My newlywed schoolmate cheats on her husband – Hot sex story

My newlywed schoolmate cheats on her husband – Hot sex story

I would like to tell you that you can read all my stories on this link. On to the story of my newlywed schoolmate.

My sexual relationship with Amrita (Deflowering My Slutty 19-Year-Old Neighbour) opened up desires in me that even I did not know were present. It also turned around my luck. In the few months that followed, I had more sex than ever before and with more girls than before.

In the few months that followed my first time with Amrita, we had sex every time that I was at home. Our relationship was (and still is) purely sexual. She had started stealing pills from her mother. So I could do her raw and creampie her all I wanted.

Our lust was out of control, and we started doing it even when my parents were at my house. I even started sneaking into her place to have sex.

But this story is not about her. This is one of a few more to come where I will tell the stories of the newly awakened sex demon in me. This sex demon has no ethics. I ended up deflowering a friend, getting my newlywed schoolmate to cheat on her husband, knocking up my married bestie, and even fucking Amrita’s mom!

Until the lockdown put a stop to it, I was on a roll having sex every weekend, sometimes with multiple girls. Now I am going to go full Nolan and tell these stories out of order. This one is about my old schoolmate, who used to have a huge crush on me.

Sameera was my schoolmate. She was a short and slightly chubby girl with dark skin and curly hair. I remember her as wearing a loose-fitting uniform and thin, frameless glasses, making her look less attractive than she was. Rumour was it that she had a huge crush on me.

We rarely even talked, and I didn’t really find her attractive. So I never pursued those rumors. And she never told me anything of the sort, and I got a girlfriend later (Losing Virginty With My Modest Classmate Girl) Then both of us went our separate ways after school.

I had forgotten about Sameera after school, and the only reminders were the occasional Facebook posts that I would see. Once Instagram started to trend, this also stopped as I did not follow her.

One weekend, sometime last year, while I was in Bangalore, Sameera messaged me on Facebook. This was out of the blue. I saw her message brought back memories of her schooltime crush. While exchanging pleasantries, I stalked her account.

Apparently, she had done her masters as well and was working in Bangalore as well. Her pictures were a few years old though I did notice that she looked considerably better. We talked for a while, and she said that she was getting married the next weekend. She proceeded to invite me to the wedding.

I accepted the invitation with no real intention of showing up. For formality, I asked her about the groom. She replied that he was an engineer and a few years older. He worked in Navi Mumbai, and Sameera was planning to join him there after the wedding.

We kept talking. Sameera said that she will have to return to Bangalore for a week. The plan was for them to spend a week together after the wedding and then go their separate ways. Sameera would eventually leave for Mumbai after another week in Bangalore.

I kept stalking but didn’t find any engagement pictures. She had said that it had been a month since. In the middle of the conversation, she asked me out. Though I tried to evade the question, she kept insisting telling that it was her last weekend in Bangalore before her wedding. She just wanted to hang out.

When I finally agreed, she sent me the location of a small shop where we would meet. It was dusk by the time we met. She thanked me for coming and proceeded to do most of the talking. I was impressed with the change she has from shy and nerdy to confident and talkative.

I was a bit more impressed by her appearance. She had lost some weight, making her look taller and had straightened her hair. She was wearing better fitting clothes, now revealing her curves. She had replaced her glasses with a pair of seductive fisheyes.

We had some cold drinks, and the talking continued till dark. She thanked me for coming. To be honest, I enjoyed the conversation, as well. Apparently, she lived nearby, so she opted to walk back. Since it was dark, I decided to drop Sameera at her place.

I had half anticipated that she would invite me in and on cue she did. It was a small 2 BHK apartment shared by four girls. Only one of them was in at that time, and after introducing herself, she returned into her bedroom. Sameera and I talked for a bit more before I got up to leave.

It was then that she said, “You do know that I had a crush on you?” I could only manage a smile as Sameera edged closer and held both my arms. She had played it well. I was captivated and almost didn’t want to break away.

“I know that you don’t have any feelings for me, and that’s alright. I am getting married next week, but please let me keep one gift,” she told and leaned up and kissed me. Her lips were soft, and I had just parted mine to take a taste when she broke away.

She apologized many times and then thanked me for not getting angry. I blurted out that I quite liked it and then feeling a bit embarrassed. I proceeded to say goodbye and walked out of there. On my Uber ride back home, I realized that she was probably planning this all along.

The boner that I had showed that she was more successful than intended. I kept thinking about what would’ve happened if I had stayed back. It stayed with me for a few days. Though sex with Amrita was satisfying, her petite body almost felt less feminine all of a sudden.

It would be a few weeks before I got to meet her again. I would just have to settle with her. That week passed like that, and I noticed her wedding photos come up the week after that. The weekend after this, I got another message from Sameera.

Apparently, she was done with her job and was leaving for Mumbai the next day. After a few messages, she asked if I could come over and help her pack stuff. I knew perfectly well what this meant. She was married. It was wrong. Yet, a part of me wanted to go over and fuck her brains out.

Now that she’s married, there’s no need to worry about commitment. She liked me, and I was going to take advantage of it. Knowing this perfectly well, I let my instincts take over and accepted her invite. When I went over, her roommates were out. And almost everything was packed, as expected.

Sameera was wearing a tight pair of shorts showing off her thigh and curvy ass. She paired that up with a loose t-shirt with a revealing neckline, inviting me to take a look. The way her boobs were bouncing made me sure that she was not wearing a bra. The message was clear.

We kept rubbing each other now and then while pretending to move things in her bedroom. But neither of us made the first move. I was thinking of taking a chance when she said, “My husband was a bit annoyed that I did not bleed on our wedding night.”

I was taken by surprise and didn’t know what to say. Had she already had sex before? Should I have taken my chance the last time?

“I don’t think he believed me. But I explained that I broke my hymen while masturbating…” she paused, saying this.

I thought what she must’ve pushed up her pussy and in what mood to break her seal like that. Thinking about it made me hard.

“…thinking about you,” she finished seeing as that I was not answering.

I don’t know what got over me, but I jumped forward and cupped her face in my hands. “Is this what you wanted?” I whispered and kissed her on the lips.

“Yes,” she said, opening her mouth to let my tongue in. She had her hands around my neck and was rubbing her body against my erection. We kept kissing passionately for a few minutes before I broke away and went for her boobs.

They were full and pear-shaped and surprisingly firm for their size. Her hands were in my jeans, which she had already unbuttoned. Slowly, she started stroking my cock. We broke off momentarily as she stripped in no time and sat on the bed.

I didn’t want to waste an instant and happily did the same. I didn’t even wait to admire her body as I lustfully went for her boobs. She laid back with her legs around my waist and hands firmly on my cock. She was very flexible. She was playing with my cock as I kept caressing and sucking her tits.

I felt a wetness on the tip of my cock, and before I could react, half of my dick felt warmth and pure ecstasy. She had guided me to her entrance and moved her hips to penetrate herself. No wonder she broke her hymen herself. Sameera couldn’t control her lust.

Though she tried, I wasn’t going fully inside her in one try. Though she had been married for a week, her husband didn’t seem to have stretched her much. I sat up, pulled back a bit, and thrust with force, penetrating her. She moaned with pleasure.

I pulled out again and admired her body. Her dark skin was glowing from the sweat even more than the gold wedding necklace that she wore. Her luscious boobs and erect nipples were inviting me again. And between her thighs was her shaven pussy, with wetness dripping out and lips parted begging for penetration.

I had some condoms with me. But seeing that she didn’t care, I rubbed her clit a bit and entered her again, stroking vigorously. Sameera moaned and screamed my name. Neither of us cared if the neighbors heard us. Her legs were around me the entire time. She kept moving her hips to add to the pleasure.

She rubbed her clit herself till she came and almost squirted with me still inside her. She lay back, and her eyes rolled back as she enjoyed every bit of her orgasm. Her insides were squeezing me hard as well. I came hard deep inside her.

She was still enjoying the last bit of her orgasm and the warmth of my seed inside her as I pulled out and lay beside her. She turned to my side after a while and said, “Done already?” with a coy smile. She started stroking my cock again, and it became hard instantly.

Without warning, she took it in her mouth. As I was enjoying, she turned over to a 69 position, and I happily obliged to lick her pussy. We had very little sleep that night as we kept fucking till we dropped, too tired for more.

Sameera slept happily in my arms and seemed very satisfied the next day. She thanked me for the memories and said that she will try to be a good wife from then. Just after this, she kissed me goodbye.

I left a little before Sameera had to. There was nothing to worry about. She said that she was on the pill, so it was alright that I came inside. I smiled to my self as I thought about her comment about being a good wife. I know perfectly well that she would fuck me again the first chance she got!

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