My Wife And Her Best Friend Met Again On Our Goa Trip

My Wife And Her Best Friend Met Again On Our Goa Trip

Some of our friends went to a Goa trip. There were three couples and one bachelor girl. So we were total 7. We reached Goa, we had booked a hotel near Baga beach. It was already evening, and so we quickly dressed up and went to take a stroll around.

All four girls were looking extremely ravishing. All of them were wearing one-piece frocks till their thighs, just with different colors. We all were just walking around Tito Lane.

Now the rest of the story from my wife, Riti.

While walking, a hand came on my shoulders. I turned back to look, and it was my best friend, Krish. We were best friends in junior college and were really close. But then attended senior college at different places, so lost touch.

But then, after college, we were connected via WhatsApp. We used to talk many times but just that we did not meet. He was a fighter pilot, and he had come to spend a vacation to Goa. He looked very handsome.

Due to all the training in defense, he was looking very fit and hot. I liked him before but then never thought it this way. But now, in front of me, he was standing, and he looked awesome. He was wearing black shorts and a plain white t-shirt.

Initially, it was a little awkward as we met after a long time. We didn’t understand whether to shake hands or hug. But then he came forward to hug me, so I gave him a side hug since everyone, even my husband was around.

We talked for a bit. And I told my friends to walk a little ahead, and I will join in a few minutes. I stood there talking to him, it was feeling good. He was a flirt kind of guy. He praised me a lot and said I have grown sexy and all.

I was feeling good. I also said you look handsome too. After some more small talks, he asked me, “Come on, we met after such a long time. Join me and stay for some more time.”

I said, “No, it won’t look good as we all came together. But maybe tomorrow for some time we can meet.”

He agreed, and I decided to catch up with him after breakfast and maybe, have lunch together. I came back to my friends after bidding him goodbye. This time, I hugged him properly, feeling his well-built body, and it felt good.

Later we all friends roamed around for some time had some fun, but I could not forget the feel of hugging him. It really felt good. Maybe it was a feeling of meeting an old friend, but it was good.

Well, after some time, we came back to the room and slept. I got a ping from Krish, saying, “It was really good to meet you, cannot wait to meet you tomorrow.”

I replied, “Same here, Krish. I really felt good. I will surely meet tomorrow.”

K: I cannot sleep. I wanted to talk to you so much today, but you had to go. Seeing you after such a long time brought back so many feelings.

Me: Control Krish, will meet tomorrow properly and talk a lot, ok?

K: I don’t know what is your ‘properly’, but my ‘properly’ is not limited to talks.

He was always a flirt, and we had such kind of chats already. So this was normal to me, and I took it as a harmless flirt.

Me: Control yourself. Only talks nothing else is allowed.

K: Hahaha. Seeing you is allowed right. I will gaze you properly tomorrow. But yes, if you cooperate a little to show yourself off, that would really be nice.

Me: Cooperate what? Seeing is something that you have to do yourself.

K: Of course, there’s a lot to cooperate. If you wear something sexy, it will really help me to quench my oldest thirst.

Me: Shut up. I am not going to wear anything revealing.

K: I agreed to everything, no touching only seeing. At least agree to this. You are meeting your long lost best friend after many years. This is the least you could do.

Me: Emotional blackmail, dude. Not working.

K: Nothing like that. It’s just my heart’s desire. I don’t know when we will meet next. Maybe 10 years later. So enjoy and cherish the moments until we have. Or at least I need that kiss which is pending for long.

I smiled, there is an incident behind this incomplete kiss. During our junior college days, we used to study together at my place or some times his. Once during such time, I don’t remember what the issue was, but I was crying, and he was consoling me. I was standing, and he was hugging me while crying.

Then he brought my face forward and wiped my tears. Consoled me and made me smile again. There was no one at my home. Then he pushed my hair strand at the back of the ear. We looked into each other’s eyes and was lost in the moment. He leaned forward to kiss me.

My mouth involuntarily moved ahead. Our lips were very close and were just about to meet. The doorbell rang, and we snapped out of it. It was my parents. So we had to stop it there. After that, many times, he tried to convince me to kiss, but I never agreed.

And later, after marriage, when we used to chat on the phone a couple of times, he had brought this topic, and I had ignored it.

Well, coming back.

Me: Forget all that.

K: Ok, I can forget that. But remember, wear something sexy. Please. I am not listening to anything now. And goodnight. I can’t wait to meet you.

I just replied goodnight.

The next morning we woke up, got ready, and went for breakfast. I had already told my plan to Nish my hubby, of lunch with Krish. He agreed and just asked me to come back soon.

I was excited and also wanted to look beautiful as it would be after a long time we would meet properly. I also remember his last night’s messages. It was after a long time, so I did not want to disappoint him as well. But could not be so bold too. My friends would doubt me.

So I chose to wear a short skirt which was till my mid-thigh and was a little loose. And I wore a white sleeveless top with just two strings from the shoulder and with a good cleavage show. But I also took a shrug on that which covered my cleavage as well as boobs.

So after breakfast, I moved out. I had to meet him on the Baga beach. So I walked there. My friends had planned to go to South Goa today.

I was thinking about yesterday night’s chat with Krish and was just smiling. I don’t know why, but I was getting little turned on too. And as a result of that, just before reaching, I took off my shrug and kept it in my handbag.

Now my top was slightly showing my bra as it was translucent, and a good amount of cleavage was also shown. I reached there, and he was already waiting at the beach. He saw me and hugged me. He said, “Man, you are looking hot -thanks for keeping up my request.”

I just blushed. And asked, “So what’s the plan?”

He said: The first plan let’s booze a little, and then plan forward.

So we went to a nearby shack, ordered few drinks, and started drinking. The seats were outside with wooden chairs little laid back. I did not want to sit beside him at the first meet, so I chose a seat opposite to him.

Also, I was already feeling a little turned on. So I thought it would give me a good chance to show off myself sitting in front. We were talking, and between, I caught him many times ogling at my cleavage. Though I was very careful not to bend extra to show something more. Also, he was ogling at my thighs.

I was sitting cross-legged, but the skirt was small. So, I am sure he could see a good amount of my inner thighs. I was feeling good and a little horny too. It was also due to the fact we were drinking, and I was high already. It was already lunchtime.  So we even ordered food and ate there.

We did not even come to know we spent around 5 hours just talking and seeing each other. It was 4, so we thought to sit near the beach. We walked a bit and sat at a place where there was less crowd. We were talking about all the old memories and how we used to be so close.

It was getting a little emotional. He was looking at me, and I was looking at him. Suddenly he bent forward, and before I could understand, his lips touched mine. I stayed like that for a minute to get a hold of the situation. My eyes closed automatically. It lasted for around a minute, and he pulled back.

I opened my eyes, and he said, “Sorry, I gave up to the moment.” I did not say anything just looked at his eyes and moved my face away to see in another direction. I know this is not correct and should not have happened. I am married to a very loyal husband, and everything is good.

I came back to senses. And said yes, it was not correct. He again said sorry. Well, we stood up from there and started walking on the side of the beach. We came back to the normal mood as he had already started joking and little flirting with me. I took it sportingly.

I said, “You anyway took your kiss you wanted for free. You are a scumbag.”

K: What do you mean by free, it was pending for me, so I got it.

Me: Even if you wanted it, you should have at least given me something in return. I also should enjoy it. I did not want the kiss. You got what you wanted. What about me?

K: Oh, is it. Ok tell me what do you want, I will give anything to you.

Me: That is up to you to decide, girls like emotional things and great experiences more than physical things.

K: Oh, is it. So you want to get some experience?

Me: Yeah, anything that makes me feel special, do something.

K: ‘Ok, so if I make you feel special, then will you give me a proper kiss? This kiss was not a kiss.

I laughed and said, “You are scum. But I cannot promise I will give you a kiss. From now, it depends on how much special you make me feel.

K: Oh, this is bad. But cool, I agree with it. But I have one condition, the amount of special I make you feel than my reward should also increase. If I made you feel real good, then I will not settle with only a kiss.

Me: Very smart. You are not getting anything more than that.

K: The deal should be a fair one. There must be some extra reward also for my motivation. Ok, I agree I won’t force you for anything, even for a kiss. It will be everything on you. You will be the judge. You can also only give a kiss if you want or even give nothing but atleast keep something for my hope and motivation.

Me: Wow, played poor card now. Chalo, ok, I agree.

I thought, what is the harm in it anyway. It is going to be me who decides. So it was now already 6, and I had to go back. But he told me on the last day of my Goa trip, that means the day after tomorrow I have to take a full day out for him. Then he will plan. I thought that I will try to manage somehow.

Now I came back, it was a good day. I was still having a feeling of his lips on mine. I was feeling guilty, as well as good. He just said he will only talk now directly on the day we meet. This will make that day more interesting.

So the next day, I roamed around Goa with my husband and friends. Since I was already horny, I even had wild sex with Nish that night.

Now it was the day when I had to meet him. What happened on that day? Wait. You will know that in the next part.

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