Mugdha Godse look-alike lady fucked in uniform – Sex story

Mugdha Godse look-alike lady fucked in uniform – Sex story

Howdy people, I am James. How is lockdown for you guys? # Stay at Home people. I have been perusing some wonderful stories on the site, and pretty much a new author here so please pardon any slip-ups.

A little prologue, I am 23 years old and live in one of the new urban communities of India, Bangalore. I am a consultant for an American based organization.

I am a typically charming guy with quite a good physique, neither very lean nor fat and 6 ft tall. I do like to listen to ladies, their discussions and have some bias towards wedded and mature ladies and it is not just the sexual acts with them that I enjoy.

Reading books is one of my basic hobbies and a way of relaxation for me. This incident happened when I went to a book shop. I am a regular customer at a nearby book store. I was there at that time to get a copy of ‘Wuthering Heights’.

As I was looking for the book, I saw a dusky beautiful lady (I know It sounds very film-like, but it happened like this). She was in the opposite row, searching for some books. After 10-15 minutes of staring, ogling at her, she looked at me, we made eye contact and she smiled.

After some time, I pretended like I was searching for a book too and moved into her row. I intentionally bumped into her. The next minute, I said, “Hi.” She smiled back at me, I asked her, “Did you find your favorite book?”

She said, “No.” and asked me what I was looking for? That gave us a chance to have a chat, and that continued as we got out of the shop. We both were even more excited that we had almost come from the same native place.

I suggested we can have a cup of coffee to which she happily agreed. We went to the nearby coffee shop and I ordered coffee for both of us. As we sipped our coffee, we talked a bit more. I asked her a bit about herself.

She smiled again and told me about herself. Her name was Arya, and she was around 37 years and a mother of a 7-year-old kid Shiva. I asked her about her profession and she told me that she was a police officer, an IPS officer.

I was taken back, and my eyes widened in shock and fear. My hands trembled a bit and the cup shook as I took a sip. She saw that and laughed and then told me it was okay as it was everyone’s normal reaction when they heard she was a police officer.

She told me that she was off-duty, and she had taken leave for a few months. All the while there was a distant thought in mind, that now I’ll get a police officer to ride on me. I then asked her about her husband. Her face frowned.

She told me that she was separated from him over some dispute and he was not living with her. I said, “Okay.” I didn’t want to ask too much. She told me that she loved to read. That was her way of stressbusting. I smiled.

As we walked back she offered me a ride, we chatted, she picked up her son, and then she dropped me off at my place. I asked for her number. She was like, “Kyu?” I replied, “Well I would like to have a brave and beautiful police officer as a friend.”

She smiled at me and told me that was not necessary and she took my number and would call if there was anything.

Days passed, I would see her again at the book shop, we would talk about her and her interests, have coffee, and connect. Once as we were talking, I got to know she had an interest in a book called Mansfield Park, which I had a copy of. I handed her the book the following week, and she was so happy.

Then one morning, I got a call from her, telling me that it was her son’s birthday, there was a small party, and asked me if I could attend. I happily obliged.

I rushed to the nearby mall, got an expensive toy for the kid, got it gift-wrapped, freshened up, and wearing cologne, and my best look I made it to the address provided. Then I rang the doorbell and waited.

Arya opened the door and she was draped in a black saree. The blouse was a bit low neck but decent, she was well dressed. It was a small party. Arya introduced me to some people at the party who were all her close friends.

Shiva then cut his birthday cake and seemed happier than ever. He was smiling like his jaws were broken. He jumped in excitement when he got the gifts. The kids were playing around in the hall. I didn’t know anyone at the party and Arya was busy with guests. I had some food and drinks.

Suddenly I felt the need to go to the loo (need to pee). I asked around and they directed me to a room, the room belonged to Arya. I think it was her bedroom. There were many photos of hers and her husband there, even her kid’s.

I went in to use the bathroom, as I was peeing, I saw the laundry basket. I peed and zipped up. I got curious and moved to the basket. I found some of her dresses there, then there was a panty. A red panty with a bit of wet stain on it.

It was a fresh yet dried out stain. I came out and started to smell, which turned me on. I rubbed my pants as I smelled it. I know it was wrong. But I couldn’t resist.

It happened suddenly, when Arya walked in to get something and saw me, smelling her panties. She had an annoyed look. I threw her panty on the bed and left the room in fear and shock. I then went back to the hall. Arya then came into the hall. Her eyes were searching for someone.

I kept ducking from her probing police eyes. The whole time, I was there, my mind spiraled into thinking what would be the consequences, she knew everything about me. She had literally no expression on her face.

I then decided to leave the party silently, as I was leaving I got caught by one of her close friends outside, who told me that Arya was searching for me. I knew I was dead. I tried to leave, but he forcefully took me to her.

She was in the corner of the hall talking, and as soon as she saw me, she told me to follow her. She took me upstairs to her room. I knew I was finished. She then took me into the room and took my book from the shelf and put it in a shopping bag and handed it to me.

She didn’t blink even once and maintained heavy eye contact which did frighten me and then she pointed her hand to the door and told me I should leave. I was sad and a bit scared. As I was returning my metro, I reached for the book to read a few pages, when I saw her panties inside.

My mind was flooded with all these thoughts, not knowing what to do. I recollected all the incidents in my mind, and as I hurried back home to check the bag and the book again, I found the panty with a note, “See you soon.”

That day I masturbated thinking about her. The next day, she called me to her home. I truthfully was a bit scared but was also curious as to what was happening. I reached her home and a police officer, a SI was sitting on the couch.

