different sort of way. We started sharing more stuff and became closer. Hugs and touches became common.

She liked taking pictures and I happened to have a camera, so I began to teach her photography. I started staring at her assets, but she never minded about it and I often accidentally (kind of) touched her body in different places.

One fine day, while we were experimenting taking photographs with a mirror, the reflection of her eyes was good through the mirror and the window frame, as I was trying to take a picture of her from behind.

She had just had a head bath and had an arousing aroma in her hair and her whole body was a little wet. At this very moment, I had an instant hard-on feeling.

I was very close behind her and my bro started to knock on her crack. She had a grin on her face as she understood what was happening and had the same feelings too.

I intentionally placed my bro in the grinding position and was trying to take pictures lying on her back to escape getting spotted in the picture. Later I asked her to remain in the same bent position and this time I went under her to capture low-angle shots though the mirror.

Now her boobs were hanging above my head and I was directly below her. In that position, I couldn’t take even one picture as her aroma and her hanging boobs on my head were diverting me.

I had an idea and took the camera and placed its shutter button under her left boob and placed my finger over her boob as if searching for the button and feeling her at the same time.

This aroused her a lot and I could feel her nipple getting hard. Then the photography session got over and we went for tea. The pictures came out well and this time she blocked her husband on WhatsApp from viewing her status and shared the pictures on her status.

After that, I went home and masturbated thinking of the happenings of that lucky day. She texted me that she received a lot of compliments on the photograph that she uploaded and she thanked me for that.

I too said thanks to her and she replied, “For what?” I said, “For your support,” and she sent a smiley with hearts for the eyes. Immediately she said, “I know,” and I was shocked for a moment.

I asked her, “What?” and the reply from her made my day. She replied that she felt the same as I did while taking pictures and I opened up to her and told her everything.

Since she knows that I don’t have a girlfriend, she asked me if she were my girlfriend what all I would do to her? I told her that I am blank (even though I had enough stuff that I could do, seeing all the videos and reading all the sex stories here on ISS).

I asked her if she could teach me a few things and to my surprise, she said, “Okay, daily after dinner we will pretend to be lovers and do mischievous things on the terrace.”

In the initial days, she told me to press and massage her boobs and I did that religiously and for few days this continued. After about three days we moved to the next level of sucking her boobs.

I sucked her boobs and loved it since she could give milk. Yeah, it was kind of sweet and at first, it was hard to milk her and later it came with ease. (One more thing we do those things only when her kid is asleep).

She told me that since the kid was teething and had some sharp teeth, she had stopped feeding him milk and that is the reason it was hard at first to get her milk oozing.

I started loving doing those things as I usually love waiting for it with suspense. After a couple of days, she asked me to show her my bro. I was shy at first and from the terrace, we went to the bedroom.

She opened my zip and took my bro in her hand and started giving him a hand job. This then went on for a couple of more days and she started using oil before giving a hand job like she was massaging my bro.

Then after a few days, she asked me, if I had seen a naked woman. I told her only in videos and not in person. She stood and removed her clothes. She came near me and lay on the bed with her legs wide open and asked me if I would like to taste her pussy.

I told her I was waiting for this moment and dived straight in and started licking her pussy. She had washed it before that and I could feel the soap and salty taste of her pussy.

She guided my face to her G spot. I started licking and sucking it and entered my tongue inside. She was wriggling and jumping on the bed. I had a slight fear of seeing her action and was wondering if I was doing something in the wrong way.

I stopped and asked her if everything is okay? She begged me not to stop but continue and I did what she said. After a few minutes, she moaned loudly and shot her load all over my face.

The taste was salty and sweet and I liked it. Then she said that she too would love to take my bro in her mouth. I was high after hearing that. She was a pro at sucking and after a few minutes, I came inside her mouth.

She swallowed it like she was having some juice. The session was over for that day. We parted and this procedure was followed for 10 days and mixed with an occasional oil massage for my bro.

One day she asked me to come in the morning. When I went there, I enquired about her kid. She said that she had left him with her mom. She complimented me that I was a very obedient student and we started our play.

After the usual foreplay, she asked me if I had watched grinding videos? I said that I did. She said, “Let’s try that but without insertion,” and we got naked.

I lay on the couch and she positioned her pussy on top of my cock and slid to and fro. It felt like fucking her and I felt butterflies sensation in my stomach.

I was pressing her boobs at that time and milking her. Trying to directly milk her in such a way it lands on my mouth and since she was moving to and fro it was mission impossible.

Soon her pace increased and she had her orgasm. Then she started massaging my cock with oil. After I came in her mouth, the session for the day came to an end.

We had foreplay often and it continued for a week and again on the next weekend the day I was waiting arrived. Finally, the time had come to lose my man virginity.

She called me in the morning and told me that she had left the kid with her mom. Even before she said anything, I started for her house. She was wearing a tee-shirt and shorts without inners.

I could see her nipple through that pink tee. She told me that today we will try something different and took a condom from the nearby draw and put it on me. I was very much excited and so was my bro.

We lay naked next to each other for some time and she asked me if this is wrong. I laughed at that and told her that we had already crossed all borders and this is what I was waiting for a long time now.

She smiled back and stood up and started grinding and slowly positioned my cock in such a way that the next move of her grinding would land my cock into her pussy.

I felt a little pain when it entered her and she too shouted in pain. It felt as if she too was a virgin and we started slowly for a few minutes. I felt her tight pussy and my cock was getting crushed in it.

She increased her pace and it went in and out with a lot of sounds. She was riding on top of me and the oil massages those days had actually helped me elongate my lasting time.

I could hold my cum and her speed drastically increased and we both came at the same time. After some time she removed the condom and inserted another fresh condom on my semi-erect cock.

She started stroking it and it was rock hard in some time. Now we had it in doggy position making her bend down and fucking her from behind. After fucking her in that position for a few minutes, I asked her to lay down facing me.

She turned and engulfed me with her legs around my back and I started ramming her in missionary position. As her legs were wide open I could go further in this position and I loved that position too.

I came and we parted. We had lunch at her home naked and were roaming around naked till evening. In the evening, I asked her If we could try 69 and she said okay and we tried 69 till we came on each other.

I got a call from home and I left her soon. I thanked her for teaching me all about sex and she also thanked me for the pleasure I gave her. This gave me the courage and now I am happy and confident about myself.

Thanks to Rathi, we still continue our foreplay since there is no other pastime during this quarantine. We are making the best of it. Since this is the first time I am writing a huge sum-up kindly drop your comments both positive and negative so I can improve

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