My Intern Becomes Friend With Benefit – Office Romance Story

My Intern Becomes Friend With Benefit – Office Romance Story

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Hi, I am Fahad (name changed). If you have missed the part, please read that first. I apologize for such a delayed post.

So, we hurried back to our home. It was quite a different feeling post our make out in the office. There was a mixed feeling – strange, exciting, fear, cheating.

I did not text her that night- thinking what would be running in her mind. and also thinking about what have I done. We both felt happy but kinda strange for cheating. She didn’t text nor did I.

The next day also we couldn’t meet our eyes and we just sat a little bit apart. I continued my work. Then I got a notification, “Hi!” I said, “We are together in the same place and you gotta say hi through text?”

She came by and said, “Sorry, I was just embarrassed and felt that you would be angry.” I too just said sorry and I told, “I loved the moment though.” She blushed and said, ” I was on cloud 9, never felt this way for a long time.” we smiled and just continued our work.

The whole dynamic of us changed. We started been touchy. She used to touch me with her feet and I would catch her for some task on the laptop. Would be sitting close in the cafeteria and would feed each other.

Then during one of our lunch breaks, I frankly said, “See I know we are doing wrong! But it’s ok to be those friends, you know? Friends with benefit types.” I knew I told this thing in a hurry. But then I realized I have said something wrong. I saw her reaction she just stopped eating.

Then she said, “I was also thinking of the same thing!” I just couldn’t believe. She continued, “See I love my hubby! And I know you love your wife too. But I understand we can have little fun without been emotional connections. Because until it’s not emotional I think we are loyal to our better half.”

I was wondering if there was any book that could justify this as wrong or right. I was blank. I said, “Okay I get it!” she smiled again. But this time lustfully. Again while eating she started playing with her feet touching my legs. I told her to play how much ever you want, “I am gonna punish you soon.”

With her eyes, she said to me, “I am ready for any punishment.” I had a hard-on the whole day. She noticed it too. And texted me, “I can see your bulge. I don’t think it will be in peace until it meets someone.” I replied, “Waiting!”

It was close to 4 pm we decided we shall book a hotel and then head out to our home. We browsed and booked a pretty decent Oyo room and immediately left our office. We are just desperate to grab each other. When she sat on my bike I can see her grabbing my waist and shoulder tightly.

When I rode the bike she would accidentally touch my crotch and would pinch on my thighs. She was a total slut. Lucky was her husband. But unlucky she who couldn’t be happier with him on the bed.

We reached the hotel, got inside the room, slammed the door, threw our bags down, and just started passionately kissing each other. I wrapped my arm around and carried her. She wrapped her legs around my upper thighs and we were kissing hard. I was sucking her lips and biting it softly.

Our tongues were all over our faces. She started to bite my earlobes. I made her sit on the table next to the TV. I just put my hands inside her hair and caressed her. Slowly I started kissing her neck. She smelled so good. Every inch of her neck I kissed and licked it. It turned pink.

She sat and pulled her t-shirt up. Wow! That was a sight to see. Her body was pink and silky. She wore a dark maroon laced bra. Nipples were erect and can be seen from those laced design. Her breasts were firm and perfectly fitting in that bra. Her nipples were pinkish.

I did not waste much time. Just put my hands at her back unhooked the bra and immediately sucked the hell out of those nipples. She just moaned as loud as possible. I just buried my head between her boobs. I kept sucking, she kept moaning. “Honey, suck me hard! Keep sucking!”

She then pushed me towards the bed. I was on the edge. She unzipped my pants and pulled my underwear down. She winked and said, “You will love this blowjob!”

Then the next five minutes were heaven for me. I couldn’t forget that moment to date. She grabbed with both her hands and looked straight and me and sucked it deep. She never flapped her eyes. She was just straight.

Some moments her tongue will be out and will be sucking it like a lollipop. Or just she would slowly move her hand on my dick and one hand will be pressing my balls. She sucked it thoroughly.

I had to cum. I controlled hard not to but eventually, I came. It was bliss, and she swallowed it fully. She loved it. I rolled her over and pulled her jeans down and saw her pink vagina. And she was clean-shaven. I kept her legs on my shoulders and slowly put one finger inside.

She hissed a bit. I put my tongue over her pussy and started to suck her. Her moan increased and her body twisted from side to side. I held her love handle and sucked her pussy hard. Every thrust of my tongue would make her cry for more.

She would shout “Fuck! Come on keep on doing it! Yes, baby, keeps sucking my pussy.” I kept sucking without any stop-time. In no matter of time, she oozed out her juice. I made sure I licked every damn drop her. It didn’t take much time.

I climbed over and put a condom on and in missionary position, I started to slowly fuck her. She had spread her hands, wife on the bed grabbing the bedsheet. And I just rammed her hard and fast. She moaned and moaned.

“Ahh! Yes, baby, yes baby,” with her sweet little sexy voice I increased my pace and fucked her even harder. Then I pulled my dick outside and cum on her face again. We both went to the washroom had a bath and foreplay under the shower.

The next few days we continued the visit different hotels and once I ended up at her house in her bedroom and fucked her. This went on for two weeks and then her internship was over. We continue to still talk and remember our memories and hopefully, we plan to meet once again soon.

Thank you for reading and waiting patiently. I got a lot of feedback and comments. Thank you for your appreciation. You can always hang out for suggestions or anything.

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