My lovely Indian wife fucked by black men – Cuckold sex story

My lovely Indian wife fucked by black men – Cuckold sex story

Hi. My name is Vishy and this is the story of how I fulfilled my fantasy of getting my wife screwed by two black men in front of me.

I have a small cock about which I am teased by my wife. Gradually, I developed a fantasy about my nangi wife fucking two muscular men with long dicks in front of me.

My wife Neera is tall with large breasts and a mast gaand. Even though my wife was on the fatter side, the fat suited her. I tried to suggest a threesome but Neera refused saying that the idea was good as a fantasy but nothing more.

When we went to Bangkok, my wife had a passionate kissing session with a young woman but did nothing more. But I realized that my wife was willing to experiment.

In my college days in London, I had a friend called Wilbur who was a doctor. He was black, unmarried and a doctor by profession. When a trip to London came up, he arranged a service apartment near to where he lived. I confessed my fantasy to Wilbur who promised to help me.

When we reached London, he introduced me to his friend Larry who was a college student but worked as a part-time gigolo. Both Larry and Wilbur had long dicks and muscular bodies.

My wife had cut her foot for which she needed a tetanus injection. As it was expensive, I explained to her that Wilbur could come over in the evening and inject her. Neera thought that Wilbur was smart. So she readily agreed.

He gave me a pill to give to Neera 45 minutes before he arrived which would make her relax. He said that it was a party pill commonly used by English girls to have fun. Larry would be waiting outside and would come in after we gave him the signal.

In the evening it was raining but we decided to go ahead with our plan. I mixed a pill in a glass of Neera’s favorite red wine and made her drink it. By the time Wilbur arrived, she was quite mast but not totally out of control.

Wilbur took off his raincoat to reveal bulging muscles in his tight t-shirt. My wife who was wearing knee-length tight pants with a loose top could not help staring at Wilbur who after talking a quick beer took out his medical kit.

He told my wife that the injection was designed to be given in the buttocks. My wife was in two minds as she did not want to annoy Wilbur. Also, she was not thinking clearly because of the pill.

Pretending to be annoyed, I told her that Wilbur had walked through rain and had done the same thing before. Having no option, my wife pulled off her trousers and panties. Leaning on the sofa, she put her gaand in the air so that Wilbur could inject her.

Wilbur offered now to examine her breasts for a tumor. By the time she reacted, my friend had pulled off her top. I quickly moved behind her and took off her bra. On the pretext of breast examination, my friend started playing with my wife’s nipples. Neera started moaning softly due to the excitement.

I chose the moment to call Larry in. Seeing him, Neera screamed and tried to cover herself. But Wilbur got his tongue in her mouth while continuing to play with her nipples. Larry moved behind her rubbing his large cock against her gaand.

Wilbur unzipped his fly and started rubbing his cock against my wife’s clitoris. Neera was completely wet now and was moaning loudly. Realizing his chance, Wilbur made her bend on the sofa and started fucking her cunt from behind.

Larry came in front of her and put his lund in her mouth. Seeing two 8-inch dicks moving in and out of my wife’s two holes excited me to no end, but I didn’t want to masturbate. Wilbur was not wearing a condom so at the point of orgasm, he took his dick out and came on my wife’s chuttads. Larry meanwhile exploded in her mouth.

By then, my dick was rock hard. So I told the two to leave so I could enjoy with my wife.

Neera laughed when she heard this. “Nobody is leaving my dear husband. If you want my cunt, first lick my chuttads clean.” I had no option but to clean her with my tongue. I was completely excited at seeing my fantasy playing out and I came in just two minutes.

Neera told Larry to lick her clitoris and Wilbur to suck her nipples.

“Maderchod behenchod..Mere pati ne mujhe chudwa diya.”

Neera was out of control and experienced multiple orgasms as her body rocked. I thought that I will clean her up but my wife had other ideas. She said that she had not taken Larry’s dick in her choot and will not let him go till he serviced her. Larry grinned and said that he had achieved orgasm and his cock was limp.

“Don’t worry, mother fucker. I will make it ready.”

She told Larry to sit on his knees and took his dick in her mouth and she told me to lick his balls from behind. Again I had no option but to do it.

Larry was hard in a couple of minutes. He mounted my wife and fucked her like an animal. The size of his cock again made her come.

Now he deliberately fucked her slowly to prolong his pleasure. After 25 minutes, my wife was forced to beg him to stop.

Larry came on her thighs. My wife gave him a generous tip and told him to come after 2 days. Both guests left leaving behind a satisfied couple ready for the next adventure.

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