Middle-aged businessman cheats on wife with sexy salesgirl – Erotica

Middle-aged businessman cheats on wife with sexy salesgirl – Erotica

Hi all, this is my first attempt at writing a story based on my real life. Forgive me for any mistakes.

To start with, I am a forty-year-old, affluent north Indian guy with my own business who lives in a posh locality in Hyderabad. I am 5’10” tall and have a slight tummy. I have been married for 15 years and have two lovely kids with my wonderful wife. My life has always been hectic, so I have never had much time for myself.

By the time a man reaches forty, he is more mature, expressive, and confident in dealing with the opposite sex.

Coming to the story: I was sitting in my office when my personal assistant reminded me of a routine meeting with a supplier’s representative. I asked my PA to send the representative to my room, as I always did. When the door opened, I could smell a nice, sweet perfume filling the whole room, and I met Shikha for the first time.

As I shook hands with her, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was oozing sensuality. She must have been about 34 years old, 5’6” tall, and wearing a salwar which was clinging to her body and outlining her breasts. Her complexion was wheatish and she had on minimal makeup, and her hair was flowing till her waist.

Shikha: Hello Sir! My name is Shikha. Thank you for the opportunity to present our products.
Me: (Coming back to my senses.) Hi Shikha. You don’t seem to be from around here.
Shikha: You’re right, Sir. I just moved here from Lucknow a few weeks ago.

Then, Shikha explained about her company’s products and I was greatly impressed by her clarity and felt all the more attracted to her. Guys, when you reach a certain stage in life, you need more than just beauty to be attracted!

I negotiated a deal with her, based purely on business, and told her I would place the final order after visiting their factory and meeting her firm’s head.

Later, I visited the firm and placed an order with her bosses, but never met her again until six months later. This year, in January, I got an email that I was invited to the firm’s new product launch in Delhi, which is when I met Shikha again. I placed myself in the same hotel where the product launch was going to be held.

It was about 7.30 in the evening when I reached the party, where I was greeted by their company heads. After exchanging a few pleasantries, they excused themselves and said Shikha would join me soon.

I met her, and again I was bowled over by her beauty. She was standing at a distance from me and talking to some others wearing a gorgeous gown with heels and red lipstick. I noticed that she was wearing a simple necklace and ear studs. When she caught me looking at her, she came over to me.

Shikha: Hello Sir! Meeting you after a long time. How are you?
Me: Call me Amit. I am not so much older than you. By the way, you look gorgeous! All eyes here are on you.
Shikha: (Blushing) Thanks Amit. I admire your openness.
Me: And I, your confidence!

We both laughed and broke the ice. She mentioned to me that she had been ordered to be my host while I was in Delhi and I responded that I was very lucky in that case. We continued to joke and exchanged personal details. I came to know she was a divorcee and was in a happy space now.

The product launch ended and the bar was opened. When we were both down a few drinks, I took the liberty of touching her on her bare smooth arms, which she did not mind. I knew she was interested in me by her small regular signs or postures.

By then, I also came to know that she was staying in the same hotel. When the party finished, we were both slightly drunk. Shikha leaned into me and said, “Amit, I loved talking to you. Can we continue this conversation over drinks in my room?” with a sparkle in her eye and an aura of surrender to me.

I had never wanted to cheat on my wife, but, “What the heck!” I thought. It was just going to be a no strings attached relationship or a one night stand. I didn’t want to miss this chance! After all, my life had been so mundane for such a long time.

Me: Ok. Drinks it is then.

As we proceeded towards her room, we both sensed the uncanny silence in the elevator, but just continued smiling at each other. When we entered her room, I proceeded towards the bar counter and took a bottle of wine and poured some into two glasses. We chatted for some time, and then I got up to have one more glass of wine.

Shikha: Amit, please, I am already pretty drunk and don’t think I should have another glass.

I talked her into having another small glass and she agreed reluctantly. This time, I sat closer to her and took my chance and put my hand on her thigh and started rubbing slowly. She looked me in my eyes and we both knew what was going to happen.

I leaned towards her and kissed her on her neck while holding her by her waist.  Then, I licked her earlobe and put my arms around her kissed her passionately. We were sucking on each other’s lips when I put my hand inside her gown and undid her bra. I cupped her warm breasts and slightly twirled her nipples.

