My Beautiful Girlfriend Gave Me The Best Birthday Gift

My Beautiful Girlfriend Gave Me The Best Birthday Gift

Hi all, this is my third story on XIS, and this one is a sex session with my ex-girlfriend in the UK. It was indeed my best birthday gift ever. This lockdown is promoting me to write more as I am receiving wonderful feedback for my stories.

So let me begin with the story without any further delay. This happened on my 23rd birthday, while I was in the UK. I had a Scottish girlfriend, and we loved each other a lot. It was just a month that we were in a relationship. We just used to kiss and nothing before this incident.

She was excited about my birthday for more than a week. She had already made some plans in the evening and said there’s some surprise for me. The D-day arrived, and she came early morning to my house and woke me up.

She kissed me and told me she’s off to the university. She would meet me in the evening in a coffee shop. I was happy to hear that, and she left. I slept again and woke up in the afternoon. I did my chores and was waiting for the evening. I went to the coffee shop an hour early and was waiting for her.

She came there and hugged me. She wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ again, and we started talking. Then all our friends came there, and we cut the cake. She had planned this, and I thought this was the surprise. We had quite a great time with all our friends, and we left after paying the bills.

She was holding my hand, and I asked her if she could drop me to my house. Then she said, “Your real surprise is still waiting, babe!” And she took me to her apartment. I had a slight idea that I might get lucky. But was still hesitant about the thought.

So we went to her place. As we entered her bedroom, I saw she had neatly decorated her room with a few of my pictures and balloons and stuff. I was really very happy and hugged her and kissed her. We went on her bed and started kissing passionately.

Suddenly, she started feeling my dick over my pants. This was the final go signal for me that I’m going to have sex with her tonight. I put my hands on her boobs over her dress and was pressing them. She was moaning, but her voice was cuffed in my mouth.

We were exchanging saliva, and our tongues were in war with each other. She put her hand in my pants and started to feel my hard dick now. I got up, and she went on her knees. She got my pants and underwear down. My dick popped on her face, and she laughed.

She started giving strokes to my dick, and after a minute or two, she licked the tip of my dick. This was quite a feeling for me. I had never thought she would ever do this. Gradually she started sucking my black dick, and I was on cloud 9. I told her I am about to cum, and she started blowing faster.

I came in loads on her face and her hair and her dress. I fell back on the bed, and she went to clean herself. I was still lying there, partly amazed and partly tired. After 3-4 minutes, she came with her dress off and just wearing sexy lingerie.

With glasses on and her blonde hair and the lacy red lingerie, she looked like a pornstar waiting to be devoured. Now it was my turn to satisfy her. It was like I was waiting for this opportunity for ages. I pulled her over myself and started kissing her, occasionally biting her earlobes and neck.

I moved down to her cleavage and was fondling her boobs. I was pinching her nipples over the bra. I took her bra off and, like a mad dog, started licking, biting, and literally chewing her nipples. I was pressing her boobs with one hand and kept biting the other.

Her pinkish nipples and areolas now had bite marks, and her fair white boobs were red. She was moaning loudly, and there were tears in her eyes due to the biting. I moved down to her navel and started licking her. She couldn’t control now and started pushing my head downwards.

I went to her feet and started kissing her toes. I slowly came up to her inner thighs and started biting it. She was losing her mind and was pulling my hair very badly. I kept licking her inner thighs. After a few minutes, I put my mouth over her panty and started sucking her pussy over it.

I realized she was on the verge of coming and slid her panty aside and licked her clit. She arched her back and started screaming that she was about to cum. I ignored it and entered 1 finger in her pussy. She was literally wriggling like a fish out of water. I started finger fucking her as well as sucking her clit.

My tongue and finger were doing their job, and within a few seconds, she came on my face. She was moaning very loudly and couldn’t stop cumming, and I was completely soaked in it. Her pussy had become red like a tomato and licked her juices. I came up and kissed her, and she got the taste of her own juice.

Both of us were completely exhausted now but were not ready to stop. My dick was again saluting her and ready for the tight adventure. I wore a condom and went on top of her. I went in a missionary position, and she adjusted my dick near her fuck hole. I tried entering.

She was really tight, and it was very hard to penetrate. So I came down and pulled her near the edge of the bed. I started rubbing my dick over her pussy and getting some flowing juice as lube. She, in her sweet Scottish voice, asked me to stop teasing and fuck her like it’s the end of the world.

I was now not ready to listen to anything and pressed my dick tightly over her cunt. My dick head got in a bit, and she was crying and screaming. I pushed furthermore, and half my dick was in her. She was at her loudest. I stopped now and calmed her and started pressing her boobs.

And before she could realize, I went all in her and in a swift action started kissing her as well. She couldn’t scream but must be feeling the pain. She was scratching my back and biting my lips and tongue. I stayed in the position for some time and started giving slow strokes.

I guess the pain subsided, and she also started enjoying it. She matched the rhythm of my strokes, and now we were in harmony. I kept fucking her for the next 10 minutes in the same position. As her pussy was tight, it seemed like her walls were pressing my dick.

Soon I told her I was about to cum and increased my speed. There were sounds of our bodies crashing against each other. The room was filled with our moaning. She realized I was about to cum and asked me to cum on her face. I took off the condom, and she started stroking my dick.

I came immediately on her face, and it was loads and loads of cum. We both went to the shower and cleaned each other up.

It was around 9.30 pm, and we ordered a pizza. We again had a couple of sessions that night.

After a month, we even had anal sex. I can write that in the next part of the story as per your response and feedback.


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