As soon I came in, he saw me and asked me who I was and where I was from. I was a little bit scared. But I replied with courage and told him that I was Arya’s friend. Then Arya came and handed over a file to him. She told me to sit on the couch. The officer left after talking with her for some time.

She shut the door behind her and locked it, then came to me asked whether I wanted anything to drink. I asked for an iced drink. She made me a whiskey on the rocks. I began sipping the drink.

Then she smiled at me again. I was in total confusion. Then she started laughing and I was still confused, then she hit my lap playfully and told me to breathe, she was not gonna arrest me. She just called me to talk.

She asked me, “Did you like my present?
I replied, “I did.”

I was still a bit scared and sad that I got kicked out that day, but I was happy now. I went over to her sofa and put my hand on her lap and sat very close to her. When she asked me what was I thinking of when I smelled her panty? I told her that I was thinking of fucking her in her police uniform.

She was a bit taken aback, then she again laughed. We talked some more. She told me that we cannot do this. I told her I understand, but I want to. Then I jumped on her and kissed her, we smooched for some time, but she pushed me away. She couldn’t do it I then apologized to her. She told me that it’s ok.

She poured another drink for both of us. Then after that, I left. I didn’t want to take advantage of her. I told her I was leaving, her face frowned, and I walked to the door, she pulled back my collar and banged me against the wall, and started to kiss me.

I kissed her back. I was excited, then she broke the kiss and started to caress my chest, asked me, “Do you like that too?” I put my hand around her to caress her back right to her butt and then grabbed her ass tight, she let out a gasp.

I told her that I wanted to do this from the day I saw her. We lip locked. I slowly caressed her hair and kissed her. We kissed for 10 minutes as each of us ran our hands through each other’s body, our tongues rolled n each other.

I slowly touched those melons through her loose banyan. I then took her to the bedroom. She then pushed me onto the bed and pinned me down. She asked me if I wanted to make my wish came true. I said, “Yes.”

She told me, “From now on, you do what I say.” I obediently said, “Yes.”

She made herself nude and that was a sight of heaven, my dick saluted her. As I have told you all, she was a dusky beauty. She looked like Mugdha Godse, with 36C dusky boobs, with brown dark areolas and nipples. She was curvy due to her expertise and her ass was to die for.

She then wore her uniform shirt in a slutty way, with the top buttons open, exposing her breasts. There was a married woman in front of me nude, wearing nothing but just in her police uniform shirt.

She then came on to me. I hugged her and started to lick, and suck on her neck as she let out a sweet and light moan. I kept on caressing her neck and giving her hickeys.

I moved to the other side of her neck as she held me tight. I pressed her navel roughly. I bit her neck, as my hands ravaged her boobs. I lowered her uniform to the shoulders and started to suck on her boobs as she sat on my lap licking my neck.

I fondled them wildly, licking her nipples as one hand played with her other boob. I sucked on them like a baby, and all the while she moaned… Her moans started in a low voice as I squeezed her nipples and drove my tongue around them to get her wild.

I placed my finger on her clit and slowly squeezed it. She moaned “Aaaaaaaaaaa, James slowly.” I then lay her on the bed and licked her from her feet to her navel. I then pressed her thighs, and licked around her inner thighs, and was sucking and biting her skin.

My fingers moved up to her pussy and slowly rubbed it around. She was slowly gasping as my fingers slowly rubbed her. I started to suck on her clit as my fingers entered into her pussy. The room was filled with moans, “Mmmmmm.. haaaa…. mmmmmm…. aaaaahhhhh.”

I took hold of her boobs and nipples. I drove my tongue around each of her nipples, as my fingers drove into her pussy and she moaned in a low voice, “Mmmm….not bite…. Ahhhh.. Aammmmm..nice.” She told me that I have a soft touch.

I then found her g-spot and kept on fingering her as my lips sucked and played with her clit and my other hand was on her nipples squeezing it. She moaned and gasped for air.

“….issss….ha.ha….. I ………don’t ……I am very……… enjoying.. mmmmmmm…….thr….”

I started to lick her boobs as I fingered her with my three fingers. I bit her nipples, and she told me with a heavy breath,

“Aaaaaa…..don’t…biiiiiiiiiitttttttte them……. it pai…….. me……aaaa..”

She started breathing heavily. And was caressing her hair. I started to finger her fast while rubbing slowly as well as I sucked on her boobs. She moaned, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.” What a slutty moan it was. It echoed throughout the room.

My cock then sprang up, and she came on me, and slowly directed it into her pussy, she shook as she had my black cock penetrate her pussy walls. She started to ride me. Soon I used my hips to match the rhythm, while I kissed her.

My hands were on her boobs pressing them and searching for milk. She would occasionally increase the pace as she broke my kiss to bring out another moan,

“Aaaaah…hhhaa… aaaa…aaaah….hhuuuu…. slowllllly…” My kiss was stifling her moans and only, “Mmmmmmm…” sounds were coming out.

I continued to pump her while I sucked her boobs, then I got hold of both her nipples together, and pulled and squeezed her nipples. She was slapping my back and pushing me,

“Aaaaaah……noooo…… bbeeeee….haraam… Mmaaaaaa……aaa.”

We rode wildly for 15-20 minutes when the bell rang again. It was her husband’s brother, who came with her kid from school.

Thank you for reading. I am truly sorry that the story was too long. There is more coming. Drop your comments in my mail and hangouts.

I wrote this story as an invitation for all the ladies out there, my mail is [email protected]

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