My stepmom’s hot friend Anamika – Story of sucking big boobs

My stepmom’s hot friend Anamika – Story of sucking big boobs

Previous Part: Sexual Stunt With Stepmom Priya – Part 2

Thanks for welcoming the previous parts. I hope you will enjoy this story.

After the nice previous session, I took some rest in the village. I spent most of my time enjoying the village nature. At the same time, Priya got involved in some food activities with family members.

As I said in my previous story, the day of the function finally came. Everyone was busy getting ready for function. The day passed easily, and we all reached the venue of the function.

It was a full moon day, and there is enough light. The tents got arranged in farmlands. As it’s a function, my eye moved on their own and started scanning beautiful ladies. I didn’t find anyone as attractive as Priya. So, I moved towards Priya.

Soon a lady came towards Priya and said, “Hi Priya, how are you?”

Priya replied by saying, “Hi Anamika, it’s been a long time. Where are your baby and your husband?”

Until then, my mind is free of sex thought. But by seeing her seduction, my dick got raised. Anamika came in a t-shirt and a long skirt. She got nice huge boobs which are protruding from her tight t-shirt. While the skirt is taking care of her sexy ass by moving in and giving others a sexy view of her butts.

I am unable to move my eyes away from her and scanned her from different angles. Soon Priya came and said, “Let’s go home.”

For a minute, I thought I lost my chance. But Priya raised my hope by inviting her home as well.

Anamika: “No, I’m planning to go back to the city tonight.”

Priya: Spend tomorrow here. Anyway, I’m also moving back to the city day after tomorrow. So we can go together.

Anamika: Ah, ok, then. Let’s go to your home.

I was happy because Anamika was coming with us. After reaching home, some time got passed away by the TV. As everyone was tired, they went to sleep. I also went to my room. But as I got nearer, I heard some voices, and the door is slightly open. I opened it more and started peeking in.

I’m shocked to see naked boobs. They are heavy and juicy. So I pushed the door open, and I saw that those boobs belong to Anamika. Anamika’s head was towards the ceiling, and her eyes were closed. Priya was pressing her boobs and letting milk out.

Anamika is letting an ‘Ah’ every time while Priya is pressing her boobs. While I’m enjoying seeing that, Priya saw me. I moved back from the door.

Priya: Anamika, wait here. I will bring the nightdress.

Priya came out and took me to her room.

Priya: What are you doing there?

Me: Nothing, I am just enjoying the beauty of nature.

She slapped me and said, “Don’t repeat it again. You have to sleep here tonight with me. Anamika is going to sleep in your room.”

But after seeing Anamika nude, my dick is not going down. I decided to seduce her at any cost. I got an idea of using Priya. Soon Priya came out after changing her dress. As I described in previous stories, Priya is very sexy, and her nighty increases her beauty.

So, I moved towards her and gave a hug.

Priya: What happened all of a sudden?

I said nothing and moved my hands down to her butts. I started giving them a smooth massage.

Priya: No, not now.

I moved my hands further from butts towards her inner thighs while pressing her butts. Her legs started trembling. But, I continued to give her a smooth massage making her pussy wet. I can’t feel her body because of panty and bra.

So I lifted her nighty up and removed her panty, bra, and dropped her nighty. She got hold of my penis and started moving her smooth hand on it. I started spanking her butt and removed her hairband with another hand. Her hair was free now.

I lifted her up by holding her butts and cornered her to the wall. She placed her legs around me. We started kissing each other passionately. After kissing each other, she got down and asked me to remove my pants. I said no.

Priya: Why?

Me: I want to look at Anamika boobs.

Priya: No, I can’t do that.

I got dishearten and left the room. But my mind got filled with thoughts of Anamika, and I spent some time watching TV. It was midnight, so I went to Priya’s room, and she was sleeping. I also want to go in and sleep. But my legs are not allowing that.

Instead, they took me to Anamika’s room. The door is open, and the lights are off. I gathered some courage and walked in slowly and silently. Anamika was sleeping on her right shoulder. Even in the dim light, her face got a glow due to makeup. I can see her bulging boobs and big butts in nighty clearly.

I want to test whether she is sleeping or not. So, I got on my knees near her butt and placed an index finger in between her butts and pushed her nighty in. There was no response from her. So I decided to unhook her nighty buttons near breasts. My hands started trembling, but with great effort, I undid them.

I got my reward for all that hard work because she is not wearing a bra and her boobs got out. I moved my finger slowly around her nipple and observed Anamika’s reaction. She was not responding. So I took one of her nipples in between my teeth and started applying a little pressure on it.

I started sucking her boob slowly, and her milk got a nice taste. But after some time, I lost control of my hands and started pressing her boobs. Anamika got up in a shock and moved away. But I got a hold of her boob in my mouth.

Anamika: What are you doing? No, please don’t.

She started pushing me with her hands. I said, “If you shout like that, all the village people will gather. So, please help me with drinking.”

As I am pressing her fully loaded breasts, she in pain, unable to move. I emptied one of her breasts in 5 minutes. Then I started drinking another one by pressing her nipple with my teeth.

Anamika started making sounds, “Ah, slowly, please, it is hurting.”

While drinking, one of my hands got down towards her pussy. I can feel her wetness down there through her nighty.

Anamika: No, we cannot proceed further.

I asked her, “Why, as you are so wet down here?” She started resisting by moving her legs close. But I forced my fingers through nighty into her pussy. I got my fingers on her sweet spot and started moving them. While Anamika started breathing heavily, biting her lips and looking up.

Soon her nighty got wet. So I got a hold of her nighty bottom and started pulling it up. But she got a hold of it. So I raised her legs. While she is saying, “No,” I pulled her towards me after kneeling on the bed. I got a hold of her legs on either side of my head. She got a nice pussy aroma.

So I moved my head forward and got a taste of her pussy with my tongue. Then with the help of the fingers, I moved her pussy lips away and started licking her vagina walls. She was making moaning sounds while her legs were trembling.

I licked her pussy for some time, then teased her clit with my tongue. After some time, I took a break. But she came forward and asked me to continue by moving her hand on my dick. I gave a tight hug to her so that her boobs can touch my chest.

I placed my lips on her beautiful lips. So I kissed her for some time and gave a mark. Then I asked her to spread her legs apart in the lithotomy position. Later I started moving my index and middle fingers around pussy walls. At the same time, moving the middle finger into the vagina along with teasing her clit.

Slowly I increased my pace, and she started making more sounds. Then I placed both my middle and ring fingers and started fingering violently. I can feel her slippery vaginal walls and juices, while her vibrating boobs and sounds were driving me.

Then I heard some noise. So I got down under the bed while she got covered and started acting like in sleep.

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