My experience with Uma – Indian Sex Stories

My experience with Uma – Indian Sex Stories

My experience with Uma

My experience with Uma - Indian Sex StoriesI work as a sales staff with a leading company. My work is to meetclients and in this way i meet a lot of ladies in different offices. Iam a play boy and have had good times with a dozen ladies in differentclient offices. But one lady by the name Uma a brahmin who works in aexport firm near Poonamallee who is about 34 years old and who has 2children was a very easy target for me. As I look handsome she was aeasy kick. I have been to her office only 2 times to collect chequesand other details. She asked for my number and i gave her my whatsupnumber in the month of July 2015. She started to chat with me everynight. I been a bachelor of 28 years and she found something in mevery attractive. She used to chat with me every day.

Them Uma startedpersonal chat with me. She asked me If I have any girlfriends andabout my college life. Then Uma started sending me images of her takenat her home and outside.She asked me to send my photos. And then oneday she sent me a very nice whatsup message on my birthday. Uma was adesperate woman I tell you. She wanted a kiss from me on my birthdayand I sent by whatsup. She in turn sent me a very initmate image ofhers. I loved that image. And I still have that in my old phone asmemory She became more desperate for me and one day she asked myaddress where I stay. Uma started to talk about her personal life -stating her husband has sexual dysfunctional syndromes. And her sexlife was not that great with him etc., As I stay at Pallikaranai andshe stays in a temple town near Poonamalle. It was a long way from herhome – some 20 kms. When I was on leave at home taking care of my handas it had prolapsed from a fracture 2 years back,she said she wants tomeet me making my fracture a issue.

I told her it was not necessary asthe fracture had happened some 2 years back and became of prolapse Iwas at home. But she did not listen – she wanted to me meet me at mybachelor residence. I acted as I was not interested but finally aftershe pleading and begging me I told her to come and gave herdirections. She came to my bachelor house in a call taxi – I amstaying alone in my house and a married lady wants to meet me that tooonly after 2 visits to her office. Maybe I met her only for 15minutes. But she has fell for me. Fell for my loks, my youth. And myfreshness. I have not known her well but still she came . She wore awhite churiddhar and came to my place. She was a sexy woman and thoughI have seen her in simple dress in the office at the industrialestate. But Uma what I seen today was really a sexy woman. She hadlust in her eyes, She came ready to be screwed by me. She wanted itand I knew it very well. I knew from her eyes she wanted me and sex.She was a very desperate woman. I do not know if I should call her abitch.But I also understood I am not the first person whom she ismeeting to get screwed other than her husband.

For a lady of 34 yearsto go to any unknown bachelor residences is a very big ask. She doneit. She was brave She wanted sex. As she was desperate for sex. . Sheasked me how I was and after some talk I offered her jucie from thefridge. The after sipping some mango juice she started with heractions. She touched my hand first and asked how it was. She made thefirst advances. Then she showed as if she was shy. Then I started withmy work. I too touched her hand and then I kissed her cheeks. Then shetouched me the place where I loved it the most. She was quiet fast inher work. She gave me a nice kiss – in my lips and I kissed her hard.She loved it a lot.Her lips were wanting for this kiss. It looked likeshe had not been kissed or quiet a long time. Then my hands touchedher breasts and I squeezed them hard. She loved it. she did nothesitate to take her hands off and allow me to squeeze both herbreasts and then I came to my mood and and then I removed her top andunstrapped her bra. Out fell her lovely boobs.

I started to suck themand squeeze them hard. She loved every bit of it. She wanted it more.She asked me to bite her nipple.

I bit it hard and she gave a smalltap on my head. Then I removed my pant and I removed her pant too, shegave me a nice blow job, she loved it I think. She must have enjoyedit well. I cumed on her mouth – she loved it. And then I started tohave a good fucking time and it was a great time with Uma Mageswari. Iput my prick in her hole. But her hole was bit lose – then I sensedshe must be a bitch who has been sleeping around in town with a lot ofpeople. She was older than me by more than 6 years but experienced insex very well. She had a very cute ass. I wanted to pump in her ass.But she said not today maybe next time when she comes again. I lovedthe moments. Had a good time with Uma. Whom I met only twice in heroffice. She was my 13th fuck. Then she bade me had herself a smallbath and left that day. And to my good luck and surprise she cameagain in the next month to see me again. This time I did not leave her- I wanted her very badly – I started from her cute ass. She wanted itover there. She said she did not have sex in her ass till date. Ipounded her very well. And I was exhausted. When I slept on the bedshe came and put my prick in her mouth and started to suck me hard. Ohmy it was great.

A bitch she was – she sucked me very well. I was notable to resist as I enjoyed it well. .Great time I am lucky guybecause women find me attractive. And I am able to get ladies who arein their 30s be be in my bed. They long for me and I have to thankwhattsup for all this as it helps in chatting and getting them to me.Love you Uma Mageswari. It is easy to get ladies working in officeswho are not satisfied with their husbands. They fall with just 2visits. My office room mates friends were not willing to believe me.But when the watchman said that a lady had come to the flat only thendid they believe that I was telling the truth. It became a big talk inthe office after some days. But then that is life. Life is to beenjoyed with females who want sex, who want to get banged, Who like tosuck my cock. Uma mageswari was a desperate woman who wanted sex sexsex and nothing else.She is a refined bitch I tell you.

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