My other hand moved down her waist to lift her gown. I slid my hand inside and felt her ass. Then I moved my hand further up and was feeling her bare back. Instantly, she began to moan. She was enjoying as I explored her body with my hands and her mouth with my tongue.

I took my hand back down and started moving my fingers on her inner thighs, touching the panty line and teasing her. She immediately adjusted herself, allowing me to explore her further. I kept moving my fingers very sensually in a rhythm while she moaned.

Finally, I pushed aside her panties and touched her already wet clit very gently. She shuddered and instantly broke the kiss to push my face down. I took her cue and licked in between her breasts while rubbing her wet pussy with my thumb, still over her panties.

Shikha: Amit! You are driving me crazy! I haven’t ever been touched so sensuously before. You really know all the right spots to arouse a girl!

Me: I have many years of experience.

Shikha: (Getting up) Well, it’s paying off.

She started to take off my shirt and trousers and I pulled off her gown. She was standing there, just in her panties but still wearing her heels. I was all the more aroused looking at her perfectly shaped long legs in her high-heels. I turned her around to get a better look.

Me: Shikha, I always knew that you had wonderful breasts. But I never imagined your ass would be so much better.

Saying this, I gently bit her ass, pushing aside her panties. Then, I licked near her ass crack while spreading her ass cheeks. She moaned and turned around and started licking my nipples wildly. I pulled her face up by her hair and pressed one of her breasts while licking the other one on the side to tease her for some time.

She gave a loud moan the moment my tongue touched her long nipple. So, I sucked her nipple and she went wild. She threw me down on the bed, removed her heels, and sat on top of me. Her hand played with my dick over my inners.

Shikha: Your dick seems so hard. It’s going to ram into my pussy today. Mmmm…

Then she lifted my underwear and touched the tip of my rock hard penis to feel my precum. I moaned and got up immediately to remove her panties and my underwear. I literally pushed her down on the bed and started licking her legs, going towards her pussy.

Her pussy was clean-shaven and was dripping wetness. After a few minutes, I asked her to change positions to 69 and started licking her pussy. She was just oozing cum and wasn’t able to control herself. She moaned loudly before taking my dick inside her mouth and sucking vigorously.

Both of us were feeling wild and despite the air conditioner, we were sweating. The smell of her sweat mixed with perfume was intoxicating, and I was licking her madly now.

Then, after a few minutes, she got up, and climbed over me and guided my dick into her pussy. I deliberately pushed her up, only allowing my dick to touch her clit a few times. She just went mad and came down with a lot of force to take my dick inside in her slippery wet pussy in one stroke.

We both moaned loudly. I smacked her ass while she rode my dick. Then, I held both her breasts and brought both of long nipples together and sucked on them. She moaned even more loudly and said, “Amit! Please don’t do this! I will cum right now. Stop it! I want to ride you even more. Please stop.”

I wasn’t in any mood to listen to her, so I held her by her waist and started thrusting even harder. Finally, she was unable to control herself and started cumming heavily. Within a few strokes, I also came and filled her pussy with my cum.

She just collapsed on my chest and we were both breathing heavily. Finally, when my cum started dribbling out of her pussy and onto my leg, I asked her to get up. She got up and cleaned herself with some tissue paper. Then, she came to my side and put her face on my chest.

Shikha: Amit, it has been a really long time since I have felt this way. I have had my share of men in my life, but this night was truly special.

Me: Yeah… I wish we could continue to meet.

Shikha: Why not? Didn’t you like this?

Me: It was great. I mean, it was awesome. But, I am a family man and I don’t know if I can have a no strings attached relationship with you. I already have my own guilt issues about what happened tonight.

Shikha just kissed me on my cheeks and said she understands. “It’s up to you. I am open until I am in a relationship.” We spoke for a few more minutes and dozed off.

Friends, this was my first time cheating on my wife. My sex life with my wife had been good, but I always felt like I needed some spice in my life. Maybe Shikha filled that need.

The next day, I was back home and fucked my wife with an unusual desperation. She didn’t understand why I was so desperate since I had only spent one night away from her.

Anyway, life went on the same way for a few months, until neither Shikha nor I could resist any more. I am now open to no strings attached relationships.

Next time, I will share my next experience with Shikha which happened recently.

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