My old schoolmate fucks & takes my virginity – Indian sex story

My old schoolmate fucks & takes my virginity – Indian sex story

Hey guys, Sneha (name changed) here again! First of all, thank you so much for your valuable feedback and replies. This has motivated me to write more stories.

Thanks to each and every one of you. Most of you had suggested that I should increase the erotic content. Well, here you go! Wish granted.

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So, let’s not waste time and get to the story! Once again, it’s a fantasy story.

One day, I was casually scrolling my Instagram page when a message popped up, “Hey, remember me?”

I checked and found out that it was my old classmate Shrishail! I replied back, and then we talked for hours. Finally, he asked me out.

I was happy that after a long time, I’ll be going out with a friend. I took out my skater dress and went over to the bus-stand waiting for him. He came in a black V-neck sweater worn on a shirt with denim. He looked very handsome and charming. He gave me a tight hug which kind of stunned me as Shrishail was a very shy guy.

We roamed around for a while. He took me to Freedom park, and it was really nice being with him. Many times, I had noticed a little tent in his pants, whenever I bent down to tie my shoelace.

After that, we went to his house. Since it was a long day, I lay down on the couch. His parents and sister weren’t home.

Me: Where are your parents?

Shrishail: They’ve gone out for a function at Shreya’s friend’s house.

Me: Oh. That’s nice.

We started talking about our perfect school days. It was really a very splendid time that we spent together.

Me: By the way, why did you ignore me in school?

Shrishail: I was shy.

We cracked up at this. I sat upright, and then he sat down beside me. We started watching a movie. I could feel him coming closer inch by inch.

I giggled to myself, and then I went so close to him that our bodies were touching sideways. He gave me a nervous smile. I lost myself in the movie and didn’t realize that my hand had landed on his erect cock.

“Oooh!” He uttered.

Then I was thirsty, so I went to the kitchen to get some water. Suddenly, my friend from school hugged me from behind and kissed my neck. He started exploring my body as he pecked my neck, shoulder, and earlobes. He turned me towards him and started kissing me with a lot of passion.

The horny me woke up, and I started responding too!

He started pressing my boobs. The way his fingers were roaming around made me want him even more. We parted for a while to catch up on our breath.

Shrishail: I’ve been waiting for this moment, baby.

He grabbed me and started kissing me again. I unbuttoned his shirt, as he had removed his sweater, and lowered his pants. He unzipped my dress and removed it.

Now, I was only in my inners. I pushed him away and ran to the bedroom. He threw his pants away and chased me to the bedroom.

He immediately grabbed me and pushed me on the bed. My classmate Shrishail, tore my bra and pounced on my boobs like a beast. I was in heaven enjoying my classmate’s mouth on one breast and the other hand on the other breast. Then, he started going down, kissing my stomach, navel, and everything.

As soon as he reached my thighs, he tore my panties too! He gave out a burst of evil laughter and kissed my pussy lips. My classmate bit my clit which sent a shock wave and I moaned.

He increased his tongue movements and started moaning. “! I love you! Mmmmm! Aahhhhhhhh!!!!” I came and he licked all the juices.

We kissed for a while, and then I unleashed my classmate’s 6.5 inches long monster. He held me by my hair and started pushing his cock in my mouth.

For a while, I choked, but then I started giving him a wonderful blowjob.

“Never knew you were this good, my love,” he said. Soon, he came in my mouth. I drank all of it. It tasted salty, but I didn’t mind.

We then changed into the 69 position and pleased each other. We then got up and gave each other a very naughty smile.

In the missionary position, my old schoolmate started inserting his tool. I shivered as I was still a virgin! I started screaming in pain and tried pushing him away. He seemed to enjoy my screaming and kept pushing further!

Finally, it was deep in me. Tears were rolling down my eyes. He removed his cock, and then I saw blood-stains on the bedsheet and his cock slightly covered in blood. I was horrified at this.

Me: I don’t think we should continue, dear.

Shrishail: It’s all ok. Why didn’t you tell me that you’re a virgin? I would do it gently.

He then started stroking slowly. As he increased his pace, the pain just turned into pleasure! I was on the ninth cloud! “Ahhhh…yessssss, baby come on!!!! Faster. Make me your slave!!!” I yelled.

He started fucking me hard. The whole house was filled with the sound of his balls hitting my pussy and my moaning. We changed position to the cowboy and I started riding him.

I had already come twice. Both of us were in heaven.

After 45 minutes, he came deep inside me. His cum was oozing out of my hole.

We smiled at each other and went to the bathroom. As the water kept flowing, he pinned me to the wall and fucked me in the cowboy position in the air.

We came in a very short time.

After our perfect session, we slept in each other’s arms. In the morning, I had to wear his mom’s inners as he had torn mine. He dropped me back. And said:

It was my life’s best time. Hope we have more sessions!

I hope you liked the story. It would really mean a lot if you would give me your feedback. Here’s my email id: [email protected]

I’ll meet you guys in the next story.

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