My Wife And Her Best Friend Enjoyed On A Goa Island

My Wife And Her Best Friend Enjoyed On A Goa Island

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Now it was the day when I, Riti, had to meet Krish. I woke up in the morning. He had messaged me to bring an extra pair of clothes and swimwear as well. And we were to meet at the same place. Little did I know that it would be a day-long adventure on a Goa island.

Today I wore a one-piece blue dress which started from just above the boobs and ends at the knees. I had also kept a swimming costume. But I don’t know what came in my mind, I wore my bikini inside this dress. We met, we hugged, and he complimented me.

He had hired a car, we sat and started the drive. I asked him what’s the plan. He said, “Everything is a surprise, so don’t ask.” After around 1 and a half-hour drive, we reached a beach where there was very less crowd. He took me to a place and hopped on a small boat.

To my surprise, it took us to a catamaran. I was expecting other people as well, but he told it was exclusively for us. I was dumbstruck. It was always my fantasy to be on a catamaran. And my friend did that true for me. We enjoyed the views from the catamaran.

It was taking us to someplace I was not told about. We were given some drinks, and we were sipping it sitting on the edge of the catamaran. It was all magical. I was holding the railing of the boat and was looking at the sea. Then I suddenly felt a hand brushing my hand.

I didn’t respond because it was Krish’s hand, and it felt good. He has done so much for me, I don’t know how to repay him back. I was in heaven. Then after an hour, it stopped at a place near a big boat. He asked me to wear our swim costumes, leave our stuff here, and jump to the big boat for some time.

We changed, he came out wearing his swimming trunk and God, he was looking hot. I was thinking about what to wear and was very confused. I wanted to make him happy too, so I was thinking of wearing that bikini. But on the other hand, I was married and didn’t want to take a chance.

But then the thought took over and thought it is harmless to wear a bikini. It is exclusive where else can I get such a chance. And moreover, I will control myself if he steps ahead of his line. So I removed my dress, kept wearing the bikini, and wore a sarong around it.

He was looking at me, but he didn’t know more surprise awaits him. We moved to the big boat, and we had to do paragliding. We both will be tied to one parachute. I was excited to do that. They wanted to tie the rope around me to go to paragliding.

So I removed my sarong, and I could see the glow on Krish’s eyes. His mind was blown, seeing me in a bikini. The guys standing around for service also stared at me. I was looking sexy, wearing a floral bikini. I moved towards the rope.

He sat at the back and me at the front, and then we were in the air. I was enjoying it. He said, “Babe, you are really looking hot.” He said this and kissed my neck. I could feel his hardness in my back. He was hard for the entire time we were in that.

His hands were touching my waist from the back. I was feeling good and adventurous to be in the air and having a hard-on at the back. It was an erotic feeling. After some time, we came down.

Next was snorkeling, and then there was an underwater sea walk. We did that, and it was all done. We moved back to the catamaran. I was literally turned on by all that adventure and being with a handsome guy. Now the feeling of being married was being pressed down by the feeling of enjoying the moment.

But I was just controlling myself. But all this good and little erotic feeling made me not to wear sarong back. I kept wearing the bikini in the catamaran. I loved the looks he was giving me. Sometimes trying to look down at my cleavage, checking out my rounded ass and milky thighs.

We were served lunch. Then in some time, it took us to a place and asked to change. Then we can get out of the catamaran. So I came in and wore a white frock which was backless. So I didn’t wear a bra inside, it had a little padding at the boobs. The dress ended until my thighs.

We got down. It was like an island. I was excited again, didn’t know what is this going to be again. I was full of the quota of my surprise, and he was still giving me more. I cannot even imagine having such a good day. We walked ahead, and there were only two of us walking.

I asked Krish, “Do you know the way?” He said, “Don’t worry, we are all alone, no one will come to this island. Just us.” I was surprised and taken aback by this. Somehow I was turned on too. We were walking hand in hand, and I was really feeling special. He had exceeded expectations.

I wanted to surrender myself to him, but the married thought was always there. But at least he deserved a good kiss for all this. It was my turn now, so while walking, I stopped him and said, “Thank you.” I moved my lips forward, kissed him on his lips. Slightly kept my lips on his, didn’t open the mouth.

I wanted the kiss to be more, but he was shocked and didn’t respond much. He just pulled back and smiled. We moved forward, I was holding his hand and walking. And suddenly we reached a place with a mat on the ground, a cute basket with a wine and some fruits were kept there.

It was a perfect date, place, and moment. I could not believe my eyes. He smiled and asked, “Did you like it?” I could not say anything. I just pulled him a little towards me and gave him a good kiss. He kissed me back now. Then kissed me on my cheeks. I was happy, I kissed him again.

We sat down. We were not talking, I sat on the mat, did my both legs on one side folded them a little. He sat down on his knees, took his arms, cupped my face, and kissed me on my forehead. Then he moved down and kissed on my lips. I kissed him back.

