Muslim neighbour girl excited about getting fucked – Sex story

Muslim neighbour girl excited about getting fucked – Sex story

Hello ISS/XIS readers, I am Umang, a 27-year-old guy living in Delhi alone. Here, I am sharing my experience. So get ready with your hands on your pussy/dick. The heroine of the story is my beautiful Muslim neighbour Sehar.

My beautiful neighbour is 24 years old and a very conservative, shy girl. She looks beautiful in hijab (it’s a black dress that covers the body from head to feet).

Sehar has an amazing figure of 34-28-32. She wears skin-fit hijabs and anybody will go crazy knowing her age and seeing her body figure. I always wanted to take this beauty to my bed.

My hot neighbour lives with her parents and her brother and used to study in a college nearby. As they were my neighbors, I was having good friendly relations with them.

One fine day I came to know that her parents were desperately searching for a groom for their daughter and I became very sad. I could see that she was also not happy because she wanted to do a beautician’s diploma.

I was not happy because she was my masturbation queen! I always shook my dick by taking her name, licking my own armpits, and imagining that I was licking hers. This way I used to have masturbation and ejaculate thinking of her.

One day, when I was at her house for some gossiping, I managed to exchange mobile numbers with my sexy neighbour. I was very happy. I ended the family conversation and went back to my house. Then I started WhatsApp text with her as soon as I reached my flat.

I messaged her,

Me: Hi.

After 15 minutes, I got a reply and at this time I was keeping my phone in my hand waiting for a reply from her.

Sehar: Hi.

Me: I am sorry to hear about the desperate marriage planning by your parents. I can see that you are not happy at all.

Sehar: I am also not happy, but I can’t do anything.

I consoled her with further conversation and made her laugh. I made her feel safe whenever she texted. I told her I was very honest with her feelings and hardships and would not share it with others.

Sehar began to feel safe and responded to me honestly. I wanted to help her out. During our text messages, we both knew that we have the same desire between us.

We slowly began sexting on the phone and I confessed that I always imagined her as my bed queen. She also accepted that she imagined me inside her and she masturbated by taking my name.

(This practice was going on for 2 months).

One fine day, I asked her to meet me because I wanted to hug her. I was craving for her body, but she didn’t reply to me for 7 days and then one day, I suddenly received a text from her, “Let’s meet.”

Sehar: I am also desperate to get fucked by a Hindu man.

Listening to these words, I was in 7th heaven. My dick wanted to come out from my pants because I also wanted to fuck a young Muslim girl. She made a plan to meet in Noida (UP) in town Fa***ms.

Sehar took permission from her parents telling them that she was going to her friend’s marriage and would be back the next morning. (The plan was that she will attend the marriage and then by 11 pm sneak out from the place and come to the hotel location that we had decided).

Sehar was wearing a green lehenga. I was waiting at the hotel for her. I shaved my underarms and dick hair, cleaned myself, and waited for her to come.

My next-door girl reached the hotel and called me. I told her to come to Room ***. My heartbeats were going up and down, my breath was high. As she entered the room, I locked the room and went towards her.

My neighbour girl lifted her face and showed her face to me, she was an angel. Her soft silky hair and her nose pin were shining. I can smell a strong woman’s fragrance, she was breathing heavily.

Me: I cannot believe this reality. I will fuck you till you scream in pain.

As I said this, I grabbed my dick over my pants. She was looking at me with her lustful eyes.

Sehar: Make me cry for your dick. I want that lund in my chut.

Listening to these words from her made me uncontrollable. I touched my lips with her upper lips and then with her lower lips. Later, I put my tongue inside her mouth.

Sehar: Hhmmmmmm..Aaaaahhhhhh..Mmmmhhhh.

Me: Spit in my mouth, Sehar.

Sehar spat in my mouth and then she placed her tongue in my mouth. I was sucking her tongue like a mad dog. I grabbed her hips and started to push my dick on her without removing our clothes. She became crazy by this act.

Sehar grabbed my lund and tried to shake it but because of my pants. She was having a problem. Meanwhile, she was kissing me as if there is no tomorrow. I pushed her on the bed. I removed her blouse. She was wearing a black bra which was clear on her white, milky skin. I raised her right hand and sniffed her right armpit.

Me: What a smell, Aaaahhhh, I want to lick this sweat of yours.

Sehar: AAAAAAAHhhhhhhhh..Mmhhhhhhhhh.. Lick it mmmhhhh, suck my armpit sweat. I have not used perfume because I know how crazy you are about my armpits. Smell it harder.

Me: Yes, ma’am!

I started licking her armpit, and after a while, she raised her second hand and asked me to lick the other one. I did it because I was hungry for her armpits. I removed my pants after that and she grabbed my dick over my underwear and spat on my underwear,

Sehar : I want this for so long.

And my horny neighbour started shaking my dick. Then she removed my underwear and she spat on her right palm and placed the palm on my dick and started rubbing it hard.

Me: AAAAAhhh..Sehar..uuuffffff. I will fuck you like hell!

Sehar: I want you to fuck me like a mad dog. Today I will suck all your stamina.

After that, I removed her lower garment and only kept her panty on. I started rubbing my dick over her panty and then started to remove her bra and grabbed her right boob’s nipple and began sucking it hard and playing with her left boob.

Me: You are an angel. What tight boobs you have, uuuffffffffffff.

Sehar:-UUUUUUUuuuuuuuffff!!!!! Suck it more baby! I am your mother today, suck it like you are a small baby and fuck me like there is no tomorrow.

After some time, I kissed her below her boobs and then went to her navel and after that placed my tongue on her navel. I kissed just above her pussy and slowly proceeded towards her pussy over her panty. I kissed her pussy lips and then started to lick them.

Sehar: Remove my panty and put your tongue inside it, fast.

I did as she said and after some time she started to grab my head and make me lick her harder.

Me: What a cunt you have, please piss on my face.

She was shocked and gave me a wicked smile and she pissed on my face. Her hot water, the mixed smell of urine, and wet cum made me go crazy.

She then came on me, raised my hand and started to lick my right armpit and the left. She even spat on my left one and she licked it back. After that, she placed my dick over her pussy and was trying to get my dick inside her.

Sehar: AAAAhhhhh..uuuufffffff.. It’s too big and hard, what a manhood you have.

After some time, I was inside my sexy muslim neighbour and was fucking her like a hungry dog, in and out, in and out.

Sehar: Fuck me harder, you bastard! Make me cum. I was craving to have your cum inside my cunt.

Hearing these words, I couldn’t control myself anymore and cummed inside her cunt.

Sehar: You fucker! Now I will be the mother of your son.

Then I removed my dick from her cunt.

After some time, I aroused again and fucked her till she was satisfied.

Thank you guys for reading my story! I will be happy if you guys can give me feedback on [email protected]

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