Meeting virgin cousin after 20 yrs leads to sex – Indian sex story

Meeting virgin cousin after 20 yrs leads to sex – Indian sex story

Hello friends, this is my real story of when I was employed in Pune. This happened in 2011. I and my cousin Shweta, met at our cousin’s marriage after 20 years.

It was really a long time. Till then, we hadn’t even talked with each other. But when we met, we had an instant connection. My cousin has a great figure. She was a bit chubby and her face cut was some-what like Parineeti Chopra. Her stats were 34-28-34.

At that time I didn’t look at Shweta’s stats but just as a sister, and we were talking about everything. She told me about her childhood when she grew up and every good and bad thing that happened in her life.

We spent most of the time together at our cousin’s marriage. When I left the marriage, I was sad and even she was feeling the same. We exchanged our contact numbers, and then I came home.

My joining location was in Pune. I reached my location and joined my workplace and everything was good. But still, I was sad. Then I received a text message on WhatsApp. It was my cousin.

Shweta:- Hi, did you join your job?
Me:- Yes, what are you doing?

Shweta:- Just sitting around. What is your plan for tomorrow? It’s the weekend.
Me:- Nothing. I will be in the room or will visit the city side for some stuff.

Shweta:- Let’s meet then. I want to talk more with you.
Me:- (happily) Yes, why not? I will reach your place in the morning, at around 9:00.

Shweta:- Ok, I will be waiting.

With this conversation, I felt like I was going to meet my girlfriend! I was waiting the night to pass. I got up at 6:00 am the next day and left by 7:30 from my place.

It was morning and there was no traffic. I reached by 8:15 am. I called and told her that am waiting below her hostel. She said she will come in 10 minutes. I said, “Ok,” and was waiting.

To my surprise, she got down in just 4 minutes. I was looking at her, and she had worn blue denim with a bottle-green colored t-shirt, and she was looking damn beautiful. I was just awestruck looking at her. She came and hugged me.

We spent that entire day together. We went to watch a movie near to her hostel and after the movie we were sitting in McDonald’s. My cousin received a call from another cousin Sanjay, and he said he will be joining us as he was near McDonald’s.

He came we talked for some time and gossiped. We were very happy. My brother invited us to his place and we went.

After reaching his place, we had vodka shots. I was having vodka for the first time.

He said that he was going to his girlfriend’s place as she was alone. So, he left the house key with us. So, it was only me and my cousin Shweta now.

Shweta:- Let’s sleep now, it’s too late. I am tired. It was a well-spent day with you. (She hugged me).

Me:- Thank you, Shweta. It was really a nice time being with you.

Then we went to the bedroom and it was just a small bed, so I said,

Me:- You sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the floor.

She was okay with that and we slept. After an hour, she said that she was feeling very cold as it was winter-time. So, we both slept on the same bed.

It was okay for some time as the cold was increasing outside. My cousin was getting close to me and at a point, she hugged me totally. I was asleep but still, it was okay for me as she was my sister.

Shweta moved her face towards me, and she was sleeping on my hand by resting her head on it. Unknowingly or intentionally, our lips connected with each other.

I was still sleeping but we both were kissing constantly. At last, our eyes opened and we kissed passionately! For 10 minutes we kissed, and then we left each other for some air.

We got up, and looked at each other. She told me to lock the main door and lock the room door too. I did it and by that time, my cousin was without her t-shirt and denim!

I came, and I was awestruck to see the beauty in front of me. She looked at me and got below the sheet. I quickly removed my shirt and got under the sheet. We kissed and now it was a mad-kissing.

I was exploring my cousin’s body with my hands and loved the curve of her waist. I removed her bra passionately and tore her panties. She was fully reciprocating and removing my pants and feeling my cock in her hand. She was happy looking at me naked and I too was happy.

My hot cousin stroked my cock and took it all inside her mouth! I was awestruck by her act. She was mad for it and made me cum in her mouth and then went to wash.

I went behind her, and I was exploring her boobs and pussy. I started doing oral sex with my cousin in the bathroom, and she was moaning like, “Aaaahhhh come on baby, tear me apart,” and she started calling me as her husband.

She was in the seventh heaven and she came after 15 minutes. It was really awesome when she climaxed. I was looking at her.

Then I held her in my hand and took her to bed. I started to suck my cousin’s boobs and she was in the mood again. I was really happy about this, and now I wanted to feel my dick in her. Shweta whispered in my ear and told me to put it inside her.

In the same position, I tried to put it in but failed. So, my cousin guided my cock, and it went inside her in a single, strong push. I was able to see her face. She was in pain but very happy at the same time.

I kissed her and started to stroke her gently. My cousin was getting at the same pace as me and getting into the same rhythm with me.

Shweta wrapped her legs beside my waist, and it was really making me hornier. She kept on begging me to fuck her harder and she started to abuse me,

“Fuck your sister, you sister-fucker. Give me more of that cock. I want more of that cock!”

Me:- Come on, you bitch, be my sex slave, you bitch.

We changed position and instead of putting my dick inside her pussy, I put it in my cousin’s ass this time and she was in real pain immediately. This was the first time my horny cousin was getting fucked in her ass.

I held her hair and left boob in my left hand. She was in a lot of pain. I stroked her hard now and she started crying. She was begging me to leave her, but I was in a hard-sex state. After some time, my cousin started feeling it and then she was enjoying it.

I held her by her hair and I was shouting at her and abusing her. “Come on you bitch, beg for what you want.”

Shweta was begging and making me feel like I was her husband. She was shouting and saying, “Honey, please fuck me more.”

Shweta:- Fuck me hard, my husband. I want to be all yours. Cum inside me, you fucker.

Again, we changed position, and now my cousin was above me and riding me. While riding, she was screaming, “Give me more, give me more cum.”

My strokes were getting harder, and she said, “I am cumming now,” and she too came at that time.

I was still waiting for my turn. I caught her from her waist and started fucking my cousin very hard. She was like, “Please stop, it is giving me so much pain,” but still I was fucking her. And then I said, “I am coming,” she kissed me and I came all inside her.

We both were exhausted and Shweta slept on me. In the morning, she got up and still, she was on me. She got up and dressed, and she woke me up. I was still naked and I looked at her. She understood and we did it again! This time, we did it inside the bathroom while having a bath.

My brother called around 11:00 am and said that he will come by 3:00 pm. We were okay with that. We still kept on having sex with each other and around 2:30, we got dressed up.

Still, we were kissing and then the bell rang. We took 10 minutes to open the door as we kissed again and Shweta said, “I love you, hubby.”

Me:- I love you too.

My brother was with his GF, and we went together as my brother was in the same mood. This was the best sex of my life and I wish my sister could have been any other girl from society.

I could then have married my cousin and made her my real wife. We did have sex on multiple occasions and even booking Oyo rooms as well.

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