This was the first time he opened his lips. I opened mine, and we kissed. The feeling of being special was completely on top of my head. The feeling of married was somewhere down the corner, but still, I had that in me. He was a good kisser, he sucked lightly at my lower lip and then moved to the upper lip.

I was doing the vice versa. Then while kissing, we opened our mouths. He inserted his tongue in mine and sucked at my tongue slowly and romantically. There was no wildness in the kiss, pure emotions, and romance. He was a gentleman kisser.

We were kissing, not wildly, not like hungry for sex. We were just kissing slowly like two lovebirds. Feeling each other’s lips. Sucking them slowly, drinking saliva from each other. We were melted into each other. Forgetting everything else.

He stopped kissing suddenly and told me that he has a gift for me and asked me to stand up. Then he sat on his knees and took out a beautiful ring and gave me saying, “Will you be my friend forever?” I could not believe my eyes. I could not even think about what to do with him and how to respond.

I accepted the ring, pulled him back up, and kissed him passionately this time. He kissed me back and held me. His hands were at the back of me wrapped around, and we were just kissing wildly. While kissing, he made me sit on the mat. I sat, and he also sat there in front of me and kept on kissing me.

I was lost in his deep kisses. I had no sense of anything around. He suddenly brought his hand on my boobs, and I knew he will press them. I also thought I will not stop him, at least this is his gift. But instead of pressing it, he pulled my dress down from the top, and now my boobs were open.

I could not deny him. I was feeling really good and overwhelmed by all his gifts and surprises. So I obliged and let the straps of my dress go off from my shoulder and then from my arms. My top of the dress was hanging down, and my boobs were open.

He was sucking my boobs wildly. He was kissing my neck, and I was lost in the moment. The next conscious feeling was when I felt he opened the chain of my dress at my hips. He pushed my dress down to my knees. I was already so turned on and gone weak by his love.

I thought this is ok, this he deserves. Now he pulled my dress out of my legs, and to my surprise, I was involuntarily helping him to do that. Now I was sitting there only with my white satin panty and was a tiny one.

Krish still kept on kissing my neck, cheeks and then moved to my lips again. We were deeply involved in kissing, and I had my eyes closed. He pushed me a little and made me lie down on the mat. He hopped on me lightly without giving his weight but kept on kissing me.

My eyes were closed and just kept on sucking his lips. He broke the kiss, moved down kissing my necks, and then my chest, and moved to boobs. He pinched my nipples and licked them by his tongue. He closed his mouth on my boobs, taking most of its part.

My boobs are very big, so he cannot take completely in his hands. He was pressing right boob, and the left boob he had in his mouth. Now he moved down and started licking my belly and then kissed my belly button. I got intoxicated and was not able to understand what was happening to me.

I had just lost myself to Krish and was in seventh heaven. He was really making me feel good. I was lost in him completely trusting him with his love. I could not even understand when he started kissing my pussy over my panty.

By the time I could make myself aware of his kisses on my panty, he had already moved my panty to the side. My pussy was exposed, and he brought his lips and kissed it. I was amazed. He slowly licked my pussy walls with his tongue, flicked them playfully.

He completely took my pussy in his mouth, sucking it. I gasped. He now inserted his tongue in my pussy and started sucking it hard. I was in heaven and was having the best feeling. He sucked it rapidly, inserting his tongue inside, and also using his finger. He was finger fucking me.

I had lost a sense of time, place as well as the person. I was just feeling the best sensation that was happening to me down there. He was really a pro in sucking. I had never got such brilliant suck in my entire life. I was lost in that feeling.

The next event that I could understand was that he was already naked. He had kept his 8-inch giant dick on my pussy entrance. As soon as he pushed his dick inside, it went very smoothly as I was already damn wet. But since his dick was very long, I started feeling pain.

But he was simultaneously kissing me on my lips and kept on pushing his dick more and more. Slowly my pain turned to pleasure. Now he was already fucking me at a good pace, and I was enjoying it. The feeling of his long dick going in and out of my pussy was very good.

The feeling of my best friend fucking me in an open jungle was very erotic. Now he turned me to the side, and he took one leg in his hands in the air and inserted his dick while sitting. Fucked me like that for 10 minutes. I think I had cummed like 3 times already, and he had not cummed even once.

Now he turned me back, made me in the doggy position, and inserted his dick from back in my pussy. He was fucking me really like a dog with full hard thrusts and with a very good speed. He had awesome stamina. He kept on fucking me in and out.

I suppose we fucked in different positions for around an hour. Finally, he turned me to missionary again and inserted his dick. After 10-12 hard jerks, he pulled out his dick and ejaculated on my belly. We laid down there for some time, catching up our breaths.

I was fucked by my best friend on an open island jungle on a very good date. I had a little guilt in my mind of being married. I thought this will be my little secret and little fun of getting good pleasure. I know this is never gonna repeat itself.

But anyway, with these thoughts in mind, we got up, dressed, and was not talking to each other. We were a little awkward after all the sex situation. We reached our boat and hopped on. The boat started moving back, and we started talking a little now. He said, “Thank you.”

We were sitting at the back of the catamaran, and the person driving it was in the engine chamber. So, basically, we were again alone at the back, and no one can see us. We were sitting hugging each other. He was playing with my hair, and I was moving my hands all over his chest and back.

He was wearing shorts and looking very hot in his six-pack abs. I was touching his abs slowly. I inserted my hand inside his shorts and caught his dick. His dick grew in my hand. We were still hugging each other. I took his dick out of his shorts and started moving my hand up and down on his dick slowly.

Involuntarily my head moved down, and my lips touched his dick. I opened my mouth and took his dick in my mouth. My hand was on his dick moving, and my mouth was giving him a good suck. Slowly I increased my pace, and his grip on my hair started growing tighter.

I gave him a good blowjob and moved to a very fast pace. He caught my head with both his hand and started moving my head up and down on his dick. After some time, he said he his cumming. I didn’t move my head away and kept on sucking him harder and harder.

He grew wilder and came in my mouth. To my surprise, I drank all his cum. Even after that, I kept on sucking his dick, and it didn’t go limp and was still hard. I sucked him again for like 10 minutes, and he grew wild again. Then I stopped and moved on top of his thighs where he was sitting.

I had not worn my panty, and so I sat on him and directed his dick inside my pussy. I started fucking him while sitting. I was jumping harder and harder. I was already horny, and it was really feeling very good. After some time, he got up and took me in his arms while his dick still inside my pussy.

He made me sit on the deck of the boat. He was standing and started fucking me again. In no amount of time, we both came, and he pulled out and came on my pussy. We kept hugging each other in the same position for some more time. Then we adjusted ourselves and went back to sit on the edge, holding hands.

Now we were behaving like true lovers, and all the inhibitions had gone out. We kissed each other’s lips many times. Finally, we were about to reach, so we changed into our original clothes. He asked me not to wear my panties under my skirt, and I agreed.

The feeling of being married to someone else had already subsided. I was just having fun with my lover. We got down the boat and sat on a shack nearby. Now I took a chair just by the side of him. He was constantly touching me and my thighs.

He had his hands inside my skirt and touching my pussy just after the waiter went back to take our order. He was inserting his hand in my pussy and then sucking his fingers. Then back again to my pussy and then his mouth. It was really an erotic thing he was doing, and I was getting turned on.

I also moved my hand on his dick and started stroking it from above his shorts. But the waiter came many times and disturbed us. So we were not completely comfortable. But somehow, with such little foreplay, we had our food, and it was time to go back.

Our car arrived, and we sat in it. We were already very horny with all the foreplay. We knew after this we are gonna be separated. So as soon as we sat in the car, he started touching my thighs and inserted his hand inside my skirt. I was also touching his dick above his shorts.

But we were still a little apprehensive as the driver was in the front. He started touching my pussy and slowly inserted his finger in my pussy. He was now fingering me. I grew wilder and was gasping louder. I was rubbing his dick from over his shorts.

Then he did something which was really the need of the moment. He took a 500 Rs note and gave it to the driver and said, “Don’t look back.” The driver accepted it. Then he immediately pulled his dick out, moving his shorts down to his knees. He pulled me to him and made me sit on his thighs, facing him.

He directed his dick inside my pussy and started fucking me by forcing me up and down by his hands. I was damn turned on to have sex in the car, during the day, with the driver inside it. I came at once as soon as his dick touched my inner walls of pussy. But he kept pumping me harder and harder.

We both were moaning so loud, I don’t know how the driver was concentrating on his driving. We had no idea what was going on outside or around us. We just kept fucking. I was jumping higher and higher on his dick. Then he moved me down and gave his dick in my mouth.

I sucked it fast. He came all over in my mouth, and I cleaned his dick. The driver passed on the tissues to us, and we cleaned ourselves. I adjusted my dress and was going to wear the panty back. But he asked to keep my panty with him for the memory, and I gave it to him.

I reached my hotel, he kissed me, and I moved out of the car. It was a memorable day. But most of the day was in trance mode for me, where I was just intoxicated by his love. I was still not in my senses, and the feeling of his large dick going in and out was still in my pussy.

He had dropped me a little far from my resort. While walking back, I was trying to get myself back from being a slutty lover of my friend to a simple wife of my husband. Right now, I was not able to understand if what I had done was right or wrong. But I just know that whatever happened was right at that moment.

I reached my hotel, met my friends and my husband. I was not able to face my husband easily. I mustered some courage to talk to him normally. Maybe after this vacation, whenever I will find the time is right, I will tell him all about today.

And with this, I ended my awesome day, and the next day we had a flight to go back from Goa. So friends let me know in comments how did you find my story about the day on a Goa island.

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  1. It was really nice moment….I think u continued with your lover after that incident as informed to your husband about this?

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