My married neighbour aunty pounded in Kolkata – Sex story

My married neighbour aunty pounded in Kolkata – Sex story

Hi everyone, my name is Rahul and I am a 23-year-old guy from Kolkata.

I am a 5’10” man with a 7-inch long penis. I’ve been told in the past that I am a very good looking man and that my charm can win any woman over. This story is about my neighbour aunty called Rima.

Ever since I was young, I had been noticing my neighbour aunty Rima. She is what you would call a mature dusky aunty. Her husband was always busy with work and hardly had any time for her. Rima wears sarees a lot and every time I saw her cleaning her balcony, I would instantly get a hard-on.

One day, I took the guts to message her on Facebook. Rima and I started talking and soon she started telling me about her life. My neighbour aunty was very insistent that I come over and help her with cooking one day.

So, I went over to her place and she looked AMAZING! She was in a red saree that barely covered her beautiful body. She looked like a goddess while she was sweating. Her sweat was trickling down her back on the folds of her beautiful waist. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I would do to her if I got a chance.

The chance came. My neighbour aunty Rima asked me to fill some water in bottles and as I was doing it, she started grinding her ass against my cock! My cock was on cloud nine.

I realized she was loving the feeling of my throbbing cock and slowly started moving with more pleasure. I made up the courage to hold her waist as she did this. She turned around and looked at me with lust in her eyes.

“My husband doesn’t treat me like his wife. He treats me like an accessory that he takes to his parties.”

I was too happy to hear this.

“Maybe I can be your secret husband?”

“No, you can be my sexual satisfier. I know you look at my body.”

I did not say anything else. I tore Rima’s blouse open and started sucking on her juicy boobs. I bit them gently and let her enjoy it. I told her that I was going to fuck her right and she couldn’t stop shaking.

I picked my married neighbor aunty up and took her to her bedroom. There was a picture of her idiot husband right above the bed. (I am not going to lie. I love women who can be gutsy like this.)

I told her to strip naked in front of me and brought some oil from the bathroom. She looked at me.

“What are you going to do?”

“Fuck your brains out.”

I said this and started putting oil on her body. My neighbour bhabhi had not been touched by a man in a while and I understood that. I spanked her ass and she started giggling.

“You know how to fuck a woman?”

“I am going to show you.”

Saying this, I threw her down on the bed and got one of her dupattas. I tied her hands up to the posts of her bed and took out my cock.

Rima aunty gasped first. I looked at her and started kissing her thighs. Slowly, I circled my tongue near her clean-shaven pussy area. Her eyes closed and she started enjoying the foreplay I did.

I did not eat her pussy then and she started trembling. I realised her body was going to orgasm just from the foreplay. As she was teaching her climax, I stopped and sat down on the chair in front of her.

“Baby, please come back.”

“No. Wait. This game is to be played according to my rules.”

My sexy neighbour aunty couldn’t control herself and started shaking. I knew this was the time. I jumped straight into bed and started eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Rima aunty orgasmed in literally a minute. I gently licked her clit and she was already ready to go.

Then I climbed on top of her and shoved my cock into her mouth. Her juicy lips made my cock harder and seeing her sucking it while she was tied up made me hornier.

“I want to be your whore,” she said.

“You already are.”

Saying this, I opened up her hands. Rima aunty jumped on me and started scratching my back. She was going wild.

I took her down and realized that my neighbour aunty was ready to fuck me. However, I wasn’t going to fuck her yet. I held her throat and started rubbing my fat cock on her pussy.

“Please fuck me!”

I knew this was the time. I inserted my cock into the married woman’s tight pussy and she let out a loud moan. I started fucking her slowly first in missionary position. Slowly, I increased my pace and started feeling her pussy juices around my cock.

I knew she was going to orgasm again. As she neared her climax, I started pounding her. Deep strokes made her pussy tingle and she bit my neck. I was going very rough on Rima aunty’s pussy by now.

I turned her around and spanked her ass hard. It had become red by now. Then I inserted my cock into her wet pussy again from behind. She couldn’t control herself and came again. But I did not stop. I kept pounding her.

The smell of our sweaty bodies combined with the odor of our genitalia made it even steamier. I was loving how her ass was bouncing. I licked her ass and bit it.

“You are a bull, baby.”

I choked her neck from behind and started fucking my neighbour aunty as hard as I could. I kept going for forty minutes in different positions.

Then I unloaded my entire store of cum inside her and she said she loved it. I fell on her body and then we rested for a while.

We woke up and then I decided to take her on a drive. I told Rima to wear a net saree and I took her out. Her husband wouldn’t be back soon. I took her to an isolated place in the city and started playing with her thighs as I drove. She rolled up her saree and told me to fuck her again.

This time, I knew I was going to bang her so hard that she would never want to sleep with her husband again.

Rima pushed her seat back and almost made a bed. I took my cock out and started pounding her. She came in two minutes and I continued fucking her.

This went on for 30 minutes and I came. I was loving the fact that she didn’t have issues with me cumming inside her. She was on pills and was loving the warmth of my cum inside her.

I drove her back to her place after this. She asked me to come over whenever I wanted.

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