My hot girl friend enjoyed in a Oyo hotel – Sex story

My hot girl friend enjoyed in a Oyo hotel – Sex story

Hi, I am Akshata and I have a confession to make. I have a secret fantasy of watching my female bestie being seduced and enjoyed by another guy!

I can’t really explain why but I LOVE it! Don’t get me wrong, my friend is a hottie and provided an opportunity, I would love to make love to her myself but watching her with some guy who is not as good looking.

I guess it’s the power complex and the contrast. A hot girl and an average/below average guy. A hot body and the guy’s needy lips and hands, enjoying every inch of her. Yes, that’s a huge turn-on for me!

Well, everyone has fantasies. But not everyone can see those fantasies coming true. But I did. And this is the story of how I saw my fantasy come to life with the hottest girl I know and an average guy who had the balls, literally and metaphorically, to enjoy my friend in front of the entire class and then in private.

P.S. This story has some creative liberties, so bear with them. Please don’t go looking for logic here, it’s a fantasy for fuck’s sake!

So, the scene – our college farewell party. It had been an eventful two years and finally, they were coming to an end. Everyone was in a great mood.

The location was a swanky lounge on the outskirts of Pune. The guys tried to dress their best and the girls their sexiest. Sleeveless, off-shoulder, backless and bold dresses were the order of the day. Hot bodies could be seen everywhere.

My friend, V, was wearing a black sleeveless dress with a temptingly low neckline that generously showed off her neck and offered a glimpse of her cleavage. Her clean, juicy armpits were also on adequate display. I was instantly turned on looking at her. And so were many other guys.

I was talking to Vikram (Vicky) when he noticed my bestie V. They had never been great friends really. Just acquaintances.

V knew that Vicky had the hots for her and that he lusted for her. He had tried umpteen times to get into her pants but just failed every time.

Vicky was not good looking but he was very noticeable – 6 feet, well built, fair complexioned, and with a menacing look, his eyes seemed to leak of lust when he saw some girls. And that day, when he saw V in that dress, talking to some of her girlfriends, he knew what he wanted – her.

Vicky knew about my fantasy. I trusted him enough to not tell it to V and I also knew he liked it. He wanted himself to be the guy with her while I watch. And today, it seemed he was adamant about making that fantasy come true.

“Akshata, today I am gonna make your fantasy come true!”, he said.

“What! How?! You mean, you are gonna..?”

“Yes! Today, I am gonna seduce, enjoy and fuck the shit out of your friend and you are gonna watch it all and enjoy yourself too!”

“Vikram, dude! Don’t do anything stupid. I told it to you just as a fantasy. It won’t happen for a real man. Come on! You and V?! No way!”, I said.

“If you don’t want to see it, no issues. I am gonna go ahead and do it regardless!”

“No, no. It’s not like I don’t wanna see it. I want to. But how and what will you do?!”

“You don’t worry about that. Just get a cab ready in 5 minutes, we are gonna need it.”

Saying this, he walked towards V confidently. She was talking to a couple of her friends as he walked towards her from behind. Coming close to her, Vicky grabbed V by her waist. Moving her hair away from her shoulder, Vicky leaned in and started kissing V on her neck and shoulders, in front of everyone!

Completely taken aback, V froze. And then screamed, “What the fuck?! Who..Vicky! What the hell are you doing?!”

“Something that we both want”, he replied, still feasting on her neck and shoulders.

“Stop! Stop! Vicky!”, V tried to free herself, but Vicky’s grip was strong. It was the grip of lust.

Vicky’s hand slowly moved down from V’s waist. It stopped near her pussy and then went inside the dress. V gasped and closed her eyes. She tried to fight but in vain. Now she was horny, powerless, and getting wetter by the second. Everyone else just stood frozen. Some were in shock and others were highly turned on.

“Do you want me to stop? Really, tell me, do you want me to stop NOW?!”, Vicky asked as he rubbed V’s pussy inside her panty.

“I..uh..I..mmmmm.. no, NO! I don’t want you to stop! Don’t stop, baby!”, she said, now completely in his spell.

He stopped and turned her around. She already looked a little exhausted from that mini orgasm Vicky gave her. As Vicky moved in towards her, V wrapped her arms around him and they smooched.

The complete silence and shock within the crowd stayed. I, for one, was shocked and turned on like crazy!

They smooched for a few minutes. Everyone could see it, their tongues wobbling, the sound of their lips coming together, going apart and then coming together again, V’s moans and just the passion between them. After some time, they parted their lips as V opened her eyes and looked at him.

“I have lusted for you for two years, V! And today, I am not gonna let you ignore me! I HAVE to have you today, right now!”, Vicky said confidently, looking into her eyes.

“You have left me no scope to ignore you. I can’t ignore you now even if I wanted to”, V said. My best friend grabbed Vicky’s hand and just walked away from the crowd, taking him along with her. Vicky winked at me as they passed by me. “Call the cab”, he said as he winked.

I did just that. I moved out of the lounge to see Vicky and V at a corner near the entrance. They were making out like crazy.

V was kissing and licking every inch of Vicky’s face as they smooched passionately in intervals. The cab arrived. Vicky walked by with V in his arms as she continued kissing and nuzzling his neck. Vicky motioned me to join in. They both sat in the back, I sat in the front.

“Location ma’am?”, the driver asked me.

“Pass ke kisi Oyo room le chalo”, Vikram replied from the back.

The driver obliged and started driving. I turned around to see Vikram and V. They were breathing heavily. They couldn’t seem to control each other.

As soon as the cab started moving, they started smooching and kissing each other’s bodies more passionately. Vicky’s lips were all over her neck, shoulders, lips, and finding their way to her boobs. She turned towards him as he placed her hands on his cock. It was rock hard.

She stroked it as he lifted her dress and pressed her boobs. The lust was overwhelming. V slipped up her bra to let him see her boobs. Unable to resist them, Vicky pounced on them – sucking, licking, and eating them like a hungry child.

My bestie continued to stroke his hard cock. Vicky’s saliva and hickeys could be seen all over V’s boobs and her body. He had stamped his authority on her.

The driver was obviously getting distracted with all the action happening behind. But I told him to focus on the road ahead. He obliged. Soon, we reached the Oyo hotel. I paid the driver as Vicky and V walked inside the hotel. Vicky asked me to complete the formalities and get a room.

I quickly went through the formalities as Vicky and V stood in a nearby corner, still making out, unable to stop themselves. We got the key and headed towards our room. Vicky swept V off her feet and carried her towards the room.

We entered the room and I sat on a nearby chair. Vicky threw V onto the comfy white bed and took off his shirt. He then pounced on the bed and stripped V off her dress. She took off his belt and his trousers. He took off her bra. They were now just in their underwear.

V grabbed Vicky’s neck and started devouring it, going down towards his chest. Vicky reciprocated and did the same to her, sucking on her boobs again. They laid down and made love like two passionate wild animals.

Vicky lifted both her arms up, smelled, and tasted her juicy armpits. She loved it! “Fuck!!”, she exclaimed, as Vicky then ran his lips over every inch of her waist and navel. He then tore her panties and took his underwear off. He started fucking her, hard! His long, hard, 8-inch cock penetrating her wet pink pussy.

He then went down on her as he ate her pussy, sending her into shivers as she wriggled like crazy because of his licking. He stuck to that pussy like a magnet, not letting go until she came; twice.

Now it was his turn. V took her tongue all the way down from his chest, biting his nipples, to his stomach, and then to his cock. She slapped the wood on her face, rubbing it all over as if worshipping it. She then sucked and deepthroated herself, looking at him with her black doe-eyes. She sucked his balls and licked every inch of him.

The passion made both of them sweaty. Vicky pulled her up and kissed her. They then fucked vigorously in missionary and doggie styles. He licked the sweat off her back during the latter. The thumping sounds intense, the moaning and sexy talk even more so.

Finally, they got in a 69. V on top of Vicky. They sucked, drank, and enjoyed each other’s genitals as much as they could. Finally, Vicky was ready to cum. As he came, V took his hot, sticky and thick cum on her face and sprayed some of it on her boobs. They were spent. And so was I, as I came watching them.

They kissed each other, cuddled and slept off naked. I kept the room key on the table and exited, having witnessed the sexiest, hungriest, and most passionate fuck there ever was!

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