My Lust For My Hot Aunt Was Fulfilled When I Went To Mysore

My Lust For My Hot Aunt Was Fulfilled When I Went To Mysore

The story I am narrating is about my sexual encounter with my hot aunt, my mother’s brother’s wife. She is from the heritage city of Mysore. She is not very good looking. But has an awesome pair of boobs to be precise 36 is her boobs size, and she has a tight round ass.

I was always fascinated by her stats from the time I entered puberty. There were many times when I used to feel her boobs when she hugged me. The first time I had a real encounter with her sexually was by chance. There was a function at home, and she arrived with my grandparents on the afternoon train.

I went to pick her up from the railway station. I was delighted because I could find some time to spend with her for three to four days. The rest of the day went on with the preparation for the function. She was helping my mother with the chores. I was also pitching in with whatever I could.

At every given opportunity, I would ensure I get to touch her boobs. I was crazy about them, and of course, rubbing the ass with my hand was like happening very frequently. She never once minded it or resisted what I was doing. I was a little confused because I didn’t know if she did not mind or if she never noticed it.

I was in a state where my dick was always almost completely erect or semi-erect because of the constant touching and rubbing. I spent the whole evening in that state. At night, we had dinner and were watching a movie. There was a three-seater sofa and two single-seater sofas in the living room.

It was almost 9 pm by the time we started watching a movie. My grandparents were given my room, and the other room was my parents’ room. So that meant my maami. My cousin and I had to sleep in the living room on the floor. At around 10 pm, the movie got over.

My maami was looking around for the mattress to sleep. I got three mattresses and the blankets and handed it over to her. While handing it over to her, I made sure both my hands would feel her boobs sufficiently. I succeeded in doing it and made sure I pressed my hand enough to feel the sponginess of her tits.

Later I went out as I wanted to smoke. I did not come for almost 30 minutes because I did not want my maami to smell smoke on me. I told them I am going to meet a friend and went out. She tried stopping me, but I told it’s urgent and just ran out. When I came back, she was already asleep.

The best part was she had occupied the middle mattress and my cousin the one on her right, and so I had the left side to sleep. I was delighted as I would get a chance to sleep next to her. I couldn’t sleep because of the excitement and kept rolling on the mattress.

I wanted to take advantage of any cost. But the fear was playing a vital role in stopping me. I then took a decision and slowly moved my right hand towards her, and as she was sleeping on her back. I landed my hand on the sides of her boobs.

I was delighted to feel the boobs and more so because I was able to feel the bra my favorite. I am crazy about bra and panty. There were several occasions in the past when I had jerked off, holding my aunt’s bra and panties on my dick. I then placed my hand just under her chin.

I could feel a little sweat. As I slightly brought it down, I could feel the zip of her nighty. I was fiddling with the zip for some time, contemplating what to do next. I finally decided to come what may, I would try my luck and pushed my hand a little down.

Now my hand was making contact with the valley created by the two mountains. I was delighted, and upon pushing it further down could feel the cotton bra that was holding the melons. I fiddled with the bra lining for some time.

I was testing the waters and wanted to see if there would be any reaction. Sensing no reaction from her, I further pushed my hand and was feeling the mount of her boobs. But had not yet reached my destination, her nipples. I pressed a little to enjoy the softness of her boobs.

Then I  made the final assault. Now my palm was holding the treasure that I always aspired for. The nipple was standing in full glory, and now I knew either she knew that I was playing with her boobs, or she was excited in sleep. I started playing with the nipples.

Then I squeezed the boob like how I would press a horn. It was an amazing feeling, and my dick was uncontrollable. With my left hand, I was pressing my dick and, with the right, continued to press her boob. She then turned away from me. Probably, she wanted to hide her facial expressions from me.

I kept my hand there for some time and continued to feel the boobs. She was also losing control. A couple of times, she lifted and let her leg down because I think she was aroused but didn’t know what to do. I then brought the hand out.  I had a wish of feeling her pussy.

But since she was wearing a nighty, the chance of feeling the skin of her pussy was not possible. Unless I inserted my hand into the nighty and took it down all the way to the glory hole. I decided to be contented with the ass. I started feeling her ass, and the panty line was making me even hornier.

I started pulling and leaving the panty line and, at the same time, pressing the ass. I moved slightly towards her and pressed my dick into her ass. She didn’t know how to react. So she brought her hand down and squeezed my dick over my pajamas.

We couldn’t do anything much as other people were sleeping. I jerked off and slept. The next day morning, I did not dare to see her face. But she got coffee for me and also sat next to me and started asking about the plan for the day.  I was relieved, and the day went on well with the function finishing as planned.

That day, in the evening, they all left, and I, with a heavy heart, left them at the station. While boarding the train, I was able to make contact with her boobs and ass while lifting and placing the luggage.  As I was leaving the station, she asked me to come to Mysore soon.

I said I would with a naughty smile on my face. After a couple of months, my exams were over, and I told my mom that I wanted to go to Mysore. I even called my mama’s house, and maami herself answered the phone.  I said I am coming and she was more than happy with the news.

My cousins had already moved to Bangalore for their studies. It was only mama mami and my grandparents in the house there. I reached there. After the initial talk about Bangalore, my studies, and other things, I settled down.  I occupied the room meant for my cousins.

That night, mami was cooking, and I was watching TV with my mama. We were discussing what was happening in the country. In between mami would come out of the kitchen and share her views and walk back. I would happily watch her big ass sway.

That night nothing happened. I went to bed after dinner. The next day, I got up and went for a stroll. I came back, took a bath, and saw mama off to the office. It was only my grandparents, my mami and me in the house. I was chatting with mami sitting in the kitchen as she was preparing lunch.

Occasionally, whenever she bent to pick up something, she would be kind to show her cleavage. I thought she would bring up the topic of that night, but she didn’t. While she was busy cooking, she didn’t look at me but suddenly said that I have become big.

I said I am big, but she said not that big but big in another way. I understood what she was telling me but pretended not to. She then said, “Kalla, maadodella maadi eega sumne idhya.” (Naughty, you did whatever you had to, and now you are sitting quietly.)

I was stunned and just kept quiet. She said that she would speak to me later and asked me to call my grandparents for lunch. We finished lunch. Then I took a novel from the book rack and went up to my room. My mami came up after lunch and went to her room. I was tempted to go to her room but didn’t have the courage.

After 10 minutes, she walked into the room and sat on the cot. I was lying down reading the book. I looked at her, and she, with a smile, asked me what was happening with my studies. I said it was going on fine. Then she kept her hand on my leg and asked, “Yenu maaddhi avathu?” (What did you do that day?)

I looked at her innocently and asked, “Yenu?” (What?) She simply asked, “Channaagitha?” (Was it nice?) I simply nodded, and my face had become red. I held her hand, which was on my leg, and said, “Innu beku.” (I want more.) She said, “Idhu thappu.” (It’s wrong.) and started walking towards the door.

I don’t know where I got the courage from. I ran behind her and held her hand again and closed the door. She was shocked and said, “Bidu nanna, idhu thappu. Thatha ajji kellege idhaare.” (Leave me, this is wrong.) Grandparents are downstairs.

I was in no mood to listen. I hugged her tightly and moved my hand on her ass and started squeezing it. She started pushing me, but I was adamant. I started pulling her towards the cot and made her sit on the cot. I then sat next to her and said, “Athe, onde ondu sari, please.” (Mami, only once, please.)

She said no, but I was in no mood to listen. I placed my hand on her right boob and pressed it hard. A soft moan escaped her mouth, and she said, “Ahh.” I then removed the pallu and started squeezing the boob on the blouse. She said, “Biddappa, idhu thappu.” (Please leave me, it’s wrong.)

I was completely deaf and started unhooking the blouse. I removed all the hooks. Now my sexy aunt was sitting with her pallu down, blouse hooks completely opened, and her boobs covered with a black bra. Seeing the black bra made me even hornier.

I inserted the hand inside the bra and started playing with her nipples. By now, she was also completely aroused, and she held my hand and started pressing it. I put my hand behind and unclasped the bra. While the bra was still on her, I put my mouth on her boobs and started sucking.

She pushed my head towards her boobs and just made the moaning sound. I then made her sleep and removed the saree. It was difficult as she was sleeping, but I almost pulled it away. Now my mami was sleeping with an open blouse and bra and petticoat.

I removed the blouse first and then pulled the string of her petticoat. She was now in an opened black bra and a purple panty with flower prints. I went mad seeing that and again put my mouth on her boobs and with my right hand started massaging her cunt.

She was pulling her left leg up and dropping it down, which was an indication that she was horny beyond control. I removed the bra and then slid the panty down till the ankle. She pushed the panty out with her foot. Now my aunt was completely naked.

She was closing her eyes, but she managed to say, “Bolt haaku.” (Bolt the door.) I went and bolted the door. While I was walking towards the cot, I removed my t-shirt and then my pajama and now was only in my underwear. I pulled the underwear down and went and sat on the bed.

I bent forward and kissed her on the lips but did not put my tongue inside. I started squeezing her boobs. Then I got up and put my knees on her either side and holding my dick in my hand put it at the entrance of her cunt. The cunt had little strands of pubic hair.

She simply said, “Beda kano.” (Don’t!)  But who was in the mood to listen. I took a plunge, and my cock did not go in completely. I tried again, and this time I could feel my foreskin going back, and my dick slid in a little. I asked her, “Yeshtu dina ayithu?” (How many days was it since you had it?)

She didn’t answer. I understood that she was sex starved for a while. I then pushed my dick completely in and started a rhythmic movement. I was holding my dick with my hand. It had become a practice with my neighbor aunt, with whom I had lost my virginity.

I started pushing in and out, and my mami said, “Joraagi.” (Faster!)  I started doing it faster, and she was on cloud 9. She lifted both her legs and wrapped them around my waist, and started pressing my back with her hands. She started scratching my back.

I said, “Athe, parchbedi.” (Mami, don’t scratch.) She didn’t listen but continued to scratch and press her hand. I must have pumped for around 8 to 10 minutes, and I said, “Athe aagthidhe.”  (I am cumming.) She started pushing her ass up and, after 30 seconds, just said, “Aaah,” showing that she had reached her orgasm.

I asked her if I can leak inside. She said no. So I pulled it out and jets of my baby-making fluid sprayed on her thighs and on the outer walls of her cunt. I lay on her for some time and then got up. She opened her eyes and just smiled and said, “Thu, maadbithya konegu.” (You did it finally.)

I just laughed and bent and kissed her cheeks. She said, “Yaarigu helbedavo.” (Don’t tell anybody.) I said no way and got up from the bed. I cleaned my dick with my pajama. She also got up and asked me to go out of the room as she wanted to wear her dress.

I went out, and she dressed up and came out. She again said, don’t tell anyone and went to her room and slept. So this was how I finally made love to my ‘athe’.


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