My hubby’s assistant fucks me – Cheating wife sex story

My hubby’s assistant fucks me – Cheating wife sex story

My husband had to go out station for official work quite often, and sometimes it was a long tour. This story happened 9 years ago. I have a perfect body with big, tight boobs. I am very fair in complexion. My height 5 ft 8 inches with a curvy body.

I am making this confession in this site to lighten the burden from my mind and to ease my conscience. Once, my husband had gone on a tour for a month. He told me that his assistant will take care of me in his absence and if I required anything, all I had to do was to call his business assistant.

One day he came to our residence and said, “Sir will take some more time to complete his work, so his programme is extended for minimum of one more month. If you require anything from the market, you can give me the list and I will bring it.”

I got real desperate by my hubby’s extended stay. I gave him the list and money and told him to take your own time and he left. When I met hubby’s assistant, I noted that he was young, with good physique, smart looking and a decently attractive man. His name was Ajay.

Next day, Ajay bought everything that I had given him the list for. When he came I offered him tea and enquired about his family. He said that he was single and his parents lived in his native place. He also said that he lived alone and since he did not know cooking, he had to take his meals in some wayside restaurant.

I told him that he can have food with us as I am also alone and at least I will also have company. He said, “Ok, but boss may not like this,” I told him that he will not mind and I will tell him about it.

From next day he started taking his dinner at our place. As time passed he became friendly with me and often we would chat late in the night. Once he got excessively late in coming for dinner. I asked him, “How will you go back so late? You can stay here and go in the morning,” he agreed and stayed back.

My husband came home after a month, after his work was completed. I told him about Ajay and that I had told Ajay to have his dinner at our place. My husband readily agreed and said, “Yes that is good, the poor fellow is fed up by taking his food from outside.”

After a week, again my husband had to go on a long tour. He disclosed this when we were taking dinner, Ajay was also there. I told my hubby, “I get afraid of staying alone,” my hubby said, “Ajay sometimes you can stay here for the night.” Next day my hubby left.

When Ajay came next day he told me, “Sir will take more time to come back as there is a big project that he is finalizing. I told Ajay, “You stay here till he comes back.

Time passed and Ajay became just like a family person. One day I was not feeling well and had a severe headache, so did not feel like cooking, so I told Ajay to bring food from a restaurant. He brought the food.

My head ache was severe so that I had tied my duppata to my fore head. After dinner Ajay had gone to sleep, but my pain was increasing so I woke up Ajay and told him to get me a balm or some medicine from the almirah.

He brought the balm and I asked him if he can apply it on my forehead? He agreed and began applying the balm and started massaging my head. I got a lot of relief. He was about to go to sleep, I told him please do for some more time.

“I think it is flu, my body has also started paining,” it was a back ache. He asked, “Should I massage your back? Please turn,” I was in a night gown, I turned and I lifted the gown as I was wearing a petticoat under the gown.

He massaged my back and I got sleep. He was still massaging. I realized that he is pressing my hips, and my petticoat was also upto my knees. He started massaging my legs and then a little upwards towards my thigh.

I was getting relief and was in sleep. He then dared to go up towards my hips. I was wearing a panty. He started massaging my ass. I turned back. I said just massage my knee. I had also taken medicine to ease the pain, so I fell asleep.

He inserted his hand from the side of my panty was touching my curly pubic hair. Then he went to the crack of my vagina and gently began massaging my pussy lips. I got excited as I had not had sex since past six months.

I ignored what he was doing, and opened my legs to give him access to my vagina. I got wet and he understood that I was also enjoying his actions. He became bold and inserted his finger into my vagina,then he started to unbutton my gown and opened it.

I was bra-less and he saw my boobs and began encircling the areola of my melons, erecting my nipples. I held his hand. It was an indication for him. I told him to switch off the lights. He did so and came and sat down on the floor.

I turned towards him, my boobs were ready to be sucked. He did it nicely but could not reach my boobs from the floor. I told him to sit on the bed. I opened everything for him. He also removed all his clothes. I was shocked when I held his dick in my hand.

It must have been 10 inches long and thick. His phallus was like a hard, hot rod. I spread my legs and told him to sit in between. I pulled his hard penis towards my vaginal opening. In slow motion he moved inside my sex hungry vagina.

He then started stroking slowly at first and then speeded up. I came but he was still stroking in my wet pussy. Then I got two more orgasms. I was still hungry for fucking and did not want him to stop. I told him to slow down.

He was then massaging and pressing my boobs hard, then he embraced me tightly and started high pressure thrust as if he wanted to tear me apart. He then said that he was about to cum. I told him to take it out and splash on my belly.

He took out his cock and like a syringe he offloaded his white fluid, which came up to my face. He asked me, “Shall I switch on the light? I said, “Yes,” I had to clean myself in the light. I saw my belly-button, it was full of his semen.

His semen was all over my face, my breast, it also went to my lips. I tasted it with my tongue. It tasted salty but good. I cleaned my self and saw his dick. I told him it is extra-large and thick.

He said it was the first time in his life that he was fucking. He also said, “I didn’t know that ladies have hair on their vagina. Ma’am your vagina is very beautiful.” I told him to sleep with me but don’t touch me, come without clothes in the morning.”

When I got up, I went to bedroom and then made tea for both of us. He then got up. I told him freshen up and then we will do once more. I wanted to see expressions on his face in daylight. So we had a very, very satisfying sex.

In fact whenever my husband is not at home, I call him to keep me company.

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