My first bisexual sex on terrace – Hot Pune sex story

My first bisexual sex on terrace – Hot Pune sex story

Hi, I am Dev, 20 years old from Pune, Maharashtra. I am a complete rookie at writing stories but I have tried my best, so please do read it.

I am moderately lean, fair, and dusky near the intimate areas. My body is smooth and almost hairless. I have a very round and curvy brownish-fade butt and my dick is 6 inches long or so when hard. I am a straight guy, but since I have been reading stories and watching gay porn, there has been a bi-curiosity developed within me.

Coming to the story, I was 19 and one day while I was horny, I thought of watching some gay porn. As I was getting very horny, I started taking off my clothes. I was alone that day.

I took off my clothes and started staring myself in the mirror, (seeing my own butts and hot smooth body was turning me on). I then took a bottle of oil and oiled up my ass well and started twerking and jumping in front of the mirror. That made them bounce and jiggle and that kept turning me on even more.

My dick was dripping wet. Then I started caressing my own dick and I wanted to taste my own precum which was dripping insanely. I licked all of it but I didn’t jerk off as my parents came home. I had to wear my clothes back.

A couple of days later, I saw an app called ‘Hoop’ ,which helps us make friends over snapchat. I chose the gender preference ‘both female and male’ and kept swiping a few profiles.

Suddenly, I came across this hot dude who was standing outside the gym which was just 100 m from my home. I understood it from the background of his picture. I swiped him right and I got his message in the evening.

Stranger: Hi, I am Kunal. I live in Pune. What about you?

Me: Hi, I am Dev. I live in Pune too and I think we live close.

Stranger: So, are you bi or gay? And why do you think we live close?

Me: I don’t know yet but I surely am curious to explore and the gym behind you in your pic is the one near my home.

Stranger: Oh, that’s great. So, can we meet? Let’s say, today at 7 pm near the gym?

I had never met guys like in this way so I was hesitant. So, I said that I can’t and I made an excuse. He did not text me and later after the dinner, I was getting horny. So I texted him again and this time, I was sure I wanted to do something naughty and dirty.

Me: I was thinking maybe meeting you won’t be the worst idea.

Kunal: Ok. Actually, I am going to be alone on the terrace for tonight (he used to sleep on terrace with open roof.)

Me: Okay. Then give me the address and I will be there by 10 pm.

Kunal: Ok. Make sure you are shaved, haha.

Me: Why would that matter to you? I mean we are just meeting, right?

Kunal: Of course, hahaha! I was just kidding, lol.

I sensed his tone and I knew something was about to happen if I go there. I was super smooth and clean shaven just a day ago and I was just worried what might happen if I go there.

It was 10 pm and I was already down at his building (as I lived very close I knew all the localities). He signaled me to come up to the terrace. I went.

The terrace was at a height and had covered from the sides with open roof and with a good light. It was very awkward, I didn’t knew what to do and he was very confident. He was tall, clean shaven face and pretty hairless arms and legs too, good built.

Kunal: So, finally we met, haha.

Me: Yeah, we did. (shying and awkward.)

Kunal: So, what exactly do you want to do with a man?

Me (very surprised): I don’t know, I mean umm.. err..

Kunal: Don’t worry, just say it.

I couldn’t utter a word and kept staring at him.

Kunal: You wanna see my dick? Or just touch it at least?

I kept staring without saying anything.

Kunal: Okay. I am getting naked (he took off his boxers and his jockey).

I kept staring at his well hung brown dick which was partially erect, clean shaven and had visible veins.

Kunal: Just come here and touch my balls and shaft. See how warm it is.

I went and I couldn’t resist him as he guided my hand towards his dick. I touched it and an electric wave went through my body. He made me sit down and opened my mouth with his hands.

I licked the head of dick and then I slowly licked his shaft. I looked up into his eyes as I was on my knees.

Kunal: Dev, your tongue is so soft and warm. Try to take the whole dick inside your mouth!

Without saying a word, I started to stroke his dick with one hand and opened my whole mouth to take it in. I pulled his foreskin back and left a hot breathe on it, making his precum drop on my tongue.

Kunal: Ohhhh fuckkkk..Suck it hard, baby!! Don’t you stop, you’re such a fucking slut!! Ohh fuckkkk!

Me : Slurrppppppp..the dick went in my mouth..slurppppp..and kept coming out!

Kunal made me pause and took off my shorts and pulled my white CK underpants and kept it away.

Now I was naked down with my dick hard and I continued sucking him. I licked his balls and then he forced my face to lick his balls and then he raised his legs and made me lick his BUTT HOLE. It was my first time doing this and it kept making me even horny.

Kunal: Let me give a good time now, baby!! Turn around and bend down.

I did as he said. I stood there bent with both my legs kind of widened and butt perked out. He licked my balls and my butt cheeks.

Kunal: You have such a soft and curvy butts, Dev. This is hotter even more than any girl could have.

“Ummmmmm..ohh godddd” (He kept holding my both butts cheeks and rubbed his face between them.)

Me: Sit back Kunal, let me have some fun. (I held both his hands and jiggled and twerked my butt on his face while he kept trying to reach my butthole.)

Kunal: I wanna fuck this ass so hard and bad!! My dick is dying to go in!! (He was licking my precum which was dripping.)

Me (as I was a virgin by butts): I am sorry but we can do everything except fucking please. I am not ready yet.

Kunal: Okay, why don’t I rub my dick between your butt cheeks?

Me: Yeah, you can surely do that, baby!! Make it all dirty, hahaha.

Kunal pulled me close to him and turned my face towards him. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me.

Our lips were locked and then our tongues slurped each other’s mouths. The kiss got deeper and deeper. It was the first time I was kissing a boy, and honestly, it was mesmerizing.

He then broke the kiss, made bend down, spread my butt cheeks and started rubbing his rock hard dick between my butt cheeks. I was able to feel his dripping juices getting all spread on and between my butt cheeks.

Kunal: It feels like heaven.. Oh my goddddd, fuckkkkk!!!!

I was stroking myself very hard as I was in seventh heaven! He picked me up and kept rubbing his dick faster and harder and was breathing heavily. I kept moaning hard. In no time, he was about to cum. But I asked him to rub his dick between my butt cheeks and cum.

Kunal: Oh fuckkkkkkkk, I am cummming!!!!!

Me: Cum on my butt hole hard, babyyyyyy!!!!!

Kunal: OHHHH FUCKKK SHITTT! (Gave out tree to four thick loads of cum between my butt cheeks.)

Me: Lick your cum off my butt cheeks now, haha.

After we were done, I wore my clothes back and headed home. We couldn’t have sex because I was a virgin and penetration was not an option. I loved what happened that day but I was also regretting this.

I went home later and never really contacted Kunal again.

Well, that is it, guys. I hope you enjoyed the story and if you want to contact me, or guys who are curious of how actually my butt looks like can mail me too haha kidding! Also give me an honest feedback about the story.

If you want to know more such stories or just a friendly talk, I am always there, mail me at [email protected]

I always welcome all girls and boys who mail me with a kind gesture.

Thank you! Peace